K - Potassium GANS

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You can basically produce Potassium GANS with the Caustic (NaOH) or CO2 GANS Method or can use the Replication Unit to make Calcium GANS-water.

Sources: Pumpkin Seeds are a natural source with Potassium too (but also have other elements in it too). Look for other natural sources too. Nutrinos from the pharmacy.

(Also you can use salts of K too, for producing this GANS or you add already at the Nano-coating process 20-30% KOH to the NaOH (80-70%). Don't forget, that the fields are now captured in the Nano-coating. If you want to produce other GANSes, or normal CO2 GANS, you have use Nano-coated plates/wires with NaOH only!)