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Basics for the production and processing of GANS
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In order to expand knowledge around the whole topic of GANS, the "Basics of production and processing of GANS" provide a compact overview.


CH3 GANS box setup: The setup here on the picture with led is the best option to produce a very good quality of GANS. [For emergency situatons only (lower quality): If there is no led to connect the wires, you can use two Nano-coated Copper wires and twist them counterclockwise together. If you don't have Nano-coated Copper wires, you have to use one led!

On the left side of the picture bedsides or below, you have in the 5% Salt water solution the Nano-coated Copper plate and on the right side the with Zinc galvanized Iron plate. It's connected with Nano-coated Copper wire and an Copper wire, also with a led between. Alternatively, chicken wire can also be used, which is also made of galvanized iron. (The cut ends should protrude out of the water, otherwise the iron will immediately interact with the cut end). Plates, coils or chicken mash should hand ca. 2cm above the ground and 4 to 7cm away from each other. At the CH3 GANS production current can be used.

At first the Zinc, from the with Zinc galvanized Iron pate will interact with the Nano-coated Copper and like in the CO2 production, CO2 GANS and the Amino Acid of it will be produced. After a few days, depending on the whole setup and environment, the reddish/brown CH3 GANS production will be start and visible. You can let the creamy white CO2 GANS sediments inside and allow them to be mixed up with the reddish/brown CH3 GANS sediments (CAUTION: never drink GANS or touch with any part of the body).

Required Materials

Green led: Anode (+) / Cathode (-)
  • Plastic box
  • Clean water
  • Salt
  • Green led
  • Nano-coated Copper wire
  • Copper wire
  • Nano-coated Copper plate or coil
  • Iron plate or coil galvanized with Zinc (or chicken mesh)
Complete explanation of the creation of CO2 and CH3 GANS (English)

CH3 GANS Uses/Application

CH3 GANS-water will strongly energize the body and is nutritious. For instance, 8 drops of CH3 GANS-water combined with 1 drop of ZnO GANS-water and 1 drop of CO2 GANS-water will yield the following results: The plasmatic fields of CH3 GANS-water gives energy to the body while the plasmatic fields of the ZnO GANS-water support the nervous system. The plasmatic fields of the CO2 GANS-water acts on muscles and the nervous system. The carbon within CH3 and CO2 GANS-waters release energy while the Hydrogen of the CH3 GANS-water and the oxygen of CO2 GANS-water combine to provide moisture, which is needed in the body. The energy of the Hydrogen of the CH3 GANS-water becomes food for the body. The ZnO GANS-water supports nerve connections that are needed to assimilate energy into the body. To assure the application is effective, always add one drop of Amino Acid of each type of GANS to your drop mixture. The Amino Acid builds up on the top of the Salt water solution during the production of each of the GANS (see Amino Acids).

Every time you want to apply CH3 GANS liquid as food you must add Amino Acids. The Amino Acids tell the body that the energy is provided for the body. The GANS and the Amino Acids are created within the same container and therefore have an inner connection regarding their inner structure. This inner connection is necessary for the fields of the GANS and its information, which are available within the GANS-water and the Liquid Plasma, to be transferred to the molecules of the cells of a living body. Procedures are topics of present and future research. CH3 GANS is also necessary for technical energy production.

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