Plasma to the rescue: Thyroid nodules

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This article is part of the KF Plasma Times April 2019

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Figure 1. Thyroid nodules.

A woman, 46 years old, diagnosed with thyroid nodules (Fig. 1). The escalating symptoms have caused concern and led to the diagnosis of the health condition, as shown in Fig. 1, included in the Supplementary Materials section. The main conclusions from the ultrasound scan were:

  • Thyroid size (right lobe: 15x13x43mm vol 4.6ml, left: 17x12x47mm vol 5.2ml, crevicular throat),
  • Small thyroid gland, with a total volume of 9.8ml lobes,
  • In the middle and lower parts of both thyroid lobes, several well-defined nodules (the largest with dimensions of 11x8x9mm on the right side and 15x14x7mm on the left),
  • Thyroid parenchyma with a clearly heterogeneous, haiopechogenic structure, fibrotic, with slightly increased vascularization,
  • In the submandibular region, single reactive lymph nodes of size 24x8mm on the right, and 26x6mmm on the left,
  • Ultrasound picture as in the course of postinflammatory changes (Hashimoto's disease). Thyroid gland for ultrasound control.

Balancing Process

The balancing of this case was done by drinking Liquid Plasma (LP - water collected from above the GaNS) and wearing three bracelets with LP and couple of drops of GaNS (CO2/ZnO/Iodine, CuO, and CH3 respectively). The application of patches with Liquid Plasma took place after the second test, which confirmed the return to normal parameters.

Oral Application of LP

  • Liquid Plasma and amino acid of CO2 GaNS - taken daily in any amount,
  • Liquid Plasma of Iodine GaNS - 100ml, three times a day,
  • Liquid Plasma of CuO GaNS - 100ml, three times a week.
  • Liquid Plasma of CH3 GaNS - 100ml, three times a week.

CO2 and CuO GaNSes have been prepared using the traditional method (CO2: nano-copper and zinc, in 5% saline solution, CuO: nano-copper and copper in 5% saline solution). Iodine GaNS was prepared using the caustic soda method using crystalline iodine, 99.8% purity. The Liquid Plasma of each of these GaNS was prepared directly by the user, through the field interaction process, in the absence of direct contact of the GaNS material with water. A small ampoule with GaNS is submerged in a bottle or jar filled with clean water and left to interact for a minimum of 24 hours.

Health Patches

The patches were prepared in a ratio of approximately 3:1. Each health patch contained 50% of the Liquid Plasma of CO2 GaNS + couple of drops of GaNS, and 50% of the Liquid Plasma of Iodine GaNS + couple of drops of GaNS material. As reported by the subject, the recommended balancing of the thyroid area (patches to be placed around the neck) was carried out after the second test, confirming the return of parameters to the norm.


After 6 weeks of balancing the body using Liquid Plasma, there was a noticeable improvement in well-being. The symptoms subsided and the positive course of the whole process was confirmed by another ultrasound examination, carried out 7 months after the first examination. Plasma balancing took place shortly before this second USG scan. The full diagnosis is contained in Fig. 2 in the Supplementary Materials section. The main conclusions from the second scan are:

  • Non-enlarged thyroid gland (right lobe: 11x11x22mm vol. 1.5ml, left: 10x11x28mm vol. 1.8ml; non-measurable beam),
  • Total volume 3.3ml - below the standard.
  • This test does not show the previously described focal lesions,
  • No enlarged lymph nodes around the thyroid gland
  • Conclusion: Ultrasound image of the thyroid gland as post Autoimmune Thyroiditis.

The circumstances of the described health prob- lems are best described by the person concerned: "The diagnosis was quite accidental - around 8 years ago, the nodules were tiny. After a few years, I began to feel bad, so I went to the doctor. I had very high blood pressure, shortness of breath, a feeling of palpitations, I was very hot and had bursts of hot. The doctor recommended that I do all my thyroid's and ultrasound tests again. What later turned out to be that the nodules got very big and I was told to do a biopsy as soon as possible, and the blood test results also pointed to something nasty. In the meantime, the doctor prescribed tablets, which I still take today. (...) Processing lasted six weeks and (then) I made an ultrasound, and the rest you already know, the nodules have disappeared."

To confirm the complete resolution of the original problem that was diagnosed through the second ultrasound (autoimmune thyroiditis), it is appropriate to perform additional tests in the form of anti- bodies against thyroid peroxidase (anti-TPO) and antibodies against thyroglobulin (anti-TG). The results of these tests will be sent in by the author as soon as they are available.

Legal disclaimer

This publication is not a medical report. Every person experiencing health problems should seek professional medical advice and consult their course of treatment with a doctor. The processes of plasma balancing described herein, is a natural process which supports and regulates the body but does not replace medical advice or therapies one is already subject to.

Supplementary material

Figure 2. Description of the thyroid ultrasound – first scan (20/02/2017).
Figure 3. Description of the thyroid ultrasound – second scan (7/09/2017).