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Our Eyes: More than a sight

by Keshe Foundation

240th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - September 6, 2018

All our life we have been hearing the expression “I will believe when I see with my own eyes”. We have evolved ourselves to understand only the visible matter.  And because we are all so physical we have to have something to see as output from Keshe Plasma Science and Technology  applications for us to believe in what we are doing.

In understanding the totality of the creation of the plasma, from the structure of a neutron, soon we will come to understand we can replicate anything. Now we have a plain canvas which is called neutron plasma. If we understand the totality we are all the creator of the destiny of our own. One thing we never realized is that be it the soul of the man, or be it the creator of the soul of the man, one has to understand the limitation of knowledge. The strength of the universe gives man one limitation; visibility and dimension of physicality bring demise to the present knowledge of the man in the dimension of existence.

But do we really need the hands to create and feel? Why was the eye chosen to see? The physicality of the creation through the eye is much easier than through the hand. “The eye is a path to your soul, why don’t you use the soul through the eye to create what you want? Even be it another soul. Man will understand much faster this way.” The position of the soul and the eye of the man in the dimension of vision can be used to transfer directly the energy of the soul of man to what physicality of man wants to manifest itself or to be manifested for itself. “If somebody tells you about the rib and Adam and Eve I can show you it is much easier through the eye of the man to create the Eve.”

If you were looking to put two hands together in order to create physical matter, then look through the eye of the man. It is again two, the left eye and the right eye. One is gravitational, one is magnetical. If we manage to understand the true work of the eye of the man, then we will understand that we can create anything through our eyes. Yet, there is one important detail to remember. “The eye of the soul does not need the eye of the man. It’s easier to do, it’s much easier to do because first of all you don’t transform so much energy in the dimension of the matter state, but you transfer energy in the dimension of the strength of the soul without interfering with the soul.”

Long-time passengers of Universe have been across this planet and have taken its beauty with them. But they have not taken any plants. They have understood the structure of the strength of the soul of the plants and have replicated it. It is very much that there is no Copper sent and thrown from the Sun on to Earth, but the conditions are created that the Copper lands on Earth and it accepts its condition of being where it is according to the environment that it’s creating.

The man has chosen the physical condition to express the existence of its soul in the condition of the existence of this planet in the solar system and within the galaxy. That extends the life of the man to the life of the universe and not to rotation of this planet around itself. Once we understand how to apply the interaction of the fields, then by the interaction of the fields of the neutron, the plasma neutron, dictates the creation of entity as we like. “Those of you who can reach the level of understanding… even create the, what I call, plasmatic magnetic fields of the soul of the man, even be it yourself. This will come and bring Man to a new dimension of understanding.”

The Language of the Universe: Have we forgotten it?

by Keshe Foundation

How does man communicate in the space? What we know as the language of man, known as English, African, Spanish, Japanese or any other is the conversion of the soul of understanding of certain condition into the understanding of the vocabulary or the sound which manifests itself to.

In our body, we have a conversion unit, an inverter unit, which converts everything to one point. From that point, it becomes the language. We have to go to that point before the conversion, before the language and the thoughts are converted.

It is not just the language we must take in consideration, but also the thoughts. We think, we speak, we imagine, we develop, we laugh, we joy within that language. But what is the language before that inversion before we convert the strength of the soul into this language?
“In many of my teachings I refer back and I've said: What do the babies communicate? In what language? They know each other's position; does not matter you bring a Chinese child, bring an English child, bring an Iranian one, bring one from Africa and put them next to each other. Within a few hours, they find their hierarchy, what they like about each other, what they don't like. None of them speaks a language, none of them understands English or French but they understand the vocabulary voice, but between them, they communicate. The communication of the language of the child at birth is the language of the soul of the man.”  Mehran T. Keshe
We all know it and yet we are all looking for this mysterious way how the souls communicate. At birth there is no language, but you put babies next to each other you see their reactions, their hierarchy, what they enjoy about each other, do they like to touch each other? Man comes to understand his soul has a strength and it's understood, but the physicality of another. This is the basic before the conversion, before we put the inverter of the language into it. This is the language of the man’s soul.

Many people at birth or prior to birth they have blue eyes. Why? We see them going through ages and then the color of the eye changes from blue in the age of two, three, four… This is the transformation of the soul, the strength of the soul through the eye of the man, the color blue.

At a certain point when we die in many cases, you can see the soul of the man back through the eye of the man with the color blue. We relate this to the understanding of the soul at the level of the planet Earth at the creation of this planet. If you put a fish, a chicken, a man, a dog, a horse, a baby at just prior to point of birth do they all understand the same language? Because they all carry the same soul, nothing has tampered with its purity.

Where do we see the soul of the man in respect to the soul of the Earth? Are we aware at the level of the solar strength about the feeling of the planet? Does the soul of the planet, does the soul of the solar system and the galaxy speak to our soul?  Do we become aware and when there is something strange happening in distance, but we have come to ignore it? Do we have to create and understand a new dimension in the understanding of the language of the universe which is within our soul as we have been created out of it; it cannot be any other.

This will become the main point for those who call themselves travelers of the space. In what language do you speak to the man from planet Zeus, as he will not know French or English or Farsi or Arabic or German or any of the languages we use on Earth. The Universal Community speaks and communicates with each other. All of us know this language because we were born with it, but we forgot.

We come back to the point of understanding where we ask ourselves: do we need to learn a new language? As we become the men of a space we need to understand we already know this language. “It is not our mother tongue, it is our universal tongue.”  When the man becomes aware of the condition of the space travels within the plasma of the universe, when the man does not need the dimension of physicality then man will start to speak the language of the space, the language of the soul of the space. 

When we experience interruptions during live transmissions, during phone conversations it give us the reason to think and go back to remember how we communicated in the first days of our lives on this planet? We could feel everything. We did not have the eyes to see but we knew we are in the hands of someone, we knew that physically we are getting handled. Somebody is hugging and kissing and doing what is needed for us.

The soul of the animals becomes aware at a point of birth because they have to see and to recognize their environment immediately as their life depends on it. The language of the soul expands or does the language of the soul become converter into this space of dimension? Do we have the same thing in our dimension of the soul in respect to our environment?

We say now this language is no use here, I have converted it.

There is a passage between the two chambers of the heart that at the point of inception, at birth it switches to it. The first time you breathe the air in, it closes. Is that second switching over of the physicality to the handover of the switch or the soul of the man connecting the physical dimension into the life of the man or the soul of the man?

Has our body made that switch and is built into it or is it just that the blood flow changes with us as are we being born and separated from the mother's heart?

Figure 1. The totality of the language of the universe.

Understanding the language of the soul and for all of us knowing it becomes one of the cornerstones of the knowledge of the space. It is as when you are walking into the Spanish bar and you only speak Arabic. It does not matter what hand figures you make, it is not understood. You smile, they reply. You shout, they shout back. Our soul, when we become part of the man of space, we will have this problem for our physicality. We have to understand the dimension of physicality we are born in.

We look at the manifestation of the man at the point of birth but in the dimension of the universe, we look at the manifestation of the man at the completion of the main brain which the soul of man established.

It is mature. Man recognizes the environment he can respond to it, can grow according to it, it reflects and indicates what he likes within it. It is time for us to go back to the point of birth and find the communication language we were born with and we forgot. That language becomes the lower level in understanding the language of the universe and the galaxies and beyond. 

In earlier teachings Mehran T. Keshe used to draw the spiral expanding from the center out, the same goes with the language of the universe there is no difference.  It is all the same principle.

Figure 2. The totality of the language of the universe with field strengths.

If you look at the whole structure this is still the same. (Figure 1) If you look at the totality of the language of the universe man's language is (1), galaxy’s soul language is (2), the universe is (3), Unicos in different strengths is (4) and the soul of the Creator (5).

Everything from it is created according to their strength. But if you look they are all contained on the same line, it is a common denominator of the strength. As much as it communicates out, it receives back in the strength of the soul of the creator; non-tangibility, but in the dimension of the field strength of the universe. (Figure 2)

Man does not need to learn a new language to become a passenger to the universe. When we put a man in the plasma of the universe and we create in our spaceship the dimension of the plasma according to the neutron energy level of the plasma, our souls speak the same strength; our soul has the same strength and thoughts. (Figure 3)

Would it be surprising if you meet a man or a creature from another planet who works on this dimension and you know its language because he speaks the same as you?

Figure 3. Souls in a spaceship travelling the span of the universe are speaking the same strength.

You communicate at the strength of the galaxy and then maybe you have to learn something from the strength of the universe if you don't understand this language. “Then you have to go to inner yourself to find the strength that - the higher - that he is made of, he can communicate with and what you can convert his to yours that you can understand him”.

The other point comes when we come to these dimensions, would we see the people of other dimensions?

Would we observe them not seeing with the eye of the man, but seeing in observation of the soul of the man?

If we start measuring the strength of the emotion of the man, we will see many scientists have gone to that point, they are testing and are developing tools and methods to test. This will help to see the reaction, to measure the wave in what is now called the frequency, because the wave of the soul in interaction with the material status of the brain of the man needs penetration and that penetration is known as a frequency or Hertz.

We measure the strength of the field. In the totality of the knowledge of physics, this is the gravitational magnetic field strength when it hits a block. It can be the brain of the man, a copper wire, or any material, it has to penetrate as it cannot go through it. Then it has to find a way to go.

At a specific strength, the magnetic gravitational field can get through various mediums and present science calls it the frequency or wavelength. Scientists are increasingly developing ways to measure their emotion, their feeling, their response.

What will be the first message you would like to communicate using the language of the universe?

242nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop, September 20th, 2018

Listen, Research, and Understand!

by Keshe Foundation

Keshe Plasma Science and Technology is a new science with yet vast unexplored terrain. It applies to any process and any living being on Earth and beyond. It follows the natural way of Creation opening countless solutions to our complicated lives.

Everyone is excited to start the experiments that will step by step take us to the understanding of the works of Unicos. But along the way, we will meet many challenges. One of them is the preparation stage. What does this mean you might ask?

As with any other sciences humans experienced, there is an initial step which requires research, investigation, learning about the process before applying it in practice.

With this said, the scientist within you has to understand what is the purpose of the experiment, what are you using it for, where you are placing it, what you are the elements and configurations you are playing with and what is the reason you are using anything in any shape or form. In current society, we have easy access to a lot of materials, but before one starts using them, one must understand what they do. 
“Some of you used Lead (Pb) GANS on your coils and some of you use in your beads and you try, it’s heavier, attracts energy and you have it. But you have to understand lead has an affinity in the strength to Zinc (Zn). And it touches your emotion.”
As Mehran Tavakoli Keshe explained in the 240th Knowledge Seekers Workshop on September 6th, 2018, the affinity of Lead to Zinc is in a plasmatic magnetic field strength, not in any other direction. When using lead in your coils or in your beads, or somewhere in the house, one has to understand, it has strengths and affinity to absorb more gravitational, therefore it will affect one’s emotion. If someone feels depressed or has the ability to be depressed, the Lead will affect that person emotionally, although it does not affect the others which do not have this inclination towards depression. If someone is psychologically not stable, Lead affects that person, although it does not affect the rest of the humanity. The Earth is full of Lead everywhere. If it would influence on every being inhabiting this planet, we will all feel its effects. The condition of psychological instability allows Lead to influence one’s state of being.
“You have to see what it does to you. If you are a schizophrenic you call it, or you are of those beautiful people, it might affect one of the souls within you which then affects your characteristics in that dimension, not the other souls. So, if you play with Iodine (I) or you use another fancy element titanium, or whatever and you feel... affects you, you have to find out how, in what strength. It interacts with Magnesium (Mg), […] if it makes you tired physically affects connections between the Zinc and Magnesium. “
When you have done your research and understand the interactions on the plasmatic field strength level, then you do not use those elements that you know it will have unwanted effects on you. This preparation step brings with it the understanding of the totality of this new science.

Know what you want to use the elements for and understand what effect to expect from it because it might just not give you the effect you are looking for. “You might have understood the need of it for that place not to be but you’re forcing it to place it. “

Listen, research, and understand! And if you do not find your answers, the PUBLIC TEACHING IN ENGLISH - KNOWLEDGE SEEKERS WORKSHOP are live for you every Thursday at 09:00 CET for your questions to be addressed and answered.





240th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - September 6th, 2018


Invitation to the Keshe Foundation

The Keshe Foundation is a scientific organization developing revolutionary technologies for space travel, health, energy, food, agriculture, animals, fauna and flora, forestry, environment, decontamination, and disaster recovery. This new Plasma Science and Technology is currently under development in many countries across our planet to provide affordable and simple solutions to many local problems. Many have seen beneficial results from the application of the Plasma Science and Technology developed by the Keshe Foundation and you are encouraged to learn more about it.

If you would like to learn about the new Plasma Science based solutions to many problems or difficulties you may have in the above-mentioned areas, you are invited to visit the following website links:

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A simple hug: the lie detector 

by Keshe Foundation 

242nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop - September 20th, 2018

Figure 1. Fields are circular, although the back is flat, the energy flows beyond it.
When looking at the structure of the spinal cord, we understand how the energy flows. This can be applied to animals, trees, plants, marine creatures. The spinal cord of a human is the central column field. We can see one half of it as the physicality which is us on the front side. Your soul has put dimension physicality of the brain and you created the body head to toe.  But what about the back side of the human body? Why did we decide to have a flat back and different shape in the front? When we talk about forces and energy in the universe we must look at the spinal cord and the dimension of it. In making a coil the field does not run on one side, but circularly all around it.  If you look at the brain and the spine, when the fields are directed it creates the face, the breast, the organs, the abdomen, the legs. However, the fields are circular, although the back is flat, the energy flows beyond it. (Figure 1) One side gains - one side gives.  
“If you want to understand it ask your lover to hold you and cuddle you from the back and see what fields you absorb about yourself. Do the same in reverse hold your lover from the back in essence of understanding the field and then you see what you feel. Then you understand what man has been missing. You have to accept the status of love which means giving. How much I give, what is received? You think they think what you think, and you can think what they think. They can lie to you with their lips, but when you hold them in the back you see right through them; because your field you absorb differently. They can tell you they love you and you feel the love. We accept who holds us. We have no eyes behind our back, we do not trust anyone to reach us from the back, we panic if someone walks behind our back, but we allow our lover to hold us in the back, to cuddle us. It is very strange if you want to know the lie you hold your lover and ask the question you receive because what you hold in the front in your hands and what you feel through your heart is a totally different thing, is wrong. You know you have been told a lie.”
It is the best detector of the energy of the man in the direction of the physicality not the soul of the man. You complete another circle which does not exist when you hold somebody.
“You can inspire souls, I used to do that with my children, I hold their ear next to my ear and I said listen to what I tell you and I can tell you through my ear which is my soul to your soul, head to head, ear to ear  you feel them, you understand them. You complete the twin souls in one to each other. You put your head and your child's head with the ears next to each other, you have his soul there. It is the most beautiful experience if you are a parent. You do not need to say a thing, you feel it, you know it.”

Plasma 101: 129 Tesla Explained 

by Keshe Foundation

The Keshe Plasma Science and Technology is studying and applying the natural field forces of magnetic and gravitational strengths.

There is a measuring system for the magnetic field strength that applies to the strength of the human brain interactions internally, it applies to the fields from the Sun to the Earth, it applies to everything in this Universe or in the Unicos which outputs the values in Tesla.

The Tesla (marked with the symbol “T”) is a derived unit of the magnetic field strength in the  International System of Units. The unit was set up during the General Conference on Weights and Measures in 1960 and named in the honor of Nikola Tesla.

But together with the Magnetic field strength, we have the reversal of Tesla, researched by Prof. Dr. Ing. Konstantin Meyl and this is the gravitational field.  One cannot exist without the other.

We can measure even the strength of our soul in Tesla. If one goes to the depth of understanding to know that there is a magnetic field radius from the soul of the man at a given strength that in respect to the environment where the soul has manifested itself, in his interaction with this environment, one creates the transition of position – the brain of the man. In that process, Man develops his own fields that in interaction with the physicality matter condition of the position it creates the physicality of the body of the man.

Our souls have a Tesla strength. Even the wave at a given strength which becomes emotion, laughter, joy has a strength that can be measured in Tesla.

The soul of the man is a fraction of the soul of the planet in Tesla strength, the soul of this planet in respect to the solar system or the Sun and the Sun in respect to the galaxy and the galaxy in respect to the central line of the universe all have their own strengths in Tesla.

Through the project funded by the 100 Tesla Multi-Shot Program, a joint initiative of the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy's Office of Basic Energy Sciences, the scientists in Los Alamos have created in a three-second span on Friday, August 19th, 2011 a 97.4 Tesla magnetic field — the highest non-destructive magnetic field in the world.

When we are in the material state we have complexity. At the time the matter is opened to reach the plasma the way Keshe Foundation researchers did in Desenzano on October 2014, 129 Tesla is nothing.

The 129 Tesla was not achieved over a flip of a finger. It was a live presentation over 3-4 weeks during which it was jumping around 20 - 21 Tesla, then it passed 25 Tesla, then it passed 100 Tesla and it built it up to 129 Tesla. The measurements were done using specifically designed sensors, which were later sent to the laboratories in Switzerland for the manufacturers to test. A full-scale report comes back showing that the sensors are in perfect condition and the 129 Tesla measurements are correct.


How was the setup done to achieve such results?

System 1 was placed on one side. System 2 was in the middle and the System 3 was covered in another side of the research laboratory. All three systems have star formation configurations.

The plasma from the GANS materials created a field. System 3 was covered by the balanced magnetic field shields which means everything was at the weakest, it absorbed most of it. System 1 is feeding System 3 via System 2, and System 3 is returning to System 1 via System 2, creating an infinite loop plasma field flow. The more System 1 fed, the less System 3 was returning back to it. System 1 was feeding more because System 3, having the blanket with the plasma heartbeat inside was absorbing almost everything, dissipating very little out.  This was awareness of existence because the internal field could detect the magnetical of System 3 according to the gravitation of System 1.

System 1 to System 3 was Tesla; System 3 to System 1 was Meyl. The detecting sensors were placed on one side and the other of System 2 to observe the motion of the field. The entire setup used only 4 motors, on a total consumption of 12 Watt just to rotate the star formations and a plasma emission was created as it was needed. System 2 and 3 had partially components from the Iranian reactors and each one had reactors inside.
“It was very interesting when we were running these tests… this (on the ceiling) is part of the… it's in the building and we had fluorescent lights and at nights we used to stand and watch because there were so many fields that the fields of the plasma used to bring the lights on, used to… you know you go to the North Pole to see Aurora we had our own show every night… in the lab. 
We used to switch up and wait for it because it cannot come on if there was no field, and after a while when the fields… we switched everything else and the field was there and is… it dies off.
We stand there a few minutes and then that's it, we used to go. It was what we called late night sky show. This is the same principle as Tesla, we know when it shows the fluorescent light in the magnetic field, now we had it… it was beautiful to see it every night before we switch off and if one day it wouldn’t do we’d say ‘…we didn't do good enough, we didn’t create enough plasma.’ ”

The power of plasma was discovered through the new materials – GANS. When replacing the GANS with the neutron plasma anyone can achieve lift in the flight systems.   

242nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop, September 20th, 2018

The Soul Focus Group

by Marie

The Soul Focus Group is an initiative from the educational board in the KF SSI Education where the students were asked to participate in the teaching and spreading of knowledge, early in the 1st semester of 2018.

It was planned as a workshop with contributions from students where we looked into the public Soul teachings by Mr. Keshe. Since my wish was to contribute more to the foundation I volunteered as a presenter for the Soul Focus Group. I was already doing a lot of self-studying and the Soul topic was close to my heart.

Since then the Soul Focus group has been a weekly event and the interest for the group has been growing.

How we do it

The Soul Focus Group is based on a list of short videos from Mr. Keshe’s public workshops. In many of the public workshops, there is a distinct part where there are not many questions from the audience. This is what the Soul teaching list is based on. The teaching is then divided into smaller parts depending on the content.

The Soul teaching list contains a direct link to the Public Knowledge Seekers Workshops with Mr. Keshe on YouTube. Since all videos are transcribed by the Keshe Foundation transcribers team it is easy to find the transcript and distribute it in advance to the students. This is our study material together with the Soul teaching list.

During our weekly session, we play these videos one by one, with subtitles and transcriptions turned on. And after a short summary, all students are invited to participate in the discussion about the teachings and what we as individuals have gained from what we heard.

What the soul teachings have brought to the community

The Soul Focus group is a good place for any student to study the knowledge about the Soul. By listening to the unaltered words of Mr. Keshe, everyone can take from the teachings what they like. It is an arena for sharing of knowledge and a place to ask questions and share thoughts that otherwise can be hard to bring to light in public classes.

We are all students on different levels of understanding and we are helping each other out in our comprehension of the knowledge. The group is also a nice place to get to know the other students better.

The List of Soul Teachings gives anyone a structured way to work through the soul teachings from Mr. Keshe. Even if your day is packed, you always have time for 10 minutes of self-study. And you can listen to this 10 minutes over and over again because these teachings contain layers on layers of knowledge. You will hear something new every time. And the teachings are in sequence, that means a video played often refers to previous videos in the list.


The Soul Focus group provides teachings about the Soul easily available for any student at the KF SSI Education.  The students can take from it what they need and according to their intelligence (as Mr. Keshe often says). It is a tool to deep dive into the teachings about the Soul and they can be listened to over and over again for deeper understanding.

As Mr. Keshe says: When we read or hear something, that is all we do. When it is understood it is sharing the Soul with the person who gave you the knowledge. That is how you elevate yourself.

So from my perspective, the Soul Focus Group is helping us elevate our own Soul by comprehending the knowledge and by sharing our understanding with the other students.

The Soul Focus Group is scheduled every Monday at 17 CET on Zoom. If you want to participate become a KF SSI Education student and join in. 

You are so welcome!

Achieve peace through testimonials

by Keshe Foundation

This article brings forward the messages that Mr. Keshe delivered through 245th and 246th Public Teaching.

Achieve peace through testimonials. Interact through testimonials and scientific trials. Ask yourself: "Do I do enough each day to change the humanity?" How many of you are really committed to doing it? 

A lot of you are even afraid to tell anyone you know about the Keshe Foundation because they have tinted us with so much that they think they won. The only thing is, we are strong enough and we have the knowledge which can bring the change.  What may be lacking is being proud of this process.

We have gone through a very heavy battle but the battle is over because they used all the ammunition. They have nothing else to fire. The way we will handle it from now on, in interacting with governments, with politicians, with diplomats, with the economic situation, with people in need, will change the course of humanity.

Knowledge gives that chance for peace. We had to prove the technology. We had to prove the strength of the technology that with it we could attract and interact with nations. We reached that point. Now is the time of interaction. Do not only teach the technology. Show the beauty of technology by spending your time sending different cases, which are available in testimonials and scientific trials, across the internet to every person, every minister, every chatroom that you have access to. Do this every day, 20 minutes per day.

Mankind will take this technology through a strength of its health application because we are all fearful of pain, death, blindness and everything else. The fear of demise can be taken away by presenting the beauty of this technology.

We do not die. We just arrive at the airport where we have to change the environment. We call it transmutation of elements, in a way, is the transmutation of the soul of the man to change the physicality of this dimension to another. Another manifestation. When you change silver to gold, you have not lost anything. You just have a new dimension. Like the soul of the man elevates to the value of the gold.

This transition, the beauty of it, how the man handles his physical life with the new knowledge to reach that point of transition with less pain, is what man always has feared - illnesses - and if we can show to humanity that this transition can be beautiful without pain and it can be short or at least can be shorted, every man will take the trip of life. 

This is the job of Universal Council, Earth Council and every person who listens to these teachings. It is a wakeup call. Can I give enough that I can take back enough? No president has ever lived over his term and no king has been a king for centuries. They all die and they or their families all have diseases. Now is time to show that there is a chance. It does not cost much. We are not selling it. We are gifting it. It is time for peace and peace has to come through the knowledge. We will stop the weapons when we understand that the only weapon in not stopping these wars is us in not sharing the knowledge and the beauty of it. 

It is time to spend 20 minutes of your time per day sending testimonials and scientific cases published by Keshe Foundation across the Internet if you are here to volunteer for peace. Besides health, the key to support the governments is also agriculture. Scientific cases help national food security with better harvest and quality of it. Soon we will publish many new discoveries. Send them across. Every day.

The question every knowledge-seeker should ask him/herself each day: "Do I do enough each day to change the course of humanity and bring the peace?" How many of us have spent 20 minutes each day or at least once per week sending the information about Keshe Foundation across the internet? How many are committed to doing it? We want peace, we want everything else, we want a knowledge but we are not prepared to work for it. As long as it is for your benefit and you can see it.

Go outside at night and look at the planets and stars. You see many planets and stars. Lot of you know that Earth has a soul. So does the star. How many of you can see the soul of planets and stars? Stand in front of your partner, child or pet. Do you see or feel their soul? We do not play magic. This is where we lost it. We lost the ability to see with the soul. Man will have a hard time in space if he tries to just look what he can see with his eyes because some of the souls have no physicality at the field strength of the man.

Would we come up with soul vision like we have night vision glasses?  We need to elevate. We have the tools. The souls when they commit themselves, they do it. When my soul decides, it becomes my wish. Send testimonials and every published scientific case or trial daily.  Let everyone know about it. 

You have to give to receive more.

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Increasingly, the back pain is one of the concerns of this century. In everyday life, the spine is under tremendous stress and pressure. It is therefore not surprising that lumbar pain, also known as back pain, is one of the main causes people suffer from. A recent study was done by American and Australian researchers on the subject. By analyzing the statistics of 187 countries, they found that about one-tenth (9.4%) of the world's population, were suffering from this condition. People with back pain for more than 3 months are considered to have chronic back pain. In most cases, the back pain is mechanical, however, for about 1 in 20 persons, the pain is of inflammatory origin. Affected people can wait up to 10 years or more before the cause of their sufferance is properly diagnosed.

Keshe Foundation Manufacturing had the idea to develop a new product to address this widespread problem. By combining the Keshe Plasma Science and Technology with the knowledge from specialists in the field of health, we are pleased to present you the PLASMA SEAT PAD.

The PLASMA SEAT PAD generates its own magnetic-gravitational plasma fields which are directed to the point of pain to relive it. It has no moving parts or batteries, making it a lightweight, durable, portable, and versatile product. Using the carry-on bag provided in the package, you can take it anywhere!  Due to its ergonomic design, the PLASMA SEAT PAD adapts to any type of chair or seat, for you to now enjoy very quickly the comfort and the pain relief. The PLASMA SEAT PAD can be used as a whole or it can be used per components that are easily attachable with Velcro bands. The fixing straps on the side help to secure the PLASMA SEAT PAD on your preferred seat.

Are you a mother standing in her feet all day, carrying all the heaving baggage for your baby, and knows the lower back pain? Are you an office clerk that spends all day in the same static posture on that office chair? Are you a driver spending hours and hours behind the steering wheel, on seats that do not support the natural curve of your back? Or you have lovely grandparents feeling the fingerprint of life left on their tired bodies.

If you suffer every day from that horrendous back pain, take a rest on the PLASMA SEAT PAD!


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Rising interests in plasma science classes among Kenya’s gĩkũyũ rural communities show the need for teaching in native languages across the world

by Gatua wa Mbũgwa, Ph.D. (Gĩkũyũ Universal Council Member)

The increasingly rising number of participants in Plasma Science classes among the Gĩkũyũ rural communities of Kenya shows there is a need for sharing the new scientific knowledge in native languages not only in Kenya but globally as well. 


Plasma Science classes were first offered in Kenya in 2016 with only a few people initially showing interest. Learning interests significantly began to rise when these classes were first conducted publicly among the Gĩkũyũ rural communities of central Kenya from January 2018.

These classes are offered at no cost to participants, except perhaps their transportation cost and related expenses. Numbers of participants in Plasma Science classes for the Gĩkũyũ rural communities have increased over time from the initial 14 participants in the first session to reach over 300 that now attend each weekly session. A considerable number of participants also come from distant towns, cities, and other locations and include people who speak not only the Gĩkũyũ language but also other Kenyan native languages as well.

The renowned Iranian-born Nuclear Engineer who developed Keshe Plasma Science and Technology, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, was first to discover the location of gravity. This discovery brought a completely new understanding of science and how matters are created in the universe. Mr. Keshe has published three books, The Universal Order of Creation of Matters, The Structure of the Light, and The Origins of the Universe, among other notable publications.

All his published works form the basis for teaching and learning Plasma Science that is now widely taught globally. Plasma Science is not only transforming lives in Kenya but globally as well. Basically, a spaceship science, it is applied in agriculture, health, Nanotechnology, the creation of materials, and information technology, among other scientific fields. By totally understanding how plants absorb carbon from the atmosphere, for example, Mr. Keshe designed technology that replicates a plant’s leaf for the effective capture of CO2 and other atmospheric gases in their Nano states (GANS).

A gas in Nano state, according to Mr. Keshe, is a new state of matter, where a gas molecule that becomes Nano of itself, appears as a solid state of matter (Keshe, MT, 2011. The Structure of the Light).

It is especially this GANS capture technology and application and the positive impacts of the captured GANS on both agriculture and human health that has generated wide acceptance of Plasma Science learning among the Gĩkũyũ rural communities of Kenya. GANS and their liquid plasmas are used to enhance human health and agriculture production. Common conditons such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure, vision problems, viral and bacterial imbalances, septic wounds and various body pains and swellings have been successfully processed and health of those affected enhanced. In addition, field experiments have shown improved crop health and enhanced agricultural productivity.

Of particular importance to the Gĩkũyũ rural communities’ Plasma Science class participants is that they are taught all the methods and steps needed for capturing various GANSes from the environment using hands-on methods that allow them to learn by doing.

These methods include nanocoating process and the proper making of copper wire coils for effective GANS capture. Class participants have therefore acquired practical knowledge of capturing and using various important GANSes and their amino acids.

They have also learned about the power of their own souls as well as the Keshe Foundation Ethos: “We are here to serve, and not to be served.”

The Gĩkũyũ language has also benefitted greatly as Plasma Science has brought new concepts and scientific words that are continually added to the language terminologies. For example, the new Gĩkũyũ word for GANS (Gases in Nano Solid State) is MĨMŨMŨ (Mĩrukĩ Mĩtuĩku Mũtuutu Mũmingiri), while the new Gĩkũyũ term for Plasma Science is “Ũthimũri wa Gĩkama.”

As the teacher of Plasma Science classes in Kenya, the author has learned that by freely sharing the acquired Plasma Science knowledge with participants, the teacher continually gains deeper insights the more he freely shares. This is consistent with Mr. Keshe’s teaching – “the more we give, the more we receive.”

The teaching methods used in Kenya can easily be replicated anywhere in the world. These methods can also be improved and developed further to include distant participants. For example, with high-quality recording equipment, computers, and projectors, participants from any location in the world could join the classes through the internet, thus making such classes more available to the general public both at the time of teaching and thereafter.

In sum, the simplicity in capturing and using GANS, the GANS effective impacts on both human health and enhanced agricultural productivity, learning in one’s own language, and the sharing of Plasma Science knowledge freely without cost to participants have all contributed to the increased Plasma Science learning interests and rising number of class participants among Kenya’s Gĩkũyũ rural communities.

The following figures show increasing attendance and some of the Gĩkũyũ rural community participants’ learning activities.

Fig. 1: Plasma Science class participants in January 2018
Fig. 2: Plasma Science class participants coiling copper wires by hand in February 2018
Fig. 3. Kenya Plasma Science participants sharing CO2 liquid plasma in their classroom in May 2018 (they make and share about 1,000 liters of liquid plasma every week). 
Fig. 4: Kenya Plasma Science class participants in July 2018.
Fig. 5: Kenya Plasma Science class participants in September 2018.
Fig. 6: Kenya Plasma Science class participants learning about nanocoating outside the classroom in October 2018.

Efficient Water Purification System Using GANS

by Mosfeq Rashid

Plasma in Agriculture: Cultivation of corn for experimental purposes 

Calarasi county, Romania, June - August 2018

by Barbu Constantin, Scientific Association Plasma Romania

Plasma energy in my car

by F.B. – Mon, June 05th 2017 France

Hi, free energy friends!

Since the end of September 2015, I have made in my car 2 CO2 Gans balls. After some days I noticed already a more economic use of my car. The longer it is in my car, the more economic. I drive on Highways now 300-400 km more and on second roads 200-300 km more. 

In Germany, in October 2015 I was involved in an accident on the highway. Cars were bumped into other cars, next-in front and behind me and I thought: "I do not want that my car breaks down" and from that moment my car took me over "danced" through all the broken cars, it was as a dream and about 300 m later I noticed that the impossible is possible. 

Thank you plasma energy!

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B. Write your paper

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C. Upload and submit

Once finished, upload your Word, OpenOffice or PDF file onto one of the cloud or filesharing services, or even onto Facebook. Go to and from the drop-down menu select Plasma Scientific Journal Submissions and press Go. Through this website, you can either submit your work, ask a question or access resources and the FAQs. 

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