An Insight into the Future of Man on Earth

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An Insight into the Future of Man on EarthUp to today the scientific world has not understood the concept of the conversion of magnetic and gravitational fields into created matter, so in the late 20thand early 21st centuries they created meaningless phrases such as"god particles" for these natural processesby whichmatters are created due to the interaction and the reduced or increased chargeof different magnetic fields andgravitationalfields, which we calltheir Magravs strength.It is these interactions thatmakeany entities detectable to manaccording to his physical capacity for sensory and visual perception,which is governed by the Magravs strength of the amino-acid in human tissue in the Earth environment.

By calling the first sign of detectable matter in the plasma of the proton “the god particle”, thesemisguided scientistshave come up with amisconception like thatin earlier centurieswhen scientists considered the Earth tobe the centre of the universe.

Accordingto this new fantasy principle of theirs, thebody of man,the Earthandthe Sun can be and are one of these god particles too, as they have manifested themselves in the matter state andare visible and detectable, but on a larger scaleof fieldand matter contents.

What a pity that man takes so long to learnfrom his past misunderstandings and mistakes.Man’s habit isto get absorbedin his fantasies and promotehis mistaken ideasto the point wherethe topic under studyand considerationbecomes fascinatingfor small minded people of thetime,althougheventuallyin the course of his scientific endeavours and discoveries herealizes that his past thoughts were mistaken due to his lack ofunderstanding of his own creation.

As man has matured intellectually and advanced technologically in past centuries, thishasled him to make records of his environment and the actionsof other men,initially on the wallsof caves and then on the skin of animals and then oncanvases andsheets of paper,and in the recent past withvoice recordings and then films ortapes and more recently on microchips.

Thusmancan easily understand that the inhabitants of the universe who are far more advanced technologically and intellectually than present humansand have been observers andpassers-by ofthis planet for centuries,have made recordings of events and of allmen’s actions on this planet over millions of years,and in the near future they will play back all these recordings to the planet’s inhabitants.

Thenthe so-called leaders of Earth will realise that observers have been recording the most significant events of this planet and their resultsover thousands of years for man to see,and they will showtothe present generation of man what these so-called men of power on Earth have done for themselvesand to and for their fellow men.

At the same time over the centuries the violent behaviour of thehuman race has been broadcastlive across the universe toother creatures who exist there, in the same manner as the news is broadcastacross planet Earth nowadays.

But therecordings made by theseobservers of Earth aremore detailed and include not just the deeds but the thoughtsthat have instigated these misguided actions of so-called men of power.

If man knew what has been recorded of his actions in hisscientific and humanitarian progress in past centuries by other beings of the universe whohave witnessed it, thenhe wouldrealise that most of his criminal acts of the past have also been recorded by the same intelligent creatures, who have passed by this planetandhave recorded man’s vaingloriousnotions of his insignificant existence.

These observers have recorded all man’sinjustices to other men and all of his fightingto possess meagrepieces of landand worthless earthly materialistic richesby the use of war and weapons.

As scientists observe the livesof animals in the junglewithout interfering in them, these passengers of the universe have made recordings of how man has destroyed lives and nations by means of war, deceptionand theft.

They have recorded allthehistory and natural disasters of this planet and all these recordings have been played back across the universe for centuries to show how man lives on his little island of Earth in the oceans of the universe.

All these recordings aredisplayedacross the universe showing the violence on this planet,andman isrepresented as the wild animal ofall its creations.

I wonder if the leaders of men present and past and the so-called national rulers and religious leaders ever knew of these recordings of their inhumane deeds, misguided intentions and thoughts, whiledisguising their actions under different banners such asimposingworld peace and promoting one nation or one religion and so forth.

Theseleaders of nations and religions will come tobe ashamed of their dishonourableand disguised actions and intentions,as their work will soon be played back for all other peopleof theplanet to see.

Then these men of deception will be shunnedby the rest of humanity as therecordingsof their true intentions are released in due courseto the humanrace,and in time justice will be done to them for their vulture-likecriminal actions disguisedas the deeds of a dove.

The human race will seewhat they have inherited through thefalseactions of these men of weak aptitudewhosemisguided actions have diverted thecourse of progress for their race and their souls in all the realm of creation.

At the same timethese recordings will revealand never distortthe actionsof the true seekers and promoters of peaceand unity of Earth within the universal community.

Thus in a short time man will see the true events ofhis past actions on his planet as shown to him by the recordings of other creations of the universe.

Thus what has been shown on man’s televisionscreensas violence in different regions of this tiny planet for abuse of colour and religion,and his greedy abuse of his fellow men for material gain of the worthless dust of this planet, all hasbeen physically recorded in itstrue form and in due course the leaders of the earth, present and past, will be confronted withphysical evidence and have to account for their deeds once these recordingsare released for all to see.

In fact most men liketheir leaders show the same greedy behaviouras wild animals in the jungles and they carryout the same misdeeds on other men. Nowadaysthe so-called mass media broadcasts this behaviour as news of conflict and war ona daily basis, notknowing that the same news of this violent animal behaviour is being broadcast across the universe by other intelligences.

Similarly as men of integrity shun violence and violent behaviour towardstheirfellow creatures, and as decent men keep themselves away from drunken and unruly brawls in the street to show that they have nothing to do with thisunacceptable behaviour, the universal community have done the same withrespect to the human race, andhaveshunnedthe human raceas theuntamed animals of the universe that they have wantednothing to do with up to now,although they did on certain occasions in the past.

This has been the status quo up to now butthis will change from now on with the release of new technology.

Thus in time, when man realizes that all the actions, whether of a normal man or of the so-called leaders of the so-called nations of Earthor of religions, have been recorded and broadcastand displayed across the universe as the actionsofthe wild creatures of the universe, the man of wisdom will understandwhy man considers himself inhis simple mind to bethe only creation in the universe.Thatis why the scientific world has been looking in vain for life in the universe, sincethe rest of universal community has avoided man due to his animal behaviour rather than choosing to make his acquaintance.

I wonderhowman will change his behaviour when he seeswhat of his thoughts or his actions has been recordedbythe other creations of the universe. Atthat point, men of integrity willsee how the leaders of the nations of Earth have caused so much suffering and betrayed others to gain ameagre worthless pittance. Withthepresent habits of the people of this planet, true leaders will be like gold dust.

Then my cry is to be ashamed ofbeing born in the skin of such a creation, this is the cry of the author and wouldbe the cry of the true men of peace of the present and future of this planet.

Shame on men whothought and think that their criminal brainwaves in their empty skullsand the deeds arisingfrom these forsaken criminal thoughts have never been recorded, and who carry on living the same false fancy lives, never suspecting thattheir records will be open to all sooner than they could imagine.

The real history of man will in due course be played live for future generations for all to see by the space travellers of the universe, and then I wonder if dwellers on Earth and their so-called leaders will beproud to be of this race and planet.

It is sad to thinkhow long it willtake for man to be mature enough in his thoughts, behaviourand deeds not only tocreateapeaceful earth community but to be able to join thetranquil community already existing in the universe.

M.T. Keshe