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KF SSI Plasma Capturing Kit

The package contains:

1 X Iron Chicken Wire

2 X Pure Zinc Plates

1 X Nano-Coated Zinc Plate

1 X Bare Copper Coil

3 X Nano-Coated Copper Coils

4 X Crocodile wires

4 X LED 

   White for CO2 

   Blue for ZnO 

   Yellow for CH3 

   Green for CuO

4 X Syringe

1 X Gloves

400 gr salt

NOT included in the kit:

Plastic containers – 4 liters

Demineralized water

Power supply –battery or DC regulated power supply

21. GANS Capturing Kits Fig 1.jpg

Paper clips/wire to keep the plates and the coils in place. 

Instructions for assembling the capturing kit for CO2 GANS production

  1. Unpack all the components from the package.
  2. Use gloves when you are handling elements from the package – especially the Nanocoated coil. 
  3. Place the plate and the copper coil into the plastic container, placing the led on the side of the container.
  4. Take one wire, clip the zinc plate so that it makes a solid connection between the plate and the wire. Do the same for the Nano-coated coil.
  5. Connect the two wires from the plate and from the coil to the power supply that you have. The kit can also be used without a power supply, but the process will be slower. In such case you can use a battery, or the LED provided.
  6. 21. GANS Capturing Kits Fig 2.jpg
    Prepare the salt water solution. Filter salt solution with coffee filter. Pour the salt water into the container. Water should be about 1.5 cm below the top of the plate and it should not touch the wire connections to the plate and the coil.
  7. After a few days CO2 GANS will be collected at the bottom of the container. Extract these materials with the syringe from the bottom of the container and put them into a smaller container. Always use gloves when you are extracting and handling GANS material. 
  8. After removing the GANS from the container, add salt water so that the level of the water is the same after extraction. 
  9. If the production stops, you can exchange the salt water with a new salt solution. You can also repeat the Nano-coating process one more time. 

The Nano-coating process is shown in the video which has also been published here:

Together with the KF SSI Education - Nano Layering Process

Using the components provided in the package you can make different types of GANS, by following the same method as for the CO2 GANS production, only using different combination of plates and coils. This table gives an overview:

GANS - TABLE 1.jpg
IMPORTANT: When you produce your different GANSes, keep a distance (at least 3m, best 5m) between the different GANS-container. The closer the containers, the more you get a mixture of different GANSes. Keep in mind that, through the selection of your different metals, you create a "magnet", which attracts the fields from the environment.
21. GANS Capturing Kits Fig 3.jpg

Do not scratch the surface of the nanocoated plate. If you are using an external power supply for the GANS production, please do not use a voltage over 1.2V. Keep out of reach of children. The materials must be disposed of according to the laws of the country in which you are located.

KFSSI CO2 Set Nano-Coated Copper & Zinc Plate


The package contains:

1 X LED 

2 X Wire Extensions 

1 X Nano-Coated Copper Coil 

1 X NOT Nano-Coated Zinc Plate 
21. GANS Capturing Kits Fig 4.jpg
1 X Syringe

1 X Gloves

NOT included in the kit:

A plastic container – 4 liters

Demineralized water – 3 liters

Non-iodized salt – 150 gr

Power supply –battery or DC regulated power supply

Paper clips, wire to keep the plate and the coil in place


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