Better sleep patterns after using patches

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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times September 2018


"When I had my pain in the back, in the hip, because I covered the whole body, so from the back, basis of the back to the neck and in front the same. And I have seen that normally in the earlier years it was always the same thing; the older you get it’s quite normal that you have to go up one time in the night to go to the toilet.

So, then you can’t sleep anymore the whole night. Your sleep is interrupted, you have to get up. And then I worked with the GANS patches and I felt I do not go to the toilet in the night anymore. But then I have maybe one year I didn’t need to do anything, and I felt that it was coming back a little bit. So again, once in the night I had to go up and after I put these GANS patches on my back and in front.

I realized again I can sleep the whole night without getting up. The sleep is not more interrupted, and I can sleep the whole night without having to get up one single time." - From P.S.