A simple hug: the lie detector

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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times Novemeber 2018

by Keshe Foundation

242nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop - September 20th, 2018

Figure 1. Fields are circular, although the back is flat, the energy flows beyond it.
When looking at the structure of the spinal cord, we understand how the energy flows. This can be applied to animals, trees, plants, marine creatures. The spinal cord of a human is the central column field. We can see one half of it as the physicality which is us on the front side. Your soul has put dimension physicality of the brain and you created the body head to toe. But what about the back side of the human body? Why did we decide to have a flat back and different shape in the front? When we talk about forces and energy in the universe we must look at the spinal cord and the dimension of it. In making a coil the field does not run on one side, but circularly all around it. If you look at the brain and the spine, when the fields are directed it creates the face, the breast, the organs, the abdomen, the legs. However, the fields are circular, although the back is flat, the energy flows beyond it. (Figure 1) One side gains - one side gives.
“If you want to understand it ask your lover to hold you and cuddle you from the back and see what fields you absorb about yourself. Do the same in reverse hold your lover from the back in essence of understanding the field and then you see what you feel. Then you understand what man has been missing. You have to accept the status of love which means giving. How much I give, what is received? You think they think what you think, and you can think what they think. They can lie to you with their lips, but when you hold them in the back you see right through them; because your field you absorb differently. They can tell you they love you and you feel the love. We accept who holds us. We have no eyes behind our back, we do not trust anyone to reach us from the back, we panic if someone walks behind our back, but we allow our lover to hold us in the back, to cuddle us. It is very strange if you want to know the lie you hold your lover and ask the question you receive because what you hold in the front in your hands and what you feel through your heart is a totally different thing, is wrong. You know you have been told a lie.”
It is the best detector of the energy of the man in the direction of the physicality not the soul of the man. You complete another circle which does not exist when you hold somebody.
“You can inspire souls, I used to do that with my children, I hold their ear next to my ear and I said listen to what I tell you and I can tell you through my ear which is my soul to your soul, head to head, ear to ear you feel them, you understand them. You complete the twin souls in one to each other. You put your head and your child's head with the ears next to each other, you have his soul there. It is the most beautiful experience if you are a parent. You do not need to say a thing, you feel it, you know it.”