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The Intention

The intention and our emotions play a very important role in every part of the Plasma Technology. It is important, to be in peace within us and our environment (family, friends, working colleagues,...) and reaching the point of a most possible balanced life, without fears, anger, or other negative emotions, which consume our energy.

With this we can fully concetrate our attention on the intention, reason, purpose, wish, or aim of making GANSes and that should bring peace in all respects back to humanity.

So if we want to begin to setup a system, no matter if its GANS, a Star Formation, a Magrav or whatever, we should be in balance and have a very clear visible picture in us, what we want to achieve with it. What can help us, is to clearly write down our intention, why we are doing it and what should be achieved with it. So in the process of the creation, we can always remember and focus our attention on it.

Especially in the area of Neutron GANSes or when when we work in groups, it is very important that the whole group has the same Intention. When the Intention in a group isn't clear, Mr Keshe would say, we gonna create a "mayhem" out of it.

If we have this "basic settings" done, we can start with our GANS production or project.

The 4 main GANSes and Amino Acids

The first step before we start making GANSes, is the Nano-coating. Our basic GANSes are CO2, ZnO, CuO and CH3. The Amino Acids of each GANS are very important too.

Required materials

  • Plastic container
  • (Distilled) water
  • Unrefined, natural sea or rock salt (or pharmaceutical NaCl for Health applications)
  • Nano-coated Copper (Zinc) wires for connecting the metals
  • Nano-coated Copper plates or coils (for ZnO GANS a Nano-coated Zinc plate is used)
  • Various uncoated metal plates (Zinc for CO2 and ZnO, Copper for CuO and Iron galvaniced with Zinc for CH3)

CO2 GANS / Basic Box setup

CO2 GANS box setup.jpg


The (plastic) box is the basic for creating every GANS production of the 4 main GANSes (Picture below). It basicaly filled up with 5% Salt-water. This Salt content has proven to be very well for all basic applications.The plates should hang around 80% in the water and 2 cm above the bottom of the box. The mounted holder wires on the picture, should be placed at least 0.5 cm over the water. (Especially the non Nano-coated Copper wire should not touch the water, because it can have the unwanted effect on the production, that CuO GANS is made too). The two connection wires, get connected with an green led. The longer pole (+) gets connected with the Nano-coated Copper plate and the shorter pole (-) gets connected in this case of a CO2 production, with the not Nano-coated Zinc plate connection wire.

When we speak about CO2 GANS, there is everytime a amount of ZnO in it too. The use of a green led, to connect the connecting cables allows a high yield of CO2 in the ratio 90:10 to ZnO and the GANS looks creamy white.The ZnO cannot be eliminated completely from the GANS mixture when creating CO2 GANS, but this is of no consequence. (There is also the opportunity to make it without led, but the the ratio of CO2/ZnO GANS is then 20:80. So more ZnO GANS.)

[In the other GANS productions (ZnO, CuO, CH3) other combinations of plates are used and for the case, you don't have Copper wires or Zinc wires, or Nano-coated wires, it should not stop you, using that, what you have. It's just fine tuning for a very propper GANS. By CO2 GANS, a led is important for preferably high yield of CO2, but if you don't have it, you can also twist the two connection wires just counter clockwise together, as at the other GANS productions too. For CO2 do not use additional electricity.]


ZnO GANS box setup.jpg


For producing Zinc GANS we use a Nano-coated Zinc plate and a normal Zinc plate and connect it with wires and a led between. Some use current for this production. On the surface of the water Amino Acids are created, which get collected seperatly. Only for this GANS, we use instead of a (Nano-coated) Copper wire a (Nano-coated) Zinc wire. The connection wire (Nano-coated Zinc) from the Nano-coated Zinc plate is connected with the + pole of the led and the - pole of the led, is connected with the Zinc wire to the Zinc plate.


CuO GANS box setup.jpg


For CuO use a Nano-coated Copper plate and a not Nano-coated Copper plate and you can use Copper wires or Nano-coated Copper wires to connect it with an led between. If you use current for producing the GANS, its too much and you have to use an air pump too.


CH3 GANS box setup.jpg

Kf Wiki: CH3 GANS

On the left side you have the Nano-coated Copper plate and on the right side the with Zinc galvanized Iron plate. It's connected with Nano-coated Copper wire and an Copper wire, also with a led. Current can be used.

At first the Zinc, from the with Zinc galvaniced Iron pate will interact with the Nano-coated Copper and like in the CO2 production, CO2 GANS and the Amino Acid of it will be produced. After a few days, depending on the whole setup and environment, the redish/brown CH3 GANS production will be start and visible.

Harvesting GANS and Amino Acids

How To Harvest GANS Amino Acids

The first thing you should do after you have finished your GANS prduction, is to harvest the Amino Acids from the GANS collection container. The Amino Acid is created during the GANS production process and floats at the surface of the Salt water solution. They look and feel oily (do not touch them with your hands). Amino Acids are organic and the the common denominators on our planet Earth and the whole atmosphere/magnetosphere, which means that we are connected through it. So they are very important for the connection to our Devices and Applications or to our body and any living beeing.

The layer of amino acids, resting on the surface of the salt solution, is quite thin and therefore difficult to collect. If you use a syringe or eye dropper (pipette) you will collect a quantity of salt water along with the acids. Therefore, it is recommended to use a small spoon or glass rod. Touch the acids with the rod or spoon; the acids will stick to either. Very suitable is a plastic spoon and even better, a nano-coated plastic spoon. Or, in the case of have nothing else, you can use a sheet of paperboard or plastic wrap too. Pour the Amino Acid into a own glas. You can use a syringe with (destilled) water to wash it down from the spoon or you have already water in a glas and and swirl the spoon and with Amino Acid in the water to dissolve it.

With practice, you will learn how to easily harvest the amino acids.

Store harvested Amino Acids in liquid form, or you can dry them (if you use a paperboard to collect acids, drying is a favourable option). After drying, store the Amino Acid powder in a small clean sealed container and label your container (e.g. Amino Acids of CO2 GANS).

Once the harvesting of the amino acids is complete, you can wash the GANS that has been collected in your GANS container (see GANS Washing).

How To Wash GANS

GANS can be washed out completely, but it doesn't has to be necessarily. It's depending on the use of it. If we want use GANS for plants, salinity is maybe not advantageous. If you want to use it in a Health Application like a Patch, the salt can support the connection to the body.


  • GANS settles at the bottom of the collection container. Without disturbing the GANS, pour off/remove the Salt water solution resting above the newly created GANS.
  • If you disturb the GANS and it begins to mix into the Salt water, let it settle before attempting to remove more of the the Salt water. (Some GANSes settle down faster, some slower. A safe time would be 24 hours, but you also can wait longer)
  • When you have removed most of the Salt water, remove the GANS from the container (you will remove some salt water as well) and place it in a lidded glass jar.
  • Allow the GANS to settle at the bottom of the jar and then pour off/remove as much Salt water as possible.
  • Fill this GANS glass jar with distilled water and seal it.
  • Allow the GANS to settle at the bottom of the glass jar and pour off/remove as much of the water above the GANS as possible without disturbing the GANS.
  • Refill the GANS glass jar with distilled water and seal it.
  • Allow the GANS to settle at the bottom of the glass jar and pour off/remove as much of the water above the GANS as possible without disturbing the GANS.

Repeat this process (pouring off/removing the water above the GANS; refilling the jar with distilled water; let settle, pour off, etc.) at least 6 to 10 times. This process washes the Salt out of the GANS.

Alternately: You can opt to use GANS collection containers that have spouts at the bottom. You can then open the spout and collect GANS (and some Salt water) negating the need to pour off/remove the Salt water from above the GANS in the collection container. Find a method that works for you.

Helpful: You can also use a ppm-meter, to measure the salinity. It shows you how many parts (particles) per million are in the water. Destilled water has very less amounts of measurable particles in it (1-20ppm), depending on, how it is made or where it is bought. So if you have a salinity of 5% in it, the value of ppm will be let`s say 754 ppm. So if you start washing it out, the ppm level will permanently decrease with it and if you reach the ppm level of the destilled water, you have washed out the salt fully.

(Mixing of the Amino Acids with GANS before washing)

Also there is the opportunity, that you mix up the GANS and the Amino Acids without harvesting it individually beforehand. It depends on what you want to do with it later. If you need exact measurements for your projects or protocols, its not usefull, but if you have less equipment and opportunities it should not stop you doing it. If you want to do it that way, you have to remove the water level between the GANS and the Amino Acids as much as possible, wihout removing much of the GANS and Amino Acids. You can do it with a syringe or hose or be creative in ideas of doing it.

If you have done so and there is nearly only GANS and Amino Acid anymore, you can mix it up with a spoon, or better would be with a (electronical) stirrer. So you have already mix up both important parts for creating the connection to the GANS. You don't have to wash the Salt necessarily out, depending on the purpose of the GANS. Salt is for example a important connector to our body or organs too, which have also a specific salinity. If you still want to wash the Salt out, mix it maybe a few days long again and again, then fill water in it again and follow the steps at "How to wash GANS"

GANS-water filled in bottles

How to Make GANS Water

Drying of the GANS on top of the heating

After the Salt has been washed out of the GANS, store the GANS in distilled water in a sealed container.

Shaking the sealed container mixes the GANS with the distilled water. The GANS will quickly settle at the bottom of the container, however, the Magnetical/Gravitational fields of the GANS will transfer and mix with the field strength of the distilled water, energizing the water.

After shaking the container, for best energetic results, let the container sit for 24 hours allowing the water to absorb the Mag/Grav fields of the GANS.

The water is now charged/energized with the field properties of the GANS. Now the GANS water (water sitting above the GANS in the jar) can be used for various applications.

When you remove GANS water from the GANS storage container for application purposes, ensure that you take ONLY the clear water from the container. DO NOT take GANS from the container unless you need it for a specific application.

Every time you remove clear GANS water from the container, pour distilled water into the container to refill it, seal it and let is stand for at least 24 hours before using the GANS water for application purposes.

The GANS will continue to energize the water within the container limitlessly.

How To Make Liquid Plasma

Every type of GANS water can produce a respective “Liquid Plasma” (Plasma-water).To produce Liquid Plasma, with a syringe or an eye dropper (pipette), take a few drops of GANS water and place them into a container of distilled water.

The GANS water information will be transferred from the drops to the volume of distilled water instantly, especially if the mixture is stirred or shaken. For stirring, create a stirrer from a nano-coated copper coil wrapped around a glass rod. The turbulences creates vortexes within the water which act like energetic amplifiers (similar to the procedure in homeopathy).

If you do not have a nano-coated stirrer you can use any stirrer, like a spoon or a rod or even a blender to stir the mixture.

Keshe calls the mixture of distilled water + the drops of GANS water “liquid plasma.”

If you produce liquid plasma from GANS water for internal use (to drink), you can put the GANS water drops (or ml, teaspoon, soup spoon) directly into your drinking water. In this case you should not stir the drinking water with a nano-coated stirrer; use a normal spoon.

Optional: Drying the GANS with a fan

How To Dry GANS

GANS can be used in a moist or solid state. You can store GANS in distilled water, keeping it moist, or you can remove it from the distilled water and dry it into a solid powder. In the end, the properties of the GANS remains intact in either state. For health application we most often use GANS water.

Sometimes dried GANS is preferable for a particular application. When drying GANS the aim is to do it naturally to gently withdraw moisture from the GANS. Under no circumstances is GANS to be dried by heating it over an open fire or on a stove top. The more natural the drying process, the better. It is possible to speed the drying process by putting the moist GANS on top of a heating radiator or heating vent, or by placing the GANS near a lamp that has a heat producing bulb. If crystals form during the drying process, this is an indication that the GANS was not washed thoroughly during the GANS washing process. The crystals are likely salt crystals. During the drying process the GANS will turn to a paste, and after more hours pass it will turn to a powder.

Haemoglobin GANS

Plasma Times Oct 2018 - Haemoglobin GANS and the creation of life
Haemoglobin GANS is made in the process of a CH3 Production, where at first CO2 GANS appears. As soon as the Amino Acid layers of the CO2 production appear, a rosty Iron plate is put in. The Amino Acids, which are the connection to our physical body connect with the Plasma state to the GANSes and the "blood" as the Haemoglobin GANS is called, is running down the Iron plate to the ground and coloring the before appeared creamy white GANSes out of the CO2 production and then the organge GANSes out of the CH3 production. In the first 4-5 days around and under the rosty Iron the pure Haemoglobin GANS is made, so you can collect it. (After a longer time, the GANS mixes up with the CH3 GANS and it's not pure anymore.)

There is a connection through the physical body and the emotion of the Haemoglobin. What is amazing, if that rosty Iron is added to the CH3; this comes from Mr Keshe and if you experience it, you can confirm it; the isotops of CH3 in combination with this rosty Iron, meet the Zinc. So you have the connection there from CH3, Iron with Zinc, which means you have made the connection between the body and the emotions.

As soon as you add this Haemoglobin GANS for example in the center of the Copy Machine (e.g. Food Replication Unit), you really feel connected. This is something which Mr Keshe mentioned, when you produce this GANS you are in the process of creating the body soul. This is something what we feel and this is also something what we are experiencing with the Neutron GANSes connecting all together. Connecting the Neutron GANSes with a Nano-coated Copper inside, with the Iron with the CH3 with the Amino Acids, in order to make the full connection to the soul.


Haemoglobin GANS production rusty nail and the "blood"
Haemoglobin GANS production rusty nail and the "blood"

What you see on the picture below, is on the left the Nano-coated Copper plate, on the right is galvanized Iron and (additionally) a Zinc plate was putted between. It is connected the standard way, like the Nano-coated plate with the non Nano-coated plate with a led. [One time it`s connected from the Nano plate to the Zinc plate and one time Nano plate to the Zinc/Iron mesh and if you connect it like this way, you see that the CO2 (Nano-coated plate / Zinc/Iron mesh) production starts .] Than you see this beautyfull Amino Acids appearing. In this production 0.9% salinity was used. Normaly we use 5%, but Mr Keshe said, try to use the Amniotic Fluid in the wom of a mother when a baby is born. As soon the Amino Acid appears, you can add an rosty Iron plate in it between. This is a CH3 production. The Amino Acids are very beautyfull. They are very powerfull, what we feel when fill up the Copy Machine and they are the connection to our body. Here is now what Mr Keshe said, when we give in the rusty Iron plate into the CH3 production. It's touching the Amino Acids at the surface and it connects the Amino Acids, which is our physical body, goes down and connects to the GANSes at the bottom. It connects the matter state with the plasmatic state. After a while you see than really blood drops running down. At the bottom you see an area where its really dark red and around it it mixes up with the CH3 production. Everythink goes very very slowly, because there is only 0.9% salinity. This Amino Acid layer took only 1.5 to 2 weeks that it appears an than the connection between the Iron at the bottom was made. Than you really see it running down like blood drops. You are really connected with it emotionaly with the blood and you literally feel, how the connection takes place between the physical and the Plasmatic. These are the Amino Acids you can use after it in the Copy Machine. Without them nothing works.When you put the Iron Plate in it takes 3-5 hours that you see on the surface of the Iron Plate the drops and than you see them run down to the bottom. You can literally watch them and at the end of the Iron plate they are touching the GANSes. This is what Mr Keshe explained, when the Iron from the CH3 production meets the Iron from the rosty Iron plate and the isotopes of it touch the Zinc. With this Isotopes we always make the connection and this connection we can feel in this process, we can see how it works. We have the Iron here from the rusty plate and we have the Iron here from the CH3 production and both combined together with the Plasma Knowledge tells us, that there is made a connection to the Zinc. This is the place when we are using this Haemoglobin really strong, that you can connect your body with the emotions. Haemoglobin represents the blood, which flows through the hole body an so it can be used in Patches and everything else.

Methods of making all other GANSes

Caustic (NaOH) Method

It's a matter of fact, that you can make the GANS of anything that you can find in your environment. Food (bred, herbs, fruits,...), pills, vitamines or anything, what is available to you. Be aware that you are responsible for what you make GANS out of!

Please follow these steps:

1. Preperation of the substance:

  • Food: Cut the food or whatever, into small pieces. The smaller the better. You can use a grinder/crusher too.
  • Capsules: Open the pill/vitamin capsule
  • Tablets: Crush a hard tablet into a powder

(The substance should be more or less absolutly dry, because if you add in the next step Caustic to it, it will instantly interact with the possible liquid and influence the outcome. For liquids in generall use the Method with CO2 GANS, or Replication Units.)

2. Preperation of the Ingredient / Caustic proportions

After you have the dry substance and the Caustic (NaOH) ready, we can go out from a basic mixing ratio 1:1. For this we can measure it by the weight or by the volume. For exampe 1 gram Caustic and 1 gram of the substance, or ¼ teespoon (tsp. of Caustic and ¼ tsp. of the substance. Give both in a mixing cup or container that can be tightly sealed.

(Measuring the weight with a scale is of course more exact. Depending on the substance the ratio can be 2:1, to completly transform the substance into the Nano-state in the next step. Be aware, that smaller amounts of Caustic (and the substance) are less dangerous in the next step.)

3. Starting the hot Caustic-/Nano-coating process

Make sure, that the Caustic and the substance are mixed well in the easy sealable cup/container. Wear your safety equipment. Add in the ratio 10:1 boling water to it. For example, add 10 grams/ml water to it, if you have 0.5 gram caustic and 0.5 gram of the substance (1 gram). If you measure for example the water with a spoon, add 5 tsp. to ¼ tsp. of caustic and ¼ tsp. of the substance (0.5 tsp.). The Caustic (NaOH) will instantly beginn with the process of creating the nano-material. Quickly tightly seal the container.

(Be aware, that you maybe have to wait a little before you close the cup/container, after you have added the hot water in it, because through the Nano-coating process, the substances inside expand through heat and put presure on the cup/container. So it can blast, or open it unexpected.

4. Washing the GANS

Let the cup/container stand tightly sealed for 3-7 days, open it and wash the mixture with distilled water very carefully (see "How to wash the GANS")

5. Finishing the process

For finishing the process add some CO2 GANS and Amino Acids to the washed GANS, for example 10 ml CO2 GANS to 10, 20, or 30 ml of the food/pills/vitamines GANS (The CO2 and the Amino Acids allows a better connection to the body/organs).

(If you have for example still little pieces of food inside, or to be on the safe side, you can add a few drops of CuO into it, to make sure that it doesn't start to fertilise or mildew.

6. Finishing words

The described process of making this different GANSes, should be a guideline for you on which you can hold on too. As you see there are still some spaces free, for example in which ratio you do the Caustic and different substances. So it is up to you and your own research, how you implement the things. Be always aware of your safety!

Methods with CO2 GANS

Another, easier and safer method of creating GANS of any possible substance, is the method with CO2 GANS and Amino Acids. Here you can decide, the powders or little pieces of substances or the liquids of substances, into a running CO2-production or if you just add those substances to a already finished CO2 GANS. The process is very simple and needs to be experienced all it's opportunities, which one is better with which substances.

One well approved way is, just to add powder or peaces of food, pills, vitamins and so on, into existing, washed CO2 GANS and GANS Water and let it stand for at least 7 days. Then the GANS has included the fields of the substance and can be applied for it's purpose. It doesn't depend on the substance, if it's dry, wet, or total liquid, but if you want to make sure, that it doesn*t fertilise or mildew, you have to insert a few drops of CuO. If you have only one capsule for example, it's ok, but maybe it can be better, if you have ten, that you add all of those.

For making sure that it doesn't fertilise or mildew, you can also use the opportunity, to give the food or whatever into a teeback or coffeefilter and hang it into a running CO2 production for a few weeks. The fieldflow during the production will pull out the fields of the food and include it into the GANS. So you have no peaces of the food inside, but still it can fertilise and maybe you have to give a few drops of CuO in it too.

Another way where fermentation can be ruled out, would be, like Mr Keshe explained it in one of the KSWs, to put a box with food close over the CO2 production. So the fields can be pulled out from there into the production.

You see, the same as in the Caustic method, it's up to you and find out, what's the best opportunity. Don't for get to add the CO2 Amino Acids.

GANS made with cellwater

One other way is the GANS of the Cell water of fruits, plants and herbs, which is already Plasmafied naturally. It's used with a little Salt in it, within a CO2 GANS production. It can be collcted through a dehumidifier.

Additional information to:

(Ca) Calcium GANS

You can basically produce Calcium GANS with the Caustic (NaOH) or CO2 GANS Method or can use the Replication Units to make Calcium GANS-water.


  • Calcium pills from the pharmacy, which is Calcium Citrate. The Calcium is removed from the pills, or you use already Calcium powder and than add Caustic to it, wait a few days an than you have it.
  • The second method is making it out of cuttlefish bones, where you have two sides of this bones. One is the hard one and one the softer. Your take only the softer with a spoon out and use a mortar/grinder to shred it to a fine powder, which is basicly already in GANSes state. So you can just add it to CO2 GANS-water. (See "Methods(s) with CO2 GANS")
  • Some use this cuttlefish powder with the Caustic method, like with the Calcium Citrate.
  • Chicken bones have Calcium in it too and can be inserted in a running CO2 production

(Also you can use salts of Ca too, for producing this GANS)

(Mg) Magnesium GANS

You can basically produce Magnesium GANS with the Caustic (NaOH) or CO2 GANS Method or can use the Replication Units to make Magnesium GANS-water.


  • Pumpkin Seeds are a natural source with a lot of Magnesium (but also have other elements in it too). Look for other natural sources too.
  • Magnesium pills from the pharmacy. (Make sure you buy a good quality)

(Also you can use salts of Mg too, for producing this GANS)

Do not use Magnesium rods/plates!

(K) Potassium GANS
  • Pumpkin Seeds are a natural source with Potassium too (but also have other elements in it too). Look for other natural sources too.
  • Nutrinos from the pharmacy.

(Also you can use salts of K too, for producing this GANS)

(P) Phosphorus GANS
  • Pumpkin Seeds are a natural source with Phosphorus too (but also have other elements in it too). Look for other natural sources too.
  • A possible way is to buy naturally, organic pills, powder or liquid in the pharmacy.
Food Plasma Tower

Copy Machines / Replication Units

Plasma Food Tower

As you see on the picture at the right, this is a working and possible construct of the Plasma Food Tower, a so called Replication Unit which replicates fields. The 8 bottom containers at the bottom around, are filled with GANSes and Amino Acids (CH3, ZnO, CuO and CO2). Through them a field flow is created, which pulls out the fields oft anything what you place at the top (food, herbs, vitamines, pills,...) into a glas of CO2 GANS-water, which is standing in the middle on the bottom of the tower.

Take for example an orange and after at least one week you can already try the water, if it tastes like orange. Maybe you let it stay for one week more and you can taste a more intense taste and find out in such tests your own best duration for the replication of different substances. What is very important, are the Amino Acids of every GANS. If there aren't Amino Acids, you most likely won't have a taste of the orange in the water. Also the fields of the GANSes and Amino Acids around, are taken over by the glas of water in the middle. You can also use normal water too. The fields of the GANSes will mix with the environment fiels very fast. Don't wait more than 3-4 weeks. Use it immediately.

Plasma Feeding Station

Plasma Feeding Station

The Training Station is similar to the Plasma Food Tower, but replicates the fields from the inside to the outside, like the simply Copy Machine/Feeding Station. Inside you place e.g. food, GANSes, or whatever you want to use. Around it, the 4 main GANSes and Amino Acids are placed (CH3, ZnO, CuO, CO2) are placed. This allows you to sit around to feed, treat, or experiment and train with the feeling of the fields. (Picture beside). For exmaple you can place inside Potassium GANS, or an apple or GANS mixtures and you can experiment with these different fields in feeling it. The fields of the GANSes will mix with the environment fiels very fast. Don't wait more than 3-4 weeks. Use it immediately.


For Food GANS you can use the Caustic (NaOH), CO2 Method, or the Food Replication Units. You can feed yourself through Patches, dynamic reactors, or drink the GANS-water or Plasma-water. DO NOT DRINK THE GANS ITSELF!

GANS production flynet
GANS production flynet

Usefull and important

Quality standards and order

  • GANSes for Health applications are made witch pharmaceutical NaCl and destilled water.
  • Do not drink GANS itself or touch with it any part of the body!
  • The fields of the GANSes will mix with the environment fiels very fast. GANS-water takes longer, because the GANS delivers from the bottom continously. Don't wait more than 3-4 weeks. Make the GANS for every patient new and use it immediately. That doesn't mean that old GANS is total decreased in energy, but the save side is using fresh GANS.
  • For a well quality, make all Basic GANSes by using an LED.
  • Make sure, that the Copper plates and all other materials in the GANS production are as clean as possible. The cleaner everything is, the cleaner the GANS is and it don't contains other fields.
  • Label everything. For example if you have bottles with washed, unwashed GANS, or Amino Acids, label them or label spoons, stics, syringes to keep an necessaty order.
  • You can use flynets to cover your GANS production and protect it from insects or whatever.
  • The environment where you make the GANSes, plays an important Role. Don't place the production right next to each other and leave enough space in between. Everything whats standing around, or what is around, has more or less an effect on the production. Also you as a person, or as a soul, play an importante role, while creating your own GANS. Your soul, emotion and intention flows into the GANS.
label everything
label everything
GANS measuring syringe
GANS measuring syringe

GANS measuring with a syringe

You can use a syringe and draw it up with the GANS from the bottom. Also more or less Plasma-water is drawn up in the syringe and thats why you put the syringe up side down (picture), wait till the GANS sediments settle down and then you can exactly measure, how much GANS- (and how much Plasma-water) is in it. (We need a unified or exact method for measuring, because when we say we use 1ml than it should be 1ml.)

Ratio GANS/GANS-water in Balls

The ratio of GANS/GANS-water in the Balls is very important and as more exact it is, the better is the output.The ratio for instance in 2 balls or 2 patches is for example, if you have in the one ball 5ml of GANS-water and in the other 1ml, than the ratio is 5-1 (5 to 1).

The Amino Acids just stay on the top of the surface. You can collect them with a plastic spoon and give them in a glas, like the GANses. The best is, when the spoon is nano-coated.


For the production of GANSes you can use Sea Salt (unrifined), Rock Salt, or pur NaCl Salt. For Health Applicaitons or generall exact working, if it's possible for you, you should use (pharmaceutical) NaCL only, because its pure Sodium Chloride and contains no other ingredients, while Sea Salt or Rocksalt also contains other elements. With Pharma Salt, which is very clean NaCL, you have no other ingredients in the Salt and further not in the GANS too.

When you work with the Replication Units, it works much better with pur water or CO2 GANS-water. Do not use Salt.

You can use salts of Mg, K, Ca too, for producing GANSes, depending on the purpose of the GANS.

When you have a salinity or saltwater of 5% it means, you have 50g salt on 1L water.

You also can use a salinity meter for measuring the salt content.

Specific salinity for connecting to the body

If you want to use GANS with Patches for the body, you don't have to wash the Salt out of the GANS total. Salt is a main constituent of the body and it helps at the connection between patch and body. A salinity aroun 0.9% can make the GANS more effectiv. Also have different organs a different salinity.

GANS with Urin

Urin contains different salts of the body and is very effectiv to reconnect to the body. So you can give a few drops of your Urin into the GANS production already, or later on into the finished GANS itself and let it stand for a few days.

Resistor 150 OHM, 15-20 mA

GANS production with current, resistor, fishtank pump.

When you produce GANSes with current, it takes a little bit longer, but the quality is better.

If you need a GANS quick, you can use current/electricity, also a battery is good for it. Depending on the GANS and electricity, you have too use a fishtankpump too.

Read detailed descriptions:

CO2: If you use for example for a CO2 production a fully charged 1.5V AA battery is to much power and the CO2 gets to dark from it. So instead of it you can use a resistor, which you set in serial (150 Ohm and 15 to 20 mA) (picture besides).

ZnO: to speed up the ZnA production you can use a small amount of DC current and optional also an aerator (fish tank pump). You can also use a DC device that provides approximately 15 mA DC current between the two plates (or coils) instead of the Copper wire. The negative pole of the device is connected with to the Nano-coated Zinc and the positive pole of the device is connected to the uncoated Zinc. If you use a current you can use an aerator (fish tank pump) to provide additional Oxygen to the Salt water solution.

CH3: Unlike the production of CO2 GANS, you can use a very small amount of DC current and a fish tank pump (aerator) to speed the production process, but the pump is not mandatory. At first, there will be a reaction between Zinc and Nano-coated Copper, after a while, the reaction between Iron and nanocoated copper starts. You can use a common, adjustable DC device, which produces current of approximately 15 mA between the two metal plates instead of the connection of a Copper wire. If you do, the negative pole of the device is attached to the Nano-coated Copper coil or plate and the positive pole of the device is connected to the iron. You could also use a 1.5 V battery as power source. If you use any kind of current you should aerate the Salt solution with a small fish tank pump. It will only take a few hours to produce a reddish brown layer of CH3 GANS at the bottom of the container. To get a better result, you can mount a coil of a PC fan between the two plates instead of a wire or a current source.

CuO: To speed up the GANS production process, you can use a small amount of DC current and a small aerator (fish tank pump). A DC-device, which provides approximately 15 mA DC current between the two plates, or coils, can be used instead of the Copper wire between the plates. The negative pole of the device is connected to the Nano-coated Copper and the positive pole of the device is connected to the uncoated Copper. If you use a current you must apply an aerator to provide additional Oxygen to the Salt water solution. After a few hours a turquoise layer builds on the bottom of the container and settles there. This is CuO GANS. To get a better result, you can mount a coil of a PC fan between the two metals instead of a wire or a current source.

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