Burns Mitigation with CO2

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Testimonials: Burns Mitigation with CO2 Liquid Plasma


While living at Carmen Ferrera, she and her parents were refugees from Cuba. As a matter of perspective, Carmen’s parents were once invited to Raule Castro’s wedding shortly after the takeover of Cuba by the Fidel Castro. They obviously refuse to go and became on the bad side of Fidel. She later in life became an important business executive for UPS. Yes UPS, the shipping company we all so love when they bring packages to our doorstep.

As Barbara and I resided in Carmen’s house she became aware of the Keshe water I had produced prior to coming to her house. Some three weeks prior to the main incident she had burned herself on her stove, the kind that you don’t see or feel the burners, was still very hot from a recent cook. She had bent down to give something with her right hand to her cat and at the same time leaned on the stove with her left arm to be able to pull herself back up. Being a little older at that age we seek any possible advantage to pull ourselves up. As you can imagine when she realizes, that stove was still hot it was too late. Before she was able to react to the flesh underneath her arm was severely compromised.

Some four hours later we returned from working at our new house, actually, it was very old and needed a lot of renovation. A total makeover. Upon seeing her in pain and the two-and-a-half-inch diameter damage on the underside of her arm I thought and told her that I had some water that will mitigate that burning feeling. We applied the water on her gauze that she had originally put on her arm to protect it. Though it could not reverse the four hours of damage that the initial burn had created it gave quick relief. At the time I had no idea how much it had done.


Some three weeks later she was cooking a large pot of old chicken eggs that were going to the pigs. After the water came to a boil for thirty minutes she attempted to lift the pot to drain it. Unfortunately, it bumped against the edge and spilled boiling water towards her. As she tried to avoid the water the right leg she was pushing off receive the boiling water. Being in excruciating pain, though she is as tuff as nails, she pulled her slacks off of her immediately she said. Seeing the beginnings of her skin blistering she called us to ask if she could use our water. Barbara immediately told her “Yes, of course!”.

Three hours later we return to find her in shorts and she proudly indicated that the water had worked and showed us a reddish mark on her leg the size and shape of the State of Illinois. She began to slap the area with her hand to indicate that there was no pain left and the damage had been reduced to only a red mark on her skin. The redness eventually went away in two to three weeks. The initial event on her arm is still visible as a dark area. Those four hours of continuing damage could not be reversed.

Some four weeks later I interview her to make sure that the details were correct, and to be assured that there was no misunderstanding of the event. She was wearing a pair of light slacks that would absorb instantly any water applied to it. This would give full penetration of the boiling water. Ooouch.


She had dipped the gauze in the CO2 GANS liquid plasma water and applied it to the burnt area of the leg. By the time she overcame the awkwardness of the installation, the pain had been dissipated to the point that she could touch her leg once more. She estimated that to be five to ten minutes. The water had felt cool to the touch and started to pull the heat out of the skin instantly upon contact. She had kept the gauze on her leg for more than three hours to make sure that the water could give all its healing properties.

This is all the fact as close as the truth I can ascertain. I got the idea when a Keshe French student had indicated that he had put the same water on a sunburn and had had great results. That’s where I understood that it could help with Carmen’s burn on the first incident. Her initiative for the second event was all hers. My only regret is that we did not take any before and after pictures of the incident to make a visual record. At the same time, it would be embarrassing to ask a 70-year-old woman to pull up her skirt so that I could take a picture of her beautiful leg.

I could only hope that every family in the world could understand this principle of the power of the liquid plasma waters and incorporated in their daily lives. Upon sharing this above story to my sister, she reminded me of when my younger brother was three to five or so. He had pulled a pot off the stove of boiling water onto himself and the water had burned his head and face. He bearded the scars of the damage for quite some time. In the remembrance of him and his incident, I would wish that every mother could have the maturity to act in such a way that could turn such an incident into a more pleasant memory.

Lots of Love, Jacques Varin - Tue December 13th [[]]