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The message is very simple, the man him self is part of the Creator, and this is the eventual understanding of the teachings. When you are part of total, you are the total, you carry all the essence of it. It's you who decide to what limit you want the essence to manifest itself. When you stand and look at totality, you have to be impartial to every aspect, be it, the way you've been brought up, the way you were educated, because by being impartial, just look at everything else, you don't need to defend position. And not defending a position you don't spend energy, but you add to the energy because from what you learn. Knowledge, if you ever understood, is sharing part of the Soul of the man who gave you the knowledge. This is what man has not understood in most of the work of this culture. When you read something from Einstein, when you read something from Edison, when you read something from Tesla, when you read something from da Vinci, when you read it, it's just a reading, but when you understand the reading, you'll receive part of the Soul of the man. That's how you elevated yourself. Reading a knowledge and understanding it, doesn't matter what it is, it's receiving from the Soul of the man because he had so much to give, now you receive it, and then if you can use it, you have elevated yourself to his level. And a lot of people don't understand this. Enlightenment is part of the field of the Universe. It's you who decide how, at what level you get enlightened, and then this is the process of the progress of the maturity of the Soul of the Man. Please try to understand the whole knowledge, it makes it easier to teach. As it's there we learn, we know. Don't target and try to achieve, target and try to understand. But understand on the way the totality, not just focus on one thing. It says "You can attend a class, it doesn't mean you're gonna learn anything."

M.T. Keshe