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Here you can download the EC Constitution in your language

We, The Souls of All Beings Connected to the Blue Planet Earth

Hereby Create:

The Constitution of the Blue Planet Earth

One Nation - One Planet - One Race


The Earth Council has been created to guarantee, that by giving equal rights to all beings, there shall never be another conflict or war on this planet and beyond, by any and amongst all created beings and citizens. The end of war and establishment of peace will be achieved through the understanding of the potential of all created beings. The path forward for peace, must be to bring the understanding that solutions are achieved through dialogue and elevation of the soul of the opponent rather than through degradation or demeaning another’s soul or physical existence.

Peace has to be the goal of every move of the existence of every being on this planet. The Council will be the flag bearer of this motion to create an environment where peace can be achieved on Earth. Peace, must be the cornerstone of existence, amongst those who are from this planet and/or choose to live on this planet, as well as for those who are from Earth and choose to live in space. Earth has to become the cradle of peace, for the evolution of all races.

We, the Earth Council, acknowledge that Earth is a part of the solar system, galaxy, universe and all the Unicos. As such, the Planet Earth needs to become a part of the cycle of creation by supporting the planet and all the beings that live on her to elevate themselves past the current cycle of evolution to a more fulfilling and peaceful existence. We acknowledge Mother Earth as itself a living entity that has her own soul.

From every atom, to plants, animals, humans, insects, microbes and more, and all those yet to be discovered are souls which share the essence of the Creator as well as the fields of Planet Earth. Together we combine to make up the collective soul of the Planet.

We acknowledge all other beings on this planet need to be supported, nurtured and allowed to thrive in peace, including animals, plants, ecosystems and other unseen beings, as well as Mother Earth herself. All will be supported to grow and thrive, as this will, in turn enhance the lives, not only on this planet, but all of the totality, as we acknowledge we are a part of the whole.

Mutual cooperation, collaboration, sharing, and contribution to the wellbeing of all should be the core undertaking of the Earth Council.

Our aim is to support the planet as a whole and every being that lives here.

We will serve to create an environment of nurturing and harmony in which all beings may grow and thrive in their own unique way.

Six Members of The Earth Council

Each continent of Earth is represented by one member, those being Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. Each member represents the needs and wishes of the peoples who live on their Continent, as well as the totality of beings that reside there.

Selection processes - Members must have lived on at least two continents and speak at least two languages. This allows for a wider perspectives of understanding when dealing with taking the needs of all humanity into account.

Clarity of souls - The six members of the Earth Council are here to serve from the understanding of their souls, through the manifestation of physicality.

Earth Council Mandate

★★★ To Support and Serve - Provide and Protect ★★★

Bring To Our Souls the Understanding that the power is within us to govern oneself, in interaction with other souls and create a peaceful co-existence.

Our Intention is to bring out the best of the best in every living soul on this blue planet we call Earth.

Give our Soul’s Manifestation in physicality the freedom to live in peace, love and trust on this planet and in space.

Our Wishes are for or all living beings in Creation to dwell in peace, harmony and tranquility. It is time to access and share resources in equality, in a fair and just manner amongst all beings.

The Earth Council will Serve and Support to Provide all Beings with the following:

1. Freedom of association.

2. Freedom of expression.

3. Freedom of movement.

4. Freedom from hunger.

5. Freedom from lack of resources.

6. Freedom to explore the path to understanding our own soul.

7. Freedom to learn.

8. Freedom to contribute to society according to our talents and what we find fulfilling.

9. Freedom to choose through our soul, how and when we wish to manifest in the physicality or not.

10. Freedom from being the property of another.

11. Freedom from all suppression of new and innovative technology and information for peaceful applications.

12. Freedom to share.

13. Freedom of thinking.

14. Freedom to love and give.

15. Freedom of choice.

16. Freedom of language.

17. Freedom from a monetary system.

18. Freedom from punishment. No captivity or execution.

19. Freedom from conflict and war.

20. Freedom from fear of others denying us these freedoms.

There shall be no national or regional borders, no distinction between colors, races, or paths of belief, no cultural bias or monetary barriers which divide one from another or give an unfair advantage to one over the other.

There shall be no hereditary titles or inherited leadership roles which encompass kingship, family dictatorship or royalty of any title.

There will be no fear of punishment for any crime. Elevation of the soul of those who do wrong will allow for abolishment of all forms of imprisonment and capital punishment. Through education and sharing knowledge at the soul level,all beings will elevate themselves. Punishment has no place for the soul level in the understanding of it’s own field strength.

There is no need for a monetary system which exchanges goods and services for work.

We will create an environment where money has no place in society. When all physical needs of all beings are met, work will be be done to bring pleasure to others and ourselves. The end of the monetary system will bring the era of healthy human beings and true love between all on this blue planet earth.

Working should be for the pure joy of it, or the pleasure to serve others and elevate the soul of others as well as ourselves.

All those who wish to serve as decision makers and guides, can offer to serve with their soul’s understanding and gain the consent of others, that they may fulfill the required role. Elevation of understanding will allow us to acknowledge the unique field strengths of a soul that will allow them to serve for the benefit of others and elevate all humanity. These people will serve to enlighten and inspire elevation in others. Leadership comes from the soul of man and with the agreement of others to serve.

We respect all shapes and forms of all entities on this blue planet Earth and beyond. Every being on the planet shall be afforded the same freedoms. Those being freedom to live in peace with all others in an environment of mutual dignity and respect. All shallhave the freedom of choice to live in the manner they desire, such as long as consideration and respect is given to others.

All beings on the planet should be supported to enable them to live without scarcity. Basic access to shelter, water, food, safety, materials and freedom of energy field use (earth or universal resources) should be a priority, as well as peace and stability to allow for emotional wellbeing and the pursuit of enlightenment. All diversity is acknowledged as unique and diverse expressions of the Creator and will be embraced and celebrated as bringing richness to our lives.

Every being should be supported and encouraged to gain knowledge. Humanity in particular, needs the freedom to explore and understand this knowledge, which can only be gained without the need to constantly work to survive. Creating the tools to become independent, self-responsible humans must be a priority. The soul of beings will dictate and govern in a responsible (just, correct, fair) way of life, for the benefit of all Creation in equal measures. For the first time in man’s history, with free will from the soul level, learning will start out how to know the soul from infancy.

When, natural disasters unfold, we must come to the aid of all beings in the area, showing no favour, and supporting all. This includes understanding the ecosystem of the planet and what all beings need in their cycle of life. All beings will have access and share resources in time of abundance and time of disaster.

When a conflict arises, we must negotiate a peaceful outcome for all parties, all humanity must be given an enduring peace. This is only achievable when all parties needs are taken into consideration. All beings deserve protection from harm to their physicality and emotion.

Decision Making Process

- No majority will infringe on the freedoms of any minority.

- Consensus will be achieved through dialogue and the elevation of the soul of the man.

- Every decision must be of benefit to all.

- Every Being will be respected, treated fair, and equal in all aspects.

- The Souls of beings will govern every action in a peaceful manner.

- Bringing peace to the planet and all who live here must always be our goal.

- Serving the needs of all is the only way to achieve this.


Come all beings from the smallest to the largest of Creation to celebrate, to taste and to embrace the peace, love, trust and freedom.

All beings are here to raise the highest level of human and all consciousness (elevation of souls).

All souls, put down all weapons of aggression, hatreds and differences. Let us have peace and tranquility on this blue planet we call Earth.

All living beings will live in harmony with all Creations on this blue planet we call Earth and throughout the entire Universe.

Guiding principles of physical conduct are appropriate, until the time when the souls of men understand their operation and position inside the boundary of the Universal principles.

The soul deserves to know everything on different levels of Creation. All living souls have the freedom of equality to live in peace and thrive here on Earth and beyond.

The souls of all beings will bring out the best of talents, strengths and beauties to share and flourish throughout Creation.

Take back the power. The power of the souls to govern all living beings here on earth. Power is not lying on any leaders or entities for the purpose of controlling or domination of others, but comes from within us to love and give (peace, love, bliss and freedom) to others.


This section is intended to be blank for additional amendments in the future as needed to maintain permanent peace on this blue planet Earth and beyond.

Written by the Souls of the Peoples of the Blue Planet Earth. Represented by the Members of The Earth Council

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