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At Keshe Foundation Manufacturing Austria we always work towards improving our products and to ensure they are fully functional at the time they reach your home.

After a period of research in which we had to play a bit on the composition of the GANSes surrounding the recipient with liquid, we are proudly presenting the latest version of the Field Replication Unit. the composition and the position of the GANSes is completed.

The set contains:

  • One glass jar
  • One cover for the glass jar
  • One elastic band to fit the GANS vials
  • 4 sealed GANS vials

The tests conducted in the laboratory have shown wonderful results on apples and oranges.

We encourage you to try any other aliments and to send us back your feedback upon using the Filed Replication Unit.

The Field Replication Unit is also used by specific groups who are dealing with the preparation of specific GANSes or GANS waters with the fields of it inside.

For these purposes this unit is more or less used daily in their work, for the creation of patches or loading the GANS water in reactor balls.

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Utilization and maintenance:

The jar, the jar lid and the elastic band can be washed with warm water and mild dish soap.

Dispose in case of broken vials. Do not ingest the contents of the vials. The vials cannot and should not be opened. Upon delivery they are sealed very well and they are mounted on an elastic strap.

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The fields of materials placed on the lid of the Field Replication Unit will be copied into the water, which is filled into the glass. There is no physical contact between the GANS inside the vials and the water in the center of the Field Replication Unit.




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