Balancing the Body with Nano-Coated Eeeman's Biocircuit

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This article was part of KF Plasma Times Dezember 2018

Balancing the Body with Nano-Coated Eeeman's Biocircuit

by Jakub Olszewski, Przemyslaw Woznowski, Marcin Zylik.
Keywords: body balance, polarity, nano, balancing system.

Published: December 2018.

This article is also available in: polish.


BioPlasma Balancing Circuits is a system that cleans and polarizes the flow of vital energy in the body. This system is based on the studies of Leon Ernest Eeman from nearly 100 years ago (Eeman's Healing BioCircuits) and by enhancing it with the KF nanotechnology its effectiveness is reinforced (by around 2 orders of magnitude), making the original Eeman design a plasma therapy device. This name came to existence to distinguish the base Eeman system from that made with plasma technology. Dr. Miki Shima, president of the Japanese-American Foundation for Acupuncture Treatment, spoke about the original Eeman design made of pure copper: "Eeman's Healing BioCircuits actually doubles the rate of Chi energy flow through meridians in the human body." (Shima, 1989).

Life energy was given many names by many different cultures: prana, orgone, ether, Chi, mana, plasma (bioplasma) - it is a higher-order energy that is the building material of the material world. However, you do not have to be a sensitive person to feel this energy, to experience, in physicality, the effect of the BioPlasma Balancing Circuits. Through the use of the KF nanotechnology, in the form of (Nano) processing the copper, and the use of GaNSes of various elements (corresponding to at least 98% of the of the human body composition) characterized by 'opened' magnetic fields; the field of interaction is transferred to the field of the human body, by the means of nanocoated copper elements. Due to the specificity of the technology used, the whole device is hand-made.

This system does not require any external energy supply, because it operates on the bio-plasma energy of the human body, and its strengthening with the nanotechnology makes it more intensely felt, than devices using external power supply (such as zappers).

This publication starts with a discussion of the history of the creation and application of the original Eeman system and introduces its new plasmatic version, along with a new understanding of the operation of such a modified system. Different variants of implementation and connection of such a system are presented, so that the reader is able to build it themselves to enjoy its balancing effect. Finally, the authors present the observations and feelings of people who used the system, along with the results of its working.


Figure 1. Eeman’s map of human’s body polarity (Eeman, 1947, p. 36).

Leon Ernest Eeman was born on May 18, 1889 in Gent, Belgium. Sources do not specify exactly when he moved to London. In England, he served as a pilot in the Royal Air Forces during the First World War, then he suffered in an air crash, which he survived but was left completely paralyzed. He was hospitalized for two years, but the doctors did not give him any chance of returning to full health, and his medical records stated "100% physically unfit". Eeman did not accept such decision, and being an educated man, with an open mind and an insight into the operation of our own energy system (mostly thanks to long meditations and connecting with the higher Self), after two years he changed the course of his physical existence by 180 degrees. He developed a therapeutic technique based on the bipolarity of our body (as in Fig. 1, Yin and Yang, male and female energy) through relaxation, using pure copper. He created a simple device consisting of copper wire screens, which he called "Biocircuits", and described it in his book (Eeman, 1947) and reports. His knowledge was collected, described, and developed further in other works (Patten, & Patten, 1988; Brown, 1989; Borderlands, 2012).

During the therapeutic session, when a person lays down and uses the system, their energy potentials are levelled. It was observed that during a 30-minute long energy balancing treatment, the person fell into deep relaxation and regained vitality; and the fatigue disappeared after several sessions. Special attention should be paid to our individual polarization of the body. In his works, Eeman reported that some people may have a ‘reversed polarity’ of the body (often linked to left-handedness), and hence the primary connection (Fig. 2) may not be correct. One should therefore change the probes kept in their hands, so that the system starts to work properly. The easiest way to check the polarization of the body is to observe oneself while using the system. If the original setup does not cause tension, arousal, nervousness, etc. the polarity is normal. If one experiences any of the symptoms listed above, the solution is to swap the probes in their hands.

Figure 2. One person (L), and two people (P) in a closed Eeman relaxation circuit (Eeman, 1947, p. 29, 40).

“The basis of the flow effects obtained by the use of these Eeman circuits, was the discovery that human bodies give evidence of being bi-polar, along three axes — Head to feet; Right side to left side; Back to front. When polar opposites are connected together, whether within one body or between two or more bodies, the effects noted include greater relaxation, recovery from fatigue and disease, greater capacity for work, better health in general. Eeman circuits connecting polar opposites are termed ‘Relaxation Circuits’.” (Borderlands, 2012).

Eeman and his project collaborators, under controlled conditions, for a period of one year, carried out thousands of carefully documented experiments. One can read about it in the book "Co-Operative Healing" originally published by Frederic Muller Ltd, London 1947. He presented his research to the medical world, but the knowledge he wanted to share was not accepted by the world of science, as this was the case with Wihelm Reich, who, with the energy of bioplasma, healed people in the so-called orgone chamber; Tesla or Lakhowsky's - the creator of the famous oscillator, with which 90 years ago all the diseases, including cancer, were treated.

Figure 3. A group connection using a vial with a dissolved substance.

The Eeman's balancing system includes various variants. It can be used by one person, but it is also possible to combine several people into one circuit, e.g. two to four - as in Fig. 2 and Fig. 3. For right-handed people, the correct system setting is for the person to hold in their left hand, a copper probe connected via an insulated copper wire to the copper mat under their neck; while the right hand holds a second probe, connected also with an insulated copper wire to a copper mat at the base of the spine. Polarization, according to its creator, should last 30 minutes, in one session, per day. Further research on the system and its application in treatment, introduced the possibility of administering drugs or other substances (herbs, etc.) without the need for physical consumption - as depicted in the diagram in Fig. 3. What is interesting in applying this modification, is that is seemed to be very effective because side effects/overdose symptoms of any substance (e.g. aspirin) started to appear as early as 15 minutes into the session, using a slightly modified system. This modification involves the installation of an extra container, in which a substance dissolved in water may be administered. The above application gives us practically unlimited possibilities in the use of plasma technology to balance the whole body without the need for building advanced devices, or when it is not possible to take advantage of the more advanced technological solutions.As one can read in the book "Co-Operative Healing" (Eeman, 1947), among the ailments that can be eliminated completely with this balancing system are: psycho-motor disorders, cardiovascular problems, severe chronic headaches, high blood pressure, rheumatism, sciatica, stress, insomnia, and many others described in the above-mentioned book.

The new understanding

One should pay attention to the fact that each of us while sitting in a chair in front of a computer, in the office, or wherever else, often unconsciously crosses their hands or legs, or both at the same time. Looking at the drawings describing the polarization of the human body (Fig. 4), now we can clearly understand why we do it on a daily basis (balancing/equalizing the potentials of both poles of the body). In plasma technology, we also talk about the magnetism of the right hand which corresponds to the left hemisphere of the brain, and the gravitational character of the left hand and the right hemisphere of the brain. Eeman's system was invented because his creator was paralyzed and could not put his hands under his spine. This position, where the right hand is at the base of the spine and the left hand at the base of the skull, even for a healthy and mobile person, is not comfortable in the long run. Plates and wires create a virtual extension of the hand. Hence, one can lie down comfortably without creating any extra tension in their body. This biocircuit creates an additional, external system which allows for the transfer and balance of the energy blocked or stored in the body - the same principle is the basis of acupuncture and other therapies which work by regulating the flow of the of human life energy and perceive any disease as a deficiency or accumulation of this energy. The initial systems, which we experimented with (Nano-plates, normal copper wire and probe), gave very interesting results. Due to the brittleness of the Nano-coating, one would have to consider either a full protection of the Nano-plates so that they do not get damaged (crushed) or the use of the substance-adaptor as the only Nano element of the system (Figure 5-B, 5-C and Figure 6-R).

Figure 4. Polarization of the human body according to Eeman and the understanding of plasma and other sciences.

The new technology, thanks to which one gains access to the released field structure, gives wide possibilities in using this system. GaNS and Nano allows to faster balance the potential difference of the body, through the operation of the stronger fields of plasma, which condition the physicality. The energy circulating in our body passes through the so-called 'space-gap' of the Nano-layers of the system and begins to circulate in it. This system gives us great possibilities in terms of compact construction, quick modification for a specific ailment, and ease of use. Plasma technology opens up this potential even more. Thanks to it, one can compensate for what the physicality lacks, or deplete what it has in excess.

The graphics in Fig. 5 show several variations of this system that have already been made or are awaiting to be made. On the left (A), the system incorporating the salt water solution container (brine) is presented. Knowing salty water's gravitational properties, besides balancing the body, what the body has in excess gets extracted and stored in a container with brine - the same principle applies to the original Plasma Coil Unit (, or to any GaNS production. Brine is an environment in which fields of different potentials, as they seek balance, create the field strength corresponding to the potential difference of both elements - whether this is in relation to metal plates (GaNS production), our hands (different therapeutic systems or working with the plasma fields), or static or dynamic plasma systems (PCU, PBU and dynamic plasma systems for space travel). This brine, along with the fields it stores, can be used to prepare GaNS targeted specifically for a given person and their ailment, for further processing in the version B or C of the system depicted in Fig. 5.

Figure 5. Different implementation of the plasmatic Eeman circuit.

The graphic in the middle (Fig. 5-B) shows the modified circuit, incorporating the nano-coated substance-adaptor, into which one can place GaNS or liquid plasma in order to feed the body with its fields (the equivalent of using one patch to feed). Whereas the right side of this graphic (C) illustrates the system with two substance-adaptors. Such a system can be used to balance the body using the gradient of fields - as one does in the case of patches, reactors or other systems used to date, in which the potential difference of the two GaNSes creates a directional plasma flow (plasmatic wind). The third system is the most versatile and leaves a very large room for maneuver, analogically to balancing systems based on dynamic reactors. One can use the previously collected brine (in the suitable gradient) to balance their body in such system.

BioPlasma Balancing Circuit is a kind of interface, a connection which creates conditions for the balancing of the body's energy potential. Its various modifications allow to: A) 'pull' the potential difference out, outside of the 'system' of the human body (extraction); B) introduce a certain plasma field strength in the form of GaNS or liquid plasma, in order to balance the entire system by 'feeding' it with the fields it needs (supplementation/feeding); and C) create an additional potential difference by introducing a suitable gradient of plasma into the system, which interfaces with the human body (fast extraction of a given field strength e.g. Ca or Hg).


Appearances to the contrary, the preparation of such a system is not very complicated. One needs the following materials:

  • 2 x copper plate or copper mesh (base-pad),
  • insulated copper wire (connector),
  • uninsulated copper pipe (handles),
  • plastic tube (optional).

The basic system:

Figure 6. Copper plates, wires and tubes (L), ‘substance-adaptor’ (R).

Depending on the material one chooses to make the base-pads of (copper plates, mesh, or wire), form or cut the base-pads to the desired size. If the system is to incorporate the substance-adaptors for circuiting GaNS or other substances, form a copper wire spiral adaptor (as in Fig. 6-R). The prepared elements are then subjected to the Nano-coating process (chemical NaOH or fire-coating)

Once the process is complete, assemble all the elements of the system together (as in Fig. 5). Fig. 6 depicts the ready to be assembled system together with the substance-adaptor thanks to which one can introduce different fields into the body.

Advanced version:

Figure 7. Advanced version of the system. Elements on the two pictures marked with * were prepared prior to the Nano-coating process.

In this version, its designer applied a variety of methods to obtain the plasmatic diversity between the upper element of the system and the lower one, to achieve the effect of directed plasma field flow (plasmatic wind). The system incorporates the four basic GaNSes (CH3, CO2, ZnO, CuO - all produced in a 24-compartment box, each cell connected via an LED), together with GaNSes prepared via the caustic method (e.g. Ca). Leather elements are soaked in the CH3 GaNS, made according to the instructions for the production of the GaNS of hemoglobin. The crystals in the copper probes were fixed prior to the Nano-coating, and all other elements were assembled after the Nano-coating process, in a way that allows for quick and easy disassembly and replacement - for example, ampoules with GaNSes.

The base-pads, which are positioned under the body, were made to be stiff and have adequate spacing, so that the nano-layers remain undressed, uncrushed and retain its velvet structure over the course of using it - its durability was assessed during the six-month, everyday use trial (as compared to the version without the leather cover, that used plastic bags to protect the layers). Similarly, handles made of copper hydraulic tubes, retain their nano-layers on the inside, because this area is not exposed and is hard to access.

Top part:

The neck-pad was firstly fire-coated; the holding probes were for 1 day submerged in the NaOH solution with the addition of a few ml of the CO2/ZnO GaNS (the first stage of the chemical NaOH Nano-coating process ), then both base-pad and the holding probe, were steam-coated with the NaOH solution with an addition of a few ml of the CO2/ZnO GaNS. The holding probe of the top element carries a pure mountain crystal (SiO2) and an ampoule with approx. 5 ml of CO2 and ZnO GaNSes.

Bottom part:

Nano-coated via chemical etching (analogous to the above) but using different materials: the base-pad and the handle were fully submerged in a KOH solution with the addition of a few ml of the CuO GaNS; then subjected to a week-long steam coating process, again in the environment of the KOH solution with the addition of a few ml of the CuO GaNS. The handle embeds an amethyst - any other crystalline mineral with a stronger gravitational component can be used, i.e. containing a composite of elements with a total atomic mass greater than the one of the mountain crystal of the top part's handle. This handle embeds an ampoule with GaNSes of CuO, Cu2O, Si, Au, and GaNSes made of seashells, limestone skeletons of marine corals, and marine limestone (Ca, F, Mg, I, ...). The red rod, which connects to the end of the copper wire leading to the brine, was subjected to an analogous chemical nano-coating process but using a mixture of NaOH and KOH. The advanced version of the system is depicted in Fig. 7.


Figure 8. BioPlasma Balancing Circuits

The standard system setting is shown in Fig. 8. While using the system, the person should cross their legs. The handle, held in the right hand, through the wire connects to the Nano-plate positioned at the base of the spine, from which the wire transfers the fields into a tank with a 20% salt solution. The handle in the left hand connects to the Nano-plate under the neck. One can use this system either on a regular or ad-hoc basis to quickly balance their body. Thirty-minute relaxation sessions bring beneficial results.

It is hypothesized that such an improved version of the original Eeman's biocircuit, is applicable in the areas for which it was originally used, such as: psycho-motor disorders, cardiovascular problems, severe chronic headaches, high blood pressure, rheumatism, sciatica, stress, insomnia and many other described in (Eeman, 1947); but also in other disorders and diseases. Authors' observations suggest that its modified version works quickly and gives persistent results in a wide range of disorders.

One of the unintentional experiments carried out with this system, was the production of the CH3 GaNS. This process was a result of using a steel cord to connect an additional 'grounding' leading from the bucket with brine to the ground outside the house. This initiated the production of the CH3 GaNS, in which a person using the system was part of the production environment. Production of the CH3 was possible due to the fact that the wire, leading from the system to the brine, end with a Nano-coated copper rod.


For most users, the repeatedly reported feelings relate to the spontaneous relaxation of the body (within 0-15 minutes of lying down), calming of the emotions, calming of the ‘monkey brain’, sensations of heat/tingling in their hands, lowering/reducing the pitch of their voice. Some people, within a few minutes, felt asleep and woke up after 30 minutes (not knowing the suggested time of the session) with a sensation of significant energization.


Female, 91-year-old: The day before the trip (350 km) for an important family celebration, the old lady felt very strong pain in her spine and legs. The pain was so strong that it prevented normal movement. Strong painkillers did not work. Accompanied by a therapist, the woman sat in an armchair and was connected to the system (its basic version, without a container with salt and without grounding). During the first 5 minutes of the session, the pain persisted and so the therapist decided to attach an additional wire leading from the system to the grounding source. The central heating system in the block of flats (un-painted, enameled part of the installation) served as the grounding. After applying this modification, the pain began to decrease. After further 20 minutes, the pain completely disappeared. The woman stood up from the chair by herself. The next day she went to her granddaughter's wedding, 350 km away from her place. She took part in the family celebrations and partied until 1 am, without any signs of tiredness due to the long trip or events that occurred the day before. This was in September 2017 and ever since whenever this type of pain occurs, the woman uses this system on an ad-hoc basis and every time the effect is similar.

Male, 81-year-old: Diagnosed with hypertension, went through a myocardial infarction 12 years earlier and ended up with cardiac bypass; also with a significant loss of hearing that makes communication difficult, and many other burdens originating mainly from the administration (side effects) of medicines; active to the best of his abilities - gardening, cycling. He started using the system to get over a cold and the only suggestion that was associated with him using the system, was to strengthen his, weakened by the cold, organism. The immediate, noticeable effect of the system's working was the feeling of heat in his hands and legs; however the most surprising effects occurred after a few days of using the system and manifested as a recovery of hearing - most likely due to the process of self-regulation of the intracranial pressure in respect to the blood pressure - subsequently varicose veins started to disappear and the his blood pressure dropped to the point that he had to stop taking his hypertension drugs.

People already using the plasmatically modified Eeman system, and those who plan to build it based on the knowledge contained in this article, are invited to share their experiences in using different versions of this system in order to create a compendium of knowledge about the effectiveness and scope of its operation.

Future Work

The BioPlasma Balancing Circuits system has a large potential for further research. So far, the authors have managed to collect data and confirm the operation of the basic system as well as on the version with one substance-adapter. In the light of the recent teachings by Mr. Keshe, in which he described the process of the herpes virus, alongside with the previously released information on other systemic disorders and diseases; the version C of the system with two substance-adaptors (Fig. 5-C) is ideally suited for the use of different gradients of GaNSes (urine, HSV, cancer, excess of certain elements, chemical compounds) to balance or remove these elements from the entire body. Further research is therefore required to assess the full capabilities of this system. An additional aspect that should be considered is the simplicity, low cost and mobility of the proposed system - it can be easily packed into a small suitcase and taken anywhere, along with a set of basic GaNS

Contraindications and disclaimer

This system is not recommended for the use by people with a pacemaker. Special care should be taken by pregnant women. People with implants may experience discomfort and/or various types of pain at the implant site (although one of the designers and users of this system, also has a post-traumatic, metal fastening in the forearm bone and has never experienced such discomfort while using it).

BioPlasma Balancing Circuits is a design that works on the principle of natural therapies, where a moderately frequent characteristic of such therapies is the periodic recurrence of disease symptoms and discomfort in places of old injuries, which is a sign of restarting of the self-balancing processes related to a given injury or disease.

Legal disclaimer

The use of the BioPlasma Balancing Circuits is of supportive nature and does not replace medical advice or therapies one is already a subject to.

Supplementary Materials

Supplementary materials, in the form of pictures of the different versions of the system, are available through


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