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Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

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Mehran Tavakoli Keshe was born in Iran in 1958, son of an X-ray engineer. He was introduced to the world of radiation and nuclear science at a very young age. In 1981 he graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London, as a nuclear engineer specializing in reactor technology system control. He has spent the years since then completing a system for the production of gravity and energy using a radioactive hydrogen-fueled reactor that is clean and safe. He has covered all aspects of the design of a new plasma nuclear system from the very beginning to its present stage. This has included the design, the fuel, testing and practical applications. He has concentrated on completing the full range of his technology for launching into the scientific world and industry. The intellectual properties related to this technology were transferred to Stichting the Keshe Foundation.

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The Keshe Foundation

Sciencs and Soul[1]
The Keshe Foundation, an independent, non-profit, non-religious, space-based organisation founded by the nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is introducing to humanity the Science of the Universe, Plasma Science.

The Keshe Foundation develops universal knowledge and Space Technologies that provide solutions to major global problems, revolutionizing Health, Food & Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Transportation, Family & Relationship, Emotions & Soul

Through Plasma Science and Technology, humanity may finally learn about the reality of the world of creation finding answers even for things previously unexplainable. Humanity must also learn about the Ethos of Universal Community, why we are here, what our purpose is and how humankind shall comprehend the real value of peace, implement and maintain it on the planet Earth first, and afterward, live in peace anywhere in space.

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The Essence of Plasma Science

Superposition of magnetic fields leads to Magnetical and Gravitational fields.[2]

Magnetic Fields Defined

Since Albert Einstein's E=MC², it is a scientifically accepted fact that matter is convertible into energy and vice versa. This implies that both matter and energy must be the same by nature.

Everything that exists in all of creation is made up of "magnetic fields." These fields have the two ferromagnetism properties - attraction and repulsion. Opposite poles attract each other while like poles repel each other.

All phenomena in all of creation derives from the diverse interactions of magnetic fields.

Superposition of magnetic fields leads to Magnetic and gravitational fields.[3]

Magnetic and Gravitational Fields Defined

A superposition of magnetic fields, which create an outward directed force from the respective center (an outward field flow), Keshe refers to as "Magnetic" (capital M) or, for better distinction in spoken language, Magnetic, which is a word introduced by Keshe for this special purpose. The reverse superposition of magnetic fields that develop an inward directed force towards the respective center (an inward field flow) Keshe refers to as "gravitational".

Magnetic field flow releases fields to the environment and are therefore available to organisms that require them, while gravitational field flow absorbs fields from the environment. Gravitation field flow will absorb for example fields from an organism that has fields in abundance that it does not require or that are the wrong fields for the organism.

Magnetical & Gravitational Fields

What is Plasma?

Every physical object (electron, atom, grain of sand, plant, animal, human, planet, star, galaxy, universe, etc.) is nothing more than an accumulations of magnetic fields which Keshe refers to as plasmatic magnetic fields. These plasmatic magnetic fields consist of a huge quantity of individual magnetic fields. Plasmatic magnetic fields are three dimensional, the movement and area of which is determined by the individual magnetic fields within the object. Each of these plasmatic objects is referred to as a plasma and is defined by the field content within it.

The Keshe Foundation does not use the word plasma in the same way that it is used in standard physics. The Foundation does not refer to the state of an ionized gas when they say "plasma." Plasma is defined by the Foundation as the entire content of fields which accumulate and create an object. It is NOT defined by its physical characteristics like ionization and temperature, for example. Plasma refers exclusively to the properties of the fields of which an object consists.

In most cases, fields extend far beyond the physical boundaries of the object in question. As well, there are field compositions (plasmas) that are already detached from their physical source and are moving in a non-physical form (as a pure field body) through space to another physical (or non-physical) object. The movement of these field conglomerations is considered to be a kind of “flowing.” The Foundation therefore defines energy as fields that move and flow in space from point A to point B.

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The Basics of Plasma Science and Technology

Emotions & Soul[4]

Emotions & Soul

The Intention, Emotions and Soul play a very important role in every part of the Plasma Science and Technology. It is important, to be in Peace within us and our environment (family, friends, working colleagues,...) and reaching the point of a most possible balanced life, without fears, anger, or other negative Emotions, which consume our Energy. With this we can fully concetrate our attention on the Intention, reason, purpose, wish, or aim of making a Nano-coating, GANSes, or whatever and that should bring Peace in all respects back to Humanity.

So if we want to begin to setup a system, no matter if its GANS, a Star Formation, a MaGrav or whatever, we should be in balance and have a very clear visible picture in us, what we want to achieve with it. What can help us, is to clearly write down our Intention, why we are doing it and what should be achieved with it. So in the process of the creation, we can always remember and focus our Attention on it. Especially in the area of Neutron GANSes or when when we work in groups, it is very important that the whole group has the same Intention. When the Intention in a group isn't clear, Mr Keshe would say, we gonna create a "mayhem" out of it.

Our Soul, our Emotion and our Intention is always present and flows into and through everything what we are doing. If we have this "basic settings" done, we can start with our Nano-coating, GANS production or any other project.

Emotions & Soul

Nano Technology

Nano-coated Coils[5]


In the physical matter state, changes in the environmental temperature and pressure result in different states of matter. Modifying the environment in a magnetic gravitational manner, we can convert physical matter state into mono-atomic state, into Nano-layers.

Nano-layers are black, tens of thousands deep, three-dimensional and contain magnetic field containers, so called gaps. These magnetic field containers hold onto Plasma, energy and information. Plasmatic magnetic fields are able to be captured by these magnetic field containers, which allow a huge range of different application areas and possible uses in Plasma Technology.

The Keshe Foundation developed different methods for the Nano-coating of different materials for different purposes.

Nano-coating is an important component of Plasma Technology.

Nano-coating | Devices & Applications

GANS of CH3, ZnO, CO2 and CuO[6]


GANS is an acronym created by Mehran Keshe that describes a new state of matter created from "GAs to Nano of Solid". GANS is an important part of the Keshe Foundation plasma teachings, and is fully described in Chapter 4 of MT Keshe's book, "The Structure of the Light".

Certain atoms and molecules release and/or absorb Magnetic and/or Gravitation fields. Released fields are available to be absorbed by other objects. The Keshe Foundation has developed a way in which to gather these free flowing fields from the environment within a usable substance which Keshe named GANS.

An organism for example will emit fields it wants to separate itself from (rid itself of) and will absorb fields that it can use or that it has an urgent need for. The prerequisite is that the appropriate fields for absorption must be available within the immediate environment of the organism.

A tool was developed by the Foundation which consists of components that can absorb fields and create GANS; a substance that exists in a special state of aggregation. Different types of GANS can be created with different desirable energetic properties that can be used individually or in combination for different applications. Each type of GANS has specific field strength depending on the chemical elements within the GANS.

The use of different GANS' with different field strengths or the use of nano-coated double coils with plasma batteries causes a directed field flow from the stronger to the weaker fields.

If these field fluxes are directed through an organism, the organism has the opportunity to absorb the needed parts of these field fluxes or to release a surplus of fields to the environment or they can be collected into a usable GANS.

With this technology, the self-healing powers of the organism are supported at the level of the fields that build up the organism itself. Therefore, the need for chemical agents and processes are not required because healing occurs at the level of Magnetic field interaction.

GANS | Devices & Applications

Plasma Technology in exchange for World Peace

Peace Road Map[7]
Plasma Technology is fundamentally changing our understanding of everything. It has the potential to provide and balance solutions to all global challenges. Peace through balanced distribution of resources is therefore reality! With this knowledge, it is now our responsibility to bring about the changes that we want to see on this blue planet.

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