Application of GANS Reactor in Saving a Wounded Kitten

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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times July 2019

by Alice.Chen, June 2019    

The energy flow between the two reactors creates a balanced environment. When I put the wounded kitten in between, he can take whatever energy he needs and give away any energy redundant. I can’t say it’s the best solution to choose, but I’m very satisfied with the result that came out. In the end, I can’t help myself expressing my appreciation and respect to Mr.Keshe once again. Thank you for bringing this beautiful technology and your love to us all.

This was an unexpected situation a few days ago. At the time, I was there, but everything happened so suddenly that it was too late for me to reach out and try to stop it. 

A kitten born only 32 days fell from the place about 7 meters high to the tile floor of the dining room while playing with his companions. I ran over and found that the kitten lying on the ground seemed still have breathing, so I immediately took some CO2 GANS water and rub on his head. As he still lying there without any reactions, then I hurried to mix up some GANS water (about 60% CO2 GANS water, 30% CH3 GANS water, 10% CuO2 GANS water) and rub on his back and outside legs, because at that time, I can’t turn him over for I’m not sure if he has any bone broken or not. In the meantime, perhaps because he was so scared, the kitten was slowly crawling into the corner nearby (about 20-30 cm far). Then I thought he probably has not broken any bones, so I hold him very carefully with my hands and put him on the sofa. Because I’ve rubbed a lot of GANS water on his body, his fur has been wetted, I’m afraid that he will feel cold, so I covered his body with my hands. After a while, he coughed up some blood from the mouth, then a little bit of blood coming out of his nose. I noticed that the left side of his face seems to be swollen, it was a very scary looking, perhaps his head hit the ground first when he fell. Then I began to worry that GANS water might hardly have much help for him, so I rushed to take out two sets of dual-core GANS reactor, and loaded them with CH3, CO2, CuO2 GANS separately. Then I placed these two reactors on each side of the kitten’s body. I turn on the gravitational one at first, and two minutes later I turn on the other one. Even so, I still worried about whether he can get through it, so I kept my hands on his body to keep him warm. At first, the kitten still lay still there, as if he was sleeping, and then he moved from time to time to adjust the posture, breathing faster occasionally, but overall it is smooth. The mother cat came and looked at it several times, smelt at his head, then she leaned over the back of the sofa, perhaps she also seemed to realized that something was wrong with her child’s body, and I was trying to help. And so, after about two hours or so, I suddenly felt that my eyes were blurring, and the light around me seemed to be dimming, but all the sounds around me, the motors, the footsteps, all the voices seemed very far away, but very clear. And just when I thought it was too dark, I began to saw some bright spots around the kitten appeared. Not the whole picture I saw was illuminating, but only a certain part became very bright suddenly, a little bit dazzling, and the place that glittered every time is not quite the same also, seemed moving with the line of my sight. Slowly I suddenly noticed that I was breathing faster and faster, I felt as if my chest has been filled with a lot of air, and only a very little amount can be breath in at a time, and my chest was swelling more and more somehow. 


Then it got even weirder. As I was breathing, I noticed that my upper body began to shake with the breathing, and my arms were also shaking in the same pattern. I was sitting on a bench at that time, my lower body didn’t have any reaction. My upper body was constantly shaking with the rhythm of my breathing. It’s not shaking but moving up and down with the rhythm of my chest breathing, and the speed became faster and faster. At that moment, I was conscious enough to know that I could stop these at any time, but I didn’t want to and I was curious about what would happen next. While I was thinking so, I suddenly found out that my palms were hot and sweaty. I don’t know how long this situation has lasted, but I think it’s more than one minute. Then the kitten suddenly stood up, as if he was woken up by the noises, and then kept meowing very loudly which I’ve never heard before. Perhaps he was upset when he realized that he was in a strange place while his mom and other little pals were not around. It’s very strange that I found out that my palms were dry, it was not really sweating. Then I put him back to their litter to stay with other kittens. The mother cat also came in and sniffed him here and there. But he still kept on walking around and meowing. It’s about three hours later, the kitten woke up and trying to suckle, but his body was very soft and too week to locate the nipples, after a while he went on sleeping again. After about twenty hours later, he was able to suck again finally. Over the next coming day, I watched the kitten several times, it seemed that his movement and reaction was not as agile as before. So I decided to put him in between the two GANS reactors once again. But this time, it was so hard to keep him still while he was awake. After a lot of effort, he was finally able to lie quietly between the GANS reactors and fell asleep. And his sleeping posture became more and more relaxed, I could even see the smile on his face. This state last only one hour, because he was aroused by some noises. After a very nice stretch, he got up and ran away. I didn’t experience the acceleration of my breathing like the last time. After this time, I observed that the kitten became more active and more energetic, and his eyes also restored the cute feeling as if nothing had ever happened. Because it’s an accidental situation, I didn’t have time to accurate the amount of the GANS I used. Inside the left reactor, I loaded the inner core with about 2ml CH3 GANS and 10ml CO2 GANS and 10ml CuO2 GANS in the outer core. Inside the right reactor, I loaded the inner core with about 1ml CO2 GANS and 1ml CuO2 GANS and 20ml CH3 GANS in the outer core. I’m not sure it was the reactors or my own hands, but what I’m very sure is that during the first process, even though it had taken three hours, the kitten has not recovered perfectly, but the swelling around his left head has gone completely. Besides, after I turned off the reactors, I could still feel the existence of some kind of pressure around my head, as if I was wearing a hat.

In this case, the reason I used a pair of dual-core GANS reactor with the same kinds of GANS material but loaded in the opposite way, is because of that I know if I introduce a bottle of GANS in between the two reactors, certain kinds of matter state material can be created, which means I can convert plasma energy into matter. If I introduce a piece of matter material in between, I can create certain kinds of GANS or Nano material.