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Basics for the production and processing of GANS
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In order to expand knowledge around the whole topic of GANS, the "Basics of production and processing of GANS" provide a compact overview.


CuO GANS Box Setup: The Setup here on the picture with led is the best option to produce a very good quality of GANS. [For emergency situations only (lower quality): If there is no led to connect the wires, you can use two Nano-coated Copper wires and twist them counterclockwise together. If you have only not Nano-coated Copper wires, you have to use one led!

For producing CuO GANS we use a Nano-coated Copper plate and a normal Copper plate and connect it with wires and a led between, in a 5% Salt water solution. The connection wire (Nano-coated Copper) from the Nano-coated Copper plate is connected with the + pole of the led and the - pole of the led, is connected with the Copper wire to the Copper plate. The plates or coils should hand ca. 2cm above the ground and 4 to 7cm away from each other.

Required Materials

  • Plastic box
  • Clean water
  • Salt
  • Green led
  • Nano-coated Copper wire
  • Copper wire
  • Nano-coated Copper plate or coil
  • Copper plate or coil

Green led - Anode (+) / Cathode (-)

CuO GANS Uses/Application

Copper represents the physical body (in connection with the field interactions); it affects the muscle tissue and the nervous system. Copper is responsible for good communication through the nerves and Copper acts as a disinfectant. The Ghana Keshe Foundation, in cooperation with the National Atomic Research Institute, carried out tests where microbial contaminated drinking water was cleaned with CO2 and CuO GANS-water. The contaminated water was cleaned of contaminants and transformed into drinkable water. Bacteria, salts and even arsenic and mercury are neutralized through CuO GANS-water application to the point where these harmful elements were no longer detectable in the test samples of contaminated water. CuO GANS-water can be used in many areas as a natural disinfected. (e.g. rooms where food is produced, hospitals, kitchens, toilets, bathrooms and so on).

CuO is also used for energy production.

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