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The First One Cup One Life works on the white tissues of the lungs and brain.

Don't stop to do the check with Plasma Water from the One Cup One Life. Spraying the body from top to toe and wait 15 minutes. If no reaction of discomfort or pain, or headache appearing or pressure, you are still free of the virus. And do the 10 seconds nose and breathing test. If you can't hold the breath for 10 seconds and the caughting starts, you are most probably infected.


The Second Cup of Life

Second Cup of Life: Production and Application, Prevention.

Reversal of the Corona Virus - Not by killing, through depleting it from its energy, as higher field strength gives to the lower field strength - That is the Universal Law: The more you give the more you receive

The Second Cup of Life will work on the red tissues of the stomach and down the body.

Therefore we have to make a new Second Cup of Life. You carry on applying the First One Cup One Life application as previously outlined.

Application of the Second Cup of Life is to produce the field strength to stand at the same level as the mutation of the Corona Virus in the red tissues.

Therefore we are producing the Second Cup of Life and the application that starts from under the breast. It will cover the heart tissues downward to the diaphragm, to the complete intestines and the legs. Under no circumstances DO NOT apply to the lungs and DO NOT apply on the head.

Make sure at all times there is no GANS particles present in the water, unless explained differently.

Production of the second Cup of Life

Required equipment

In this picture you can see all the equipment and already prepared materials you need for the assembly of the Second Cup of Life and the production of the GANS and the Plasma Water. In the following you will find all materials, pictures and the necessary steps described in detail.

2nd OneCup OneLife Nr. 2 - Prepared equipment with Copper.jpg
In case you have no Copper plate you can replace the bare Copper plate with flat, accordion shaped bare Copper wire.

Gas burner, fire and tong(s)

Three connecting wires

Copper plate, Nano-coated Copper coil and bare Copper coil

Tape and old battery (less energy left)

Empty glass, tap water, table salt* and scale

*If the label lists the presents of iodine in the salt, replace it with the white sea salt that doesn’t contain iodine. E 535 (Sodium Ferrocyanide) and E 536 (Potassium Ferrocyanide) are ok, or even beneficial.

In case of emergency you can use salt that contains iodine.

Production of the bare Copper coil

For the Second Cup of Life, two coils are made from stranded Copper wire. One that is used as a bare wire and one that is used for the Nano-coating application. Approx. 30 cm (11.8 inches) of wire is needed per coil.

Preparation of the Copper stranded wire

Stranded wire is characterized by the fact that many small strands together form a wire. (See photo). You can find it in the hardware store, at an electrical store, or in an emergency, at home, in the power cables of your hair dryer, radio, television, coffee machine, etc. To do this, simply unplug the power cable from the outlet. Cut the entire electrical cord off of the appliance to use the whole cord.

Removing the plastic from the wire

Usually there are two or three wires in a electrical cable. The plastic outer sheath must first be removed. There are several ways to do this. (If you buy stranded wires separately, this step is not necessary)

Variant 1
One way to remove the outer sheath is to have the knife in one hand, place the cable on it and press it with your thumb carefully. With the other hand, as well as with the thumb you turn the cable and the knife cuts deeper and deeper into the plastic. Once you have reached the inner wires you can pull the separated plastic part from the inner wires. This is how you proceed step by step until the inner cables are exposed.

Variant 2

Another possibility is to place the cable on the table and hold it with one hand. Press the blade at a slight angle and with the other hand simply pull the cable backwards against the cutting direction. This way you take off a part of the plastic and can take the wires out.

Everyone has different approaches. With a little bit of trying you will find what way works best for you.

Stripping off the plastic around the strands

Now you have exposed 2 or 3 wires, which are also covered with plastic. For these wires it is best to use variant 2 to remove the plastic. Do the same as above, especially with the stranded wire, it might require some practice. Put the knife with the cutting edge back at a slight angle, with a little pressure on the plastic, and pull the wire with the other hand underneath. If you hold the knife too steep, or press too hard, you might cut into the thin strands. If you hold the knife too loosely you might slide up over the plastic and start again at the same place. Don't worry, a few cut-through strands are no problem. With some practice you will get better quickly. Remove the plastic completely.

Twisting together the individual strands of the wire

Hold one end of the wire strands in one hand and the other end in the other hand. With your fingers twist the strands together starting on one end and continue to twist all the way to the other end. Make sure you are twisting the strands firmly together and have secured any fine strands that were cut short into the group.

Winding of the coil

To wind the coil, take a pencil, or something else round and hold it together with the end of the wire in one hand. With the other hand you wrap the wire completely around the pencil. Now tighten both ends of the wire again so that it fits tightly and push the windings together. The coil is ready and can be taken off the pencil.

Creating the Nano-coated coil

Nano-coating of the wire for the second coil

Before the wire is wound for the second coil, it must be Nano-coated. This requires a gas burner. You turn on the gas and ignite carefully. Hold one end of the wire with pliers. With your other hand you carefully hold the other end of the wire. Starting with the side held by the pliers, you hold the wire in the fire until it glows red. So be careful the end of the wire can become hot. Move steadily down the wire to the other end. Each section of the wire as it passes through the fire glows red, cools down and turns black. This black material is the Nano-coating. Before it gets too hot at the other end of the hand, you stop and put the wire on something solid and let it cool down. Each section of the wire has to get black. To do this, you can repeat the process from one side to the other. Remember the wire must glow red even at the ends. Allow the wire to cool down, then proceed to the next step.

Please never cut a Nano-coated wire!

Winding of the Nano-coated coil

The Nano-coated coil is wound on a pencil like the bare Copper coil.

Preparing the Copper plate

You can get Copper in the hardware store, a plumbing shop, or at your home as electric wires.

When the Copper plate is ready, it is bent at the top to hang it on the edge of the glass later.

(In case you don't have a Copper plate you can also use a Copper wire and fold it like an accordion. Not like a coil.)

Preparing three connection wires

For connecting the Copper plate (the Copper wire accordion), the bare Copper coil and the Nano-coated Copper coil with a used battery, 3 connection wires are needed. For these connections stranded wires or a single solid pure Copper wire can be used. Cut the wires in 30 cm pieces. Strip off the plastic 2-5 cm on each end of each wire. (You will need one end of one wire to be stripped a little longer to connect the wider area of the Copper plate. See visualisation in following pictures in "Connecting the Copper plate". For the accordion 2-5 cm are are ok.)

Connecting the bare Copper coil and Copper plate

Connecting the bare Copper coil

To connect the bare Copper coil to the connecting wire, simply twist the ends of the wires together.

Connecting the Copper plate

To connect the Copper plate, (or accordion) with the connecting wire, use the longer stripped part of the connecting wire. Wrap it around the Copper plate as shown in the pictures and twist the Copper wire firmly together.

Connecting the two connecting wires together

Twist the two connecting wires from the Copper coil and Copper plate, at the opposite end together.

(In case you work with the accordion Copper, twist this end with the connecting cable together.)

Creating the Copper bridge and connecting the Nano-coated Copper coil

A Copper bridge is required to suspend the Nano-coated Copper coil in the middle of the glass. To do this, you bend a single strand of Copper wire into a bridge, so that it fits on the glass as shown in the picture. Next, attach by winding tightly the end of the Nano-coated Copper coil to the middle of the bridge. One end of the third stripped wire is attached by winding to one of the sides of the bridge.

The Nano-coated Copper coil wound around the bridge is placed in the middle of the glass. The bare Copper coil and the Copper plate (or the accordion Copper) are attached to the opposite edge of the glass, facing each other and facing inwards. The connecting wires all face one direction to be connected to the battery.

The Copper plate, the Nano-coated Copper coil and the Copper coil, are not allowed to touch each other while in production!

Connecting the battery to the connection wires

The battery must be almost empty, so it must contain very little energy.

Together the two twisted connecting wires of the Copper plate (or accordion Copper) and the bare Copper coil are attached to the positive (+) pole of the battery with adhesive tape. The connecting wire from the Nano-coated coil is connected to the negative (-) pole of the battery. (The end of the battery with the knob is the positive pole and the flat end of the battery is the negative pole.)

Connect the connecting wires tightly and firmly to the poles of the battery.

Please elevate your battery above your cup (example picture below).

Create a 15% salt water mixture by using 150 grams salt per 1 liter of clean water

Create a 15% salt water mixture and empty it in the cup. The Copper coils and the Copper plate (or accordion) should only be a little bit out of the water.

Make sure your connection wires don't touch the water.

Production of the materials (Amino Acids and GANS)

You will see soon bubbles rising to the surface

That is the starting process of your Second Cup of Life that will form simultaneously your Amino Acids which is the fatty looking layer floating on the surface of the water and also the GANS at the bottom of your cup will be created. (From left to right: Nano-coated wire with bubbles, Amino Acids, GANS)

Preparing the materials for the first harvest of Amino Acids, GANS and Plasma Water

OneCup OneLife - Materials needed to extract the GANS 2.jpg

Materials needed to extract the GANS from the One Cup One Life

OneCup OneLife - Materials needed to extract the GANS (2).jpg

Syringe, plastic spoon, a set of 3 glass jars and reserve bottles; straw, tape, plant spray bottle or small spray bottle.

Avoid using any metals in and around your GANSes, Amino Acids and Plasma Water. Don’t use metal spoons and remove metal lids from your glass jars or any metal in any shape or form.

Before you start, join the syringe and straw with a tape.

First application, how to remove first the Amino Acids from Second Cup of Life before removing the GANS


With a plastic spoon, gently remove the Amino Acids that are floating on the top. These are a fatty looking layers floating on the surface of your Second Cup of Life. Place these Amino Acids in your 1st glass jar to keep for further application.

Removing the GANS from the Second Cup of Life

First application

Apply the straw to the syringe by taping. Use the syringe to extract the GANS at the bottom of your Second Cup of Life.

The extracted GANS taken up by the syringe, and present in the syringe, is put in your 2nd glass jar.

Or second application

In case you have no syringe you gently empty your Second Cup of Life completely in the 2nd glass jar and wait until your GANS settles completely at the bottom and the top layer is clean water. Now you pour only the clean salty water back into your Second Cup of Life and leaving the GANS behind. Now add extra salt water to your Second Cup of Life to reach the original level, so that it continues producing GANS.

Washing of your GANS

1st washing of your GANS

Add clean water to your 2nd glass jar where the GANS you just extracted is present. Let the GANS settle to the bottom of the 2nd jar until you have clear Plasma Water above the GANS.

You can save this salty water into an extra reserve bottle.

2nd washing of your GANS

Add clean water to your 2nd glass jar where the GANS you just extracted is present. Let the GANS settle to the bottom of the 2nd jar until you have clear Plasma Water above the GANS.

You can save this salty water into an extra reserve bottle.

3rd washing of your GANS

Add clean water to your 2nd glass jar where the GANS you just extracted is present. Let the GANS settle to the bottom of the 2nd jar until you have clear Plasma Water above the GANS.

You can save this salty water into an extra reserve bottle.

4th or 5th washing of your GANS in case there is any salt residual left in your Plasma Water

Add clean water to your 2nd glass jar where the GANS you just extracted is present. Let the GANS settle to the bottom of the 2nd jar until you have clear Plasma Water above the GANS.

Making the Plasma Water of the Second Cup of Life ready to be applied

Repeat this process of washing until all the salt is removed from your 2nd jar.

Test: Dip your finger in the water after every wash and if the water tastes not salty anymore the process is finished.

Now you can add a spoon of your saved Amino Acids to your Plasma Water containing the GANS. Steer it with non-metallic spoon (plastic), or glas rod, or shake it closed with a lid out of plastic. You shake it and you let the GANS settle down until you have only clean Plasma Water on the top.


Also add a spoon from your saved Amino Acids from your One Cup One Life to this ready made Plasma Water from your Second Cup of Life.

This ready made Plasma Water is applied from the breast down to the toes, back and front of the body, applied or by spraying or washing. Do not go above the breast areas front and back. STAY BELOW THE BREAST! VERY IMPORTANT!

Do not drink or breathe this GANS from the Second Cup of Life!

This Plasma Water is ready to be applied.

This gives your Plasma Water the extra field strength through the adding of the field strength of the Amino Acids explained by Mr Keshe.

The field strength of the GANS is continuously transferred to the water.

Advice: Always keep a readymade 15% salt water solution of 1 liter of clean water with 150 grams of normal table salt. The salt is completely dissolved in cold water and you can top up with this solution your Second Cup of Life or multiple cups.


The GANS needs to be always at the bottom of your bottle or any other container as visible in these images.

You only take the clean water above the GANS!

That is your Plasma Water from your Second Cup of Life 2nd jar.

Never use any of your GANSes from any of your Second Cup of Life

Do not eat, drink or touch GANS !

The field strength is too high to consume as explained by Mr Keshe in the teachings.

Different ways of storing of the Plasma Waters, GANSes, Amino Acids

Keep them in glass or plastic jars and always keep away from any metals.

Standard application of the Second Cup of Life Plasma Water

Only spray and wash from under the breast down to the toes

Preventive Plasma Water application of the Second Cup of Life

Which part to spray 333.jpg

The Second Cup of Life will protect you against the virus that has mutated and has start attacking the red tissues of the body.

Therefore, we apply the Plasma Water of the Second Cup of Life in the following order.

The application of the Plasma Water of the Second Cup of Life is to produce the field strength to stand at the same level as the new mutations of the Corona Virus at this given moment in the red tissues.

As the Virus is progressing and mutating more and more, most probably we will receive another 5-6 cups to stay ahead of this mutation and the created conditions from it, which will be possible to bring stability in your families.

Cups for food, adjustment for new symptoms and most probably energy Cups will be thought in public domain and released by Mr Keshe.

The´application of the Second Cup of Life:

Start to spray the body or wash the body at the point from below the breast (from the nipples down).

Start this process of applying the Plasma Water first thing in the morning, repeat at lunch time and repeat at evening.

Spray your shoes and try to use the same shoes to go in and out of the house. Spray your shoes inside and outside. Pay special attention to spray your trousers with Plasma Water of your Second Cup of Life before you go outside the house and before you come inside the house.

Spray your door handles and your hands.

Additional information

Involve every family member in this process.

All of the Second Cups of Life that are in production should not be placed next to each other. Leave a minimum of 1 meter between your cups, or place them in other rooms. You have to create sufficient enough space between the cups that your production stays optimal and stops the interference of the field strengths. In this way you create correct GANSes in your cups.

Application for prevention and in case of infection

Also apply to the caretakers and caring family members.

If you have responded with a high temperature after you have applied the Plasma Water of the Second Cup of Life by spraying below the breast down to the toes, use the following procedure:

  • Immediately take 50 ml Plasma Water from your First One Cup One Life that is still in production and add this salty Plasma Water to your 0.5 Liter Second Cup of Life Plasma Water.
  • You drink 50 ml of this Plasma Water of your Second Cup of Life every 30 min for 6 hours non stop. Do not stop the application of the drinking of the Plasma Water of the Second Cup of Life. This Plasma Water of the Second Cup of Life will act like an antibiotic and can persist* the infection. This antibiotic works 10 times better than normal antibiotics.

The new mutation of the virus creates calcification of the stomach, kidney pain, electric shocks in your testicles, prostate, ovaries and ankle when you walk.

After the application of the Plasma Water of the Second Cup of Life the fever was the confirmation of the virus.

Before any person enters the room of an infected person, you apply before entering and leaving the room the Plasma Water from the chest down to the toes.


Prevent shaking hands with other people and don’t apply the normal welcome kisses and hugging.

Different additional information

Additional explanation on the fire Nano-coating of the Second Cup of Life

The understanding of the fire coating before the winding around the pencil is as follows: You create space gaps in your Nano-coating layers.

Explained in the different Thursday teachings of MT Keshe.

Instead of using the fire Nano-coating you can apply the caustic soda method.

The Nano-coating process can be without the chicken mesh present.

In this process of applying the caustic soda method

Application with battery or without

A nearly flat battery is only used to speed up the process of production of the GANSes.

Instead of using a battery you can place a Copper wire between the connections.

Understanding the Soul of the One Cup One Life

You never need to dismantle your One Cup One Life. Respect the soul you have created!

Link: Understanding the Soul of the One Cup One Life

Useful tips

You can add on top of each metal plate like your Copper plate (accordion Copper wire) or a new Nano-coated Copper plate. It doesn't need to be big. Make sure it touches the original plate or the wires.

Make sure that your salt water solution is always at 150 grams of salt per one liter of clean water.

Check on regular basis that your battery is not fully flat. Only to be replaced with an already used battery.

In case of real emergency you can use salt water direct from the sea to have your salt solution.

Not a single Second Cup of Life in production should be covered.

How to produce Amino Acids when your cup is not producing sufficient enough

You place your One Cup One Life next to an open window or place it outside for a couple of hours.

You also can place the already finished Plasma Water with the GANS present outside without a cover or near the window. It might take some time, but it will produce Amino Acids.

Knowledge Seekers please be advised, all CH3 GANS must be removed from your environment

Advise: Dispose of your CH3 GANS and Plasma Water. Flush it down the toilet please! Dispose all your containers and plates! You don't want CH3 to feed the virus. Stop any experimental GANS production!

Mr. Keshe explained why the application of the Second Cup of Life has come to be so important in the new mutation of the Coronavirus

Further updates will follow as we stay ahead of the new mutations of the Corona Virus

Application prevention and reversal

The field strength of the GANS is continuously transferred to the water.

The field strength of the Plasma Water depletes the energy from the virus from its stronger field strength. Because it depletes the virus from its field strength it incapacitates the virus.


Protect and check

Keep checking by applying the Plasma Water of the Second Cup of Life (view picture in the One Cup One Life Link) if there are any signs of Kidney pain, electric shocks in your testicles, prostate, ovaries, ancle, when you walk.

Because this new variation of the Virus will give you calcification of the stomach.

Still carry on to do the nose and breath test.

Do the nose and breath test

Pinch your nose with your fingers and hold your breath for 10 seconds every morning. If you don’t cough within the 10 seconds and if can hold your breath for 10 seconds, you are okay.

Start testing this 3 times a day.

Spray your body with the Plasma Water of the Second Cup of Life. If you feel any pain or any pressure that is discomfortable, please be alerted you might be infected. Test yourself.

Other signs to look for

Other signs are cold sweats, feeling feverish, but no actual fever present.

Bad headache.

Pressure and severe pain felt when you test spray with the Plasma Water from the Second Cup of Life and the One Cup One Life: On your body, starting from the head, neck, chest, kidneys, stomach, ovaries, womb, testicles, prostate, knees and toes and you first reaction is severe headache, severe swollen tongue and very difficulty to breath and swallow food, no appetite and always want to sleep. (Most people don't show any signs of fever anymore. You should be on high alert. These are the signs of Corona Virus infection.)

At this given moment you have to check for extra signs like pains in the femur, kidneys, knees, toes, these are the signs you have to look for.

If any of these symptoms are present, please let us know in our available channels at the end of this document.

Links for help

You will find help in the following international Telegram language groups.

Keshe One World Family:

Established language groups on Telegram and are expanding every day, are Portuguese, Farsi, Italian, German, Nordic, Maltese, Netherlands, Canadian, French, Romanian, Spanish, Keshe One World Family and more will follow as you are applying for it.

First edition video of the One Cup One Life created for the first emergency relief in China:!RXwi2QSb!HqqCqSiflkaD7X5FFssnMg

Finishing words

Keep strictly to the above described "Applications to prevent and in case of any infection!"

In case of any infection please contact the webmaster or try to find the Universal Council language member, Universal Council support member, or the nearest Knowledge Seeker.

Collect as much data possible of your observations and freely share your knowledge.

Come and share your knowledge in the public testimonials: Public Meeting for Testimonials

Be careful and cautious!

As it is mentioned above about the Twin Cups One Cup One Life the complete information will be added in the near future.

On M.T.Keshe's request you received the knowledge about the One Cup One Life, please pass on the knowledge and teach 10 more people about the One Cup One Life and request from the people you teach they teach 10 more as a promise to receive this free gift to give freely.

We are here to serve and not to be served!

We request freely for you to sign the World Peace Treaty.

This page and information was updated 2020-03-19


Information directly from Mr Keshe

320th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Segment at 01:17:46

One point is, 'That we need to stay collectively calm and focused.' And, one point is, 'The new way to handle it is very direct.' Protocols, according to change of the virus, changes that you have to follow. Because, it's very much what I said, “The people who make the vaccination are stuck with the old, and they take them long time to find out, before they do, and before make vaccine. The protocol has changed, since we have seen the virus moving down, we have added a new protocol. And, that is, you make many cups. In one of the cups, you take the zinc out of the circulation, and you put only nano coated material and the copper, and you produce a pure CUO. With this, you collect the amino acid on top all the time, and you keep on washing it. And, at the same time, keep some of the salt separately, salt water inside separately, with some of the gans of the copper.

With a new evolution in the Corona, you need a copper gans, for two reasons: From lung down everything is mainly muscles, even your arms, there is not that much muscle above the, what we call, 'lung diaphragm, the top level. This part is mainly made of copper connection muscles, so, it responds very rapidly to copper. Secondly, copper gans water, with few drops of its salt in it, is one of the best antibiotics you ever put your hands on. It's many times more effective in killing germs, than actually any antibiotic we know. So, we have evolved with this.

The doctors, the Medical Team, I've given a specific advice on the Iranian Channel, 'That you can use again patches of copper, with CO2 (CuO?), on these organs, like liver and kidney, back and the front.' And, there's no direct contact, and you can withdraw it, for womb, for ovaries, for muscles, leg muscles, and foot. At the same time, you use a CUO direct, its ganses water. The ganses water for disinfection, very powerful! But, you have to allow some of the, very minute amount of gans of copper to be in that mixture. Because, it will stay behind permanently to keep disinfecting, the same as the salt spray. You can add the, very small amount of CUO in the salt water, where you wash, where you're cleaning the copper, and use as disinfectant. This is one of the most powerful disinfectants we can recommend at this moment to be used.

When you make the copper gans, when you're washing it, keep the salt, and add very, very small amount of copper into it, for disinfecting the room and the offices. Because now, we are dealing with a different strength virus, and we have to change the protocol. We have put a new protocol to the Iranian doctors, and this is exclusively and explicitly for the doctor's recommendation. As we've seen many of you go with no signs, when the virus is overcome, in your kidneys, in your liver, or the brain, or the lung, through the second infection. At the present medical protocol, as I was discussing with Dr. Assidi of Iran, this morning, he said, “We don't understand the protocol? International protocol says, 'You do not use antibiotics with virus.' Because, it gives it more chance to grow rapidly.” Yes, this is correct with the old protocol! Because, they had no tools to, in a way, overcome the virus. Now, with the gans (Corona?) virus we deplete the energy, and this leaves a massive amount of damaged cells behind, that we have to wait to accumulate to become a, what we call, 'fever.'

The protocol to the doctors for their patients, from the Keshe Foundation, from today is as follows, from the minute you have the confirmation, you prescribe to your patients the following:

Use of the gans of Cup of Life. Spraying every day, at least 3, 4 times a day. This is for those who are infected, not for public. Do not do this! This is only for doctors, as we cannot reach you in any other way. Then, the spray, the body from abdomen down with gans of CUO. Critical cases, CUO directly in a patch on the skin, back and the front, to overcome within 3 to 6 hours. Then, you withdraw the patch, and you go on a spray. The use of CUO, plus small amount of gans of salt, or the salt from the CUO patch direct, to be administered at 50 ml for every half an hour, at the critical point when the infection is confirmed, or visible? This is used as antibiotic, if there is no antibiotic available. From the beginning, when you see the signs, you administer antibiotics, like Amoxicillin From the time you start the process of the spraying the body, that the body goes through the reversal of the virus, and the damaged cells, together. This way you get a rapid result, and the extent of the weakness afterwards is much shorter, because the two are handled together.

The protocol, medical protocol international is: 'Do not use antibiotic during the crisis.' This is correct! But, the New Technology, as I repeat it again, 'We take the virus away, which is unknown to the present world of medicine. You administer antibiotic at the same time, or the use of the Gans CuO, 50 ml per hour for the first 6 to 12 hours of discovery of the infection. And, after that, you don't need to use anymore, what we call, 'the patches.' Then, you reduce the use of the CUO as antibiotic to 50 ml, 3 times a day for 7 days, and stop. The new protocol has to be followed using the copper gans salt water, with small amount of copper, to disinfect the environment, to handle the new variation. You can add some of the Cup of Life water into this for disinfection.

We have taken a new step with critical conditions in Iran, and that is, 'We take a Cup of Life Water, or we take a Cup of Life Gans, we add 20 to 30% copper gans directly into it. And, we use that mixture, both for spraying the body from ba, from down and, in so many ways, and nothing else. This is the only time you use the mixture. The breathing has to carry on the same. Infected people, at least in the first 24 hours, 10 to 20 minutes every hour. And, to drink of the water. For those who infected with new version of the virus, has to go to half a liter every hour. At least 300 ml to half a liter every hour, that it cleans, it takes the energy, and it sorts out the problem with the kidney and intestine. We will update further next week, as the variation changes? Do not forget, 'The toe is as much can be affected as the brain at this moment.' But, the toe will be through the bone marrow, and the head will be through the brain. One through the strength of the physicality, and one through the strength of the soul.

End: 1 hr 28 mins 48 secs

Second information directly from Mr Keshe in prevention and application of this Second Cup of Life

2020 03 20 PM Public Teaching in Portuguese at 02:00:50

Carry on applying the One Cup One Life Plasma Water application on every day base until further notice

One Cup One Life - Production and Application - Prevention and Reversal of the Corona Virus

And from now on you apply the Second Cup of Life Plasma Water as explained above.

Advise from Mr Keshe: Add 200ml from your One Cup One Life clear Plasma Water to your 1 liter of your clear Plasma Water Second Cup of Life.

Stay safe and prevent.