Achieve peace through testimonials

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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times November 2018
by Keshe Foundation

This article brings forward the messages that Mr. Keshe delivered through 245th and 246th Public Teaching.

Achieve peace through testimonials. Interact through testimonials and scientific trials. Ask yourself: "Do I do enough each day to change the humanity?" How many of you are really committed to doing it?

A lot of you are even afraid to tell anyone you know about the Keshe Foundation because they have tinted us with so much that they think they won. The only thing is, we are strong enough and we have the knowledge which can bring the change. What may be lacking is being proud of this process.

We have gone through a very heavy battle but the battle is over because they used all the ammunition. They have nothing else to fire. The way we will handle it from now on, in interacting with governments, with politicians, with diplomats, with the economic situation, with people in need, will change the course of humanity.

Knowledge gives that chance for peace. We had to prove the technology. We had to prove the strength of the technology that with it we could attract and interact with nations. We reached that point. Now is the time of interaction. Do not only teach the technology. Show the beauty of technology by spending your time sending different cases, which are available in testimonials and scientific trials, across the internet to every person, every minister, every chatroom that you have access to. Do this every day, 20 minutes per day.

Mankind will take this technology through a strength of its health application because we are all fearful of pain, death, blindness and everything else. The fear of demise can be taken away by presenting the beauty of this technology.

We do not die. We just arrive at the airport where we have to change the environment. We call it transmutation of elements, in a way, is the transmutation of the soul of the man to change the physicality of this dimension to another. Another manifestation. When you change silver to gold, you have not lost anything. You just have a new dimension. Like the soul of the man elevates to the value of the gold.

This transition, the beauty of it, how the man handles his physical life with the new knowledge to reach that point of transition with less pain, is what man always has feared - illnesses - and if we can show to humanity that this transition can be beautiful without pain and it can be short or at least can be shorted, every man will take the trip of life.

This is the job of Universal Council, Earth Council and every person who listens to these teachings. It is a wakeup call. Can I give enough that I can take back enough? No president has ever lived over his term and no king has been a king for centuries. They all die and they or their families all have diseases. Now is time to show that there is a chance. It does not cost much. We are not selling it. We are gifting it. It is time for peace and peace has to come through the knowledge. We will stop the weapons when we understand that the only weapon in not stopping these wars is us in not sharing the knowledge and the beauty of it.

It is time to spend 20 minutes of your time per day sending testimonials and scientific cases published by Keshe Foundation across the Internet if you are here to volunteer for peace. Besides health, the key to support the governments is also agriculture. Scientific cases help national food security with better harvest and quality of it. Soon we will publish many new discoveries. Send them across. Every day.

The question every knowledge-seeker should ask him/herself each day: "Do I do enough each day to change the course of humanity and bring the peace?" How many of us have spent 20 minutes each day or at least once per week sending the information about Keshe Foundation across the internet? How many are committed to doing it? We want peace, we want everything else, we want a knowledge but we are not prepared to work for it. As long as it is for your benefit and you can see it.

Go outside at night and look at the planets and stars. You see many planets and stars. Lot of you know that Earth has a soul. So does the star. How many of you can see the soul of planets and stars? Stand in front of your partner, child or pet. Do you see or feel their soul? We do not play magic. This is where we lost it. We lost the ability to see with the soul. Man will have a hard time in space if he tries to just look what he can see with his eyes because some of the souls have no physicality at the field strength of the man.

Would we come up with soul vision like we have night vision glasses? We need to elevate. We have the tools. The souls when they commit themselves, they do it. When my soul decides, it becomes my wish. Send testimonials and every published scientific case or trial daily. Let everyone know about it.

You have to give to receive more.