1st International Conference of the Spaceship Nations

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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times January 2019


Many of you see patches of work and do not see the totality of the patchwork. We see, we know what we developed, we know where we sit and how the Keshe Foundation became the seeds but not the totality of it.

In this respect, we have called for the meeting of China, Iran, United States, Russia, Brazil, and India space programs in Beijing. We foresee the meeting according to what is arranged with the Universal Community, around 8th or 9th of March of this year. This will allow all the space agencies with the support of the Chinese government on the back of One Belt, One Road to meet in China, which means we start a collective One Nation Space Program. We would like it to be as a time chosen by the members of the Universal Community.

“I would like to thank the Chinese government for facilitating the first International Conference of the Spaceship Nations. We will teach equally to the Iranians and Americans as we do with the Russians and Indians as Chinese and Brazil. No other nations at this moment seem to be or have the capability to understand the massive progress which is in the background of such an interaction and such a meeting. We have received approval from the Chinese government for calling this conference on a national level.”

NASA organization will be invited, the same as Russian space agency, Iranian spaceship program, the “hidden development” of the space program of the Brazil in conjunction with the German government which has been in the background for

decades. Now we give you the room to become part of the International Organization.

Indians understand the space program in a different dimension and the Chinese add the totality of these nations, it brings balance to understanding the total culture of the human race.

“We have not chosen a portal for European nations as we do not see this continent as an individual continent that nations need to be in such a program and you will understand in the future why. In a way, we have represented the European continent through Germany through Brazil, as you know during the Second World War and after many German programs were moved to South America and this programs at the moment are very advanced. We collectively will bring these

Sciences together. “

The requests for establishment of a meeting in China of the space programs will be made through the Keshe Foundation in conjunction with the Chinese government officials, it is an official program.

“It is not just a conference of the space technology people, but it is a conference of planning the future of humanity using the space as a new way of employment. We replace the old with new we do not bring hope, but we bring the knowledge.

This has taken us a long time to plan and to execute but we had to bring a lot of people to the maturity of understanding the time, the place and the knowledge.

There are enough knowledge seekers around the world which can become the seeds of the new change. “