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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times August 2019

by PALOMARES, April 2019.


  • Your intention!
  • All the food you want, preferably Organic (non-animal).
  • 1 glass jar with 1.5litres or 2litres seal.
  • Pure NaOH caustic soda (easily found in DIY stores).
  • Gloves, goggles.
  • Aluminum foil.
  • 1 nylon tights.
  • String.
  • 1 glass jar with a PLASTIC lid to aim for 1 liter.
  • 2 sterile syringes 20ml or more.
  • PLASTIC spoon.
  • One 30ml glass tube with targeted metal stopper, but with a tight seal inside (aromatic type).

For the creation of this particular GANS I did it in August for the maximum conditions of heat and solar radiation, I put all my heart and full of good intentions because at this stage we talk about feeding, either partially or totally, depending on each, here is the process I followed.

Being vegetarian my choice was all that nature could offer me, so I got a small piece of each fruit and vegetable bio (more than a dozen fruits and as many vegetables), then seeds such as quinoa, rice, spelled, wheat, buckwheat, cashew nuts ... but also spices of all kinds, an assortment of dry flower petals and finally spirulina-type sequins.

- Use the glass jar with seal, preferably 1.5litres to 2litres.

- Now we fill the jar with the beauty that nature has offered us! With respect because we will break it down into Nanoparticles and use its 


- Place on the food 60g of pure caustic soda.

- Then prepare 1 liter of boiling water. 


- Pour the water fast enough!

- Immediately close the lid, clip it, if there is a surplus of gas it will leak through the seal of the lid. Do not open it before the end of the process! 

From this moment the process begins… I advise you to place your jar in the sun on a sheet of aluminum to capture a maximum of solar energy and that will also help the decomposition. Do not forget to put a lot of good intentions because you transmit your energy! The decomposition will be more or less fast depending on the size, the density of food. So now during the whole process it is up to you to create the interaction according to your feelings ... if I have to take it out, to get it in, to put it back at a certain place in the house ... if I have to stir it regularly or not … The time of the process can easily take a month, you must eventually see a kind of molasses with a dark liquid, once again it's up to you to decide with your intuitions. 


- Open the jar, place a nylon tights around the hole and attach firmly with string or other. This will filter.

- Prepare the 2nd 1 liter glass jar with the PLASTIC lid will be your final container or the GANS will form.

- Empty all the liquid carefully because this is where the Nanoparticles are!

- Add filtered or osmosis water to fill the new jar and close it.

You must wait until all the Nanoparticles have come down again (about 48 hours).

- Remove the lid and start rinsing using a syringe, it will be necessary to leave ¼ of the liquid at the bottom of the jar not to suck the Nanoparticles, this rinsing is intended to extract the residues and the information of the NaOH.

- Repeat this process 3 times.

- The rinse completed, refill the jar with pure water and then ideally add 3 or 4 drops of CuO GANS or CO2 for better conservation over time and let rest at least 15 days for the GANS to create , it will develop on the surface of the amino acids that you will withdraw with the help of the PLASTIC spoon then place them in a small glass jar close with pure water.

NEVER CONSUME THE GANS !!! It is their gravitational magnetic fields that interest us.

- Here we are ! Stir the jar lightly for suspended GANS.

- Take another sterile syringe to suck the plasma water informed of food GANS then fill the GLASS tube leaving 2cm then add a few amino acids and aim its cap firmly.

- Place your tube of food GANS in a large glass of water and let it inform the water for about 25 minutes or as you feel.

- Remove the glass tube and drink the water informed, you're fed! Use it according to your needs!

Keep your GANS tube:

- Far from electromagnetic waves (WIFI, mobile phone ...).

- From the direct sunlight.

! Remember to protect it in a box, a cover or other during your transport!

On the first sips, listen to your body! Do you want to drink everything at once? Our knowledge, our understanding has just spread on the plasma scale or the Universal dimension, a new way of seeing life, food, energies ... Make beautiful experiences !!! A SOLUTION AGAINST HUNGER IN THE WORLD! AND ESPECIALLY SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE !! YOUR EXPERIENCES !!

Keep your creation away from electromagnetic waves, direct sunlight and in a temperate place. A very big thank you to Maylis, Luc, the Keshe Foundation and to you Mr. Keshe with all my heart!