Become the hummingbird of the space

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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times March 2019

by Keshe Foundation. Based on 265th Knowledge Seekers Workshop.

Look at these birds and look at the man. We go shopping and we buy clothes. There are no shops for a bird to change clothes. They go through the evolution to fit the environment they are in, or what it needs to make them separate. When man goes to space, there are no supermarkets and nowhere that, “today I want to go with this fashion and that fashion”. 

I presume after a few years we give up on clothing, because they will be rags, and secondly do we want to get to that to space? Or do we train ourselves to adapt ourselves? 

It is the man who has to decide his position, and what he wants to see, and what he wants to close his eyes to. What he wants to see through the eye of the soul of the man. These will come to play a lot for us, in a very near future.

Have a look at this bird and then see, you decide, is it the soul of the bird, or how fast is it changing? Is it the light? Even, let's say, even if it is not real, is man going to be like this, now that we understand the operation of the soul? Do we see the physical change of color, or did this bird manage to touch us, through our soul? If this bird can do such a thing, what about us? 

Now that we understand the operation of the soul of the man and the need - look at the color. 

I go to Africa, I want to be black, nobody knows I am white, that I am one of them and I can live in their environment. I go to China, I want to look Chinese. I go to the beautiful land of Iran, I want to be suntanned, and be able to enjoy the language.

Can I, by changing my color, learn a new language automatically? Or I attach my soul to a someone who speaks the language, and I can speak? 

These are not fairy tales anymore. In the coming time, I start teaching how to progress, how to develop these things. At this point of time we are developing our people to understand. If this bird can switch colors so fast, does it do it through its soul, or does it do it through its emotion? 

What is important is not just one part changes, many parts instantaneously change. The body color changes, the head color changes. If you look in some detail, the feature of the bird changes too. Is it camera? 

Is not. It is the soul. This is the feature it needs, to be on this planet. The next phase is, when is on Mars, or when is on Saturn. 

We have a very wrong understanding of the space flight. At this moment of time, no one has taken their clothes off, of the spacesuit, and traveled in the space. Nobody has taken that plunge yet. But, if we understand the process, can man do this? 

We are not a solid matter, we are dynamic. We are made of dynamic plasma. 

How long would it take us to change, physically?

We say we need oxygen to breathe, we need water to survive. In plasma technology we have shown we do not need oxygen, we need the energy to be transferred into our lungs, that it can keep the blood activated, that it can circulate. How fast would we mutate? Or are we always locked into this planet and to a spacesuit, or a spaceship?

Would the development of new space technology, coming out on the back of the Iranian scientists, on the back of the Chinese scientists, on the back of the other scientists around the world. The first time we tried, we were too naive, and too scared. We sent the dog up first and then we sent monkeys next. 

Now that we have opened the dimension of understanding of the work of the space, through plasma technology, would we let a dog or a rat outside the spaceship and see how they survive? Would they survive? We have not lost anything in the depth of the space. Or does our soul take a new dimension and evolve immediately, to respond to the space like this bird? 

We are afraid that ‘when I freeze’. We are afraid because we put something out, it might die. Sooner or later space agencies will open this door. This will open our eyes to the capabilities of human body, to the capabilities of the conversion and the evolution instantaneously to a different level of the strength of the soul of the man, or the animal. 

This will show us, if like this bird we can instantaneously change, that we do not need to breath. We are afraid if that string which is in that clothes, we are attached to the space lab goes, what is going to happen to us. 

We have not tried to see, we can survive in the depth of the space. It will come. Somebody by accident, or something by accident, or space travelers will indicate that. Will bring it out to us. Would we evolve so fast? Not changing the color, but the way we were born out of the beautiful womb of a mother, and we changed from a life of a fish inside the water of the womb, to become an air-breathing instantaneously. Would we evolve into the new dimension? It is our fear holding us back or we need time to evolve gradually into the new space? The answer is yes, we will evolve instantaneously, because the body of the man is dynamic, in plasma condition. 

When we lose our fear, then our soul - our soul of physicality - our physical dimension of the plasma, will take over. We can create as much vacuum space as we like, and put someone in and see they explode, they expand. 

That would not happen in depth of the space. Would we come to the point that we work through our soul, than the soul of physicality? Would our soul create a protection for the physical body, to stay protected that it does not need a suit? 

As we enter in a coming time, building the first international space group, we will have to handle this. In the next few months, in the first meetings of these space organizations, there is a need for change. How much of this life we have created is a physical fear and not the truth about the real life of the body of the man, or the animal? 

We got to understand, at the moment, there is a number of problems with our flight system in the space. Because we cannot create gravitational-magnetic field to be stationary, we are travelling at huge speeds and if you throw something out you have other dimensions which come into it. 


With the new space technology, where you can create gravitational-magnetic field and be stationary in the space, you do not need to chase, or to run in the fear of you not coming back. It gives the world of science a new dimension, that we can go for a walk. 

We can stand still and put outside things. Things will not fly the way we see, suddenly flying away from the Space Lab. Because it is a space lab which moves them behind, it is not them running away.

The whole new space technology will create new conditions for us. When we can stay stationary somewhere, let's say between the Moon and the Earth, and we can open the door and walk out, there is no rapid flow. 

Would the space of time allow us to go through the evolution of the soul of the man, that we can accept the new condition? Man has shown many times going to rapid evolution when there is the need for it, and this time will not be any different.

Then it comes to the point of: do we have the right to test our own evolution in the depth of the space? We send the dog, we send the monkey, Chinese sent their rat, the Iranians sent something else. We have always been scared to be in front, and we are very brave.


Who? Which one of us is going to take that step to walk in the open space, and like this bird await the instantaneous conversion of the soul of the man to protect the man? 

If we see the dog can convert, how does it do it? He cannot teach us. Ask this bird 'how do you do it?' He cannot teach you but is in essence of his soul. How does it change chemicals in the feather, or it is the essence of the soul, which creates the condition to the eye of the beholder? 

Going back to the teaching of the past and knowing where the work of the Keshe Foundation is coming to, in the coming time. Which one of us is prepared to go through the evolution of the soul of man? 

This is real. You cannot build the machine for it. You cannot condition it that it will be there. You cannot make it on Earth. It is a jump in a pool of universe, you sink, or you swim. But even if you die physically, your soul is free. Will it take a new dimension and unfreeze you from their cage of the physicality of the man? 

Because you do not die. Now the body, this shape has frozen, but the soul cannot freeze It has no dimension to freeze. Would you end up to be a plasma, or would you end up to take a new shape in front of everybody else? Or, you change to something and we pull you back in, and you become a human again? 

These are the realities, which the man of space will face very rapidly. Do we need millions of years to go through evolution, or we leave the physical evolution away, done with, and we go through the transformation of existence of the environment, in respect to the soul of the man, at the point of manifestation? The process of the space technology in the next phase, will force us to test. Are we going to have discussions on morality? Are we going to have the discussion on what is right or wrong? Or are we going to have a condition - let's test it and see.

In our world, in the universal travel, we have no spacesuit for the soul. And then what happens when the soul of the man has to deal with the existence of a body, as you think you might freeze, and where would it go? Would it convert it, or would he work through it? And as every cell of the man is dynamic, we will go through the motion of conversion. 

We all know the emotion of fear and how our heartbeat goes up, our body sweats, we shiver, we breathe different to adjust into what is built up in the body of the man for that moment. But we have never tested the condition of no air, for the existence of the soul. Would the soul convert automatically the body to take energy from the space, without anything else? Or is there enough energy in the space, in certain points that it suits us. Is like, you can swim in some places and you cannot do (in other), because it is dangerous, it is too rough. 

Would you find environments in the space, that it just suits the energy of our life to feed our soul, and we are walking, and it is fantastic? Maybe we get the wings, maybe we find gravitational-magnetic evolution, like the way our soul of physicality lives with the soul of the man, and find a position? Then, this bird teaches us a lot. Actually, it tells us how backwards the mankind is compared to such a little thing. 

If we take this bird with us, that is changing so fast the color. Would he be the best candidate to take with us, and let's see how he changes? Would it float, or would it suddenly start making new colors and new noise. 

Do we need to take the partner with it? With love of the partner, interacting, will both stay alive, that they feed each other to confirm their existence, and their love for each other? 

It is not like on Earth, that you write to somebody 'I love you' and you get no response back. There is the love of the soul and you know if your partner is in love with you. This is that simple!


What we call CIBRU - China, Iran, Brazil, Russia, India, and United State - Space Agencies in plasma, will work as the first organization to test these things. The structure for it has been set. And then would it be an American who takes the first step? Or, Iranians are more proud to see we are the first one? Or, we will get six of the Six Nations walking together as one? And would the love of one hold the others to stay alive in the dimension of the soul? 

Would we see the change, the way we see a child born from the womb of the mother, as a swimmer, as a fish, to a walking man and breeding? Is there a hidden system in the physicality of the man, which is there for this position? 

The way we change with one breath from a fish to air-breathing, would we change from air to soul breathing? 

These things are on our reach. One of us, or some of us will test it. And if we fail the first time, would we develop technologies that we can create conditioning of the transformation of the soul of the man, and the physicality of the man through dimension of the space? 

We cannot leave the life, the way we do, that we have to take, when we go camping, the food, the 

water, the bed, and everything else in the space. We will run out very soon. 

In the Plasma Science and Technology, in the Keshe Foundation laboratories, and a lot of you at home, have developed different ways of energy transfer, and other things. We are creating new systems gradually taking you through it. But at that point, it is the last man standing. It is you who have to make a decision - that this is not committing suicide, this is committing to a new life - detachment from physicality. It is a big difference. When you commit suicide, you end. When you become detached, you start a new life, without a fear to it. 

Would the cycle of the soul of the man go through that transition? Many races in the space have done and they have succeeded. Many races out of the fear failed, until they gain confidence that “I can live through my soul”. 

Many races, at this moment, are going through the transition. For us to go from a beautiful color of a black skin from Africa, to become the beautiful yellow skin of Chinese, to the wonderful color of the color of the Iranian, brownish, and then to the white - it has taken us thousands of years of evolution. 

Would we learn like this bird, that we can change color instantaneously, and with it, it shows our emotion? What does this bird say? “I am in love, I am looking for a partner” - why do you think he does it? And another partner, who has the same soul strength says: “I am here, come and catch me, we do it together”. 

With the color, he signals the soul. Then mankind has to get ready for this transformation. Mankind has no choice. We have put mankind in that direction.

But you have got to understand, there should be no fear, as in the time of “dream”, as you call it, your soul always takes these steps and travels without the dimension of physicality. 

I think you have your answer. I think the Iranian Mozhans, and the Americans, and the Russians, and the Indians, and the Brazilians, and the Chinese will walk out with pride, and stay within the dimension, which one, whichever decides. Because we do it in the time of dream, which means our soul travels the dimension of this universe without the physicality. We leave the physical body in the bed. 

Those of you who had doubts in it, I think you got your answer. This bird has come home to roost. We are here and if you listen to all my teachings, especially since last March-May, I prepared you for this day. 

Many of you ask: 'Where is my soul? How can I find it?' What would be the transition? 

These are not anymore: “if”s, “maybe”, “when”, “not my time”; with the new dimension of space technology, gravitational-magnetic fields, which is coming into operation, with especially what I see is coming from the health units, the Plasma Field Units, the new systems, which will replace and literally eliminate drugs, you will see this. 

Is not “might be”, it is already here. 

How are you going to handle the operation of your soul? You try to find it, you ask “Where is my soul?” How do you come to face the detachment?