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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times July 2018

by Francesco Pandolfi Balbi

I am Francesco, official distributor of the Keshe Foundation in Italy. Being a distributor for the Keshe Foundation is becoming increasingly satisfying, especially thanks to the new management, which, although with difficulty, has made the Foundation a more reliable and promising structure than ever before.

In particular, waiting time for the delivery of products have improved considerably, even if, due to my economic issues, I decided to use my courier to collect the goods directly at the factory. Now waiting 2/3 months to receive goods are a distant memory. If there are problems related to production or lack of raw material, even in that case i never waited more than 15/20 days.

I also see enormously improved communication between the Italian Keshe Foundation Team and us distributors, and often even directly with our customers. Feedback and problem solving are available almost in real time thanks to the new chat group, in which all the Italian distributors have been included and from which we constantly receive updates and news regarding the activities and commercial news.

A positive note, which for me as distributor is very important, concerns the production and creation of new devices, and all CE certified, that have been in production for a few months, which fully embody the approach we have always preferred: simple and above all related to well-being. I have heard that soon we will also have the pleasure of seeing organic and vegan solutions among the products, and this makes me particularly enthusiastic and positive.

Distributing for the Keshe Foundation is not for those who sell for large profits: margins are still modest (but they are growing) and there is still a need for a dose of enthusiasm that 'the seller of everything' in my opinion will never have.

Instead, an approach to beautiful, romantic and peaceful life is necessary, and above all, for the common good.

We are waiting for the generator ... Alright, we'll wait! I am sure that the team will be able to put it on the market soon and that will be only the first of a long series of innovations that will forever change the reality of our beautiful planet. That is what, in my opinion, must be well understood by the market:
The Keshe Foundation is not only about 'the generator', but is mostly about changing the world.
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