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Basics for the production and processing of GANS
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Salt is a converting system from energy to matter.[1]

Types of Salt

For the production of GANSes you can use Sea Salt (unrefined), Rock Salt, or pure NaCl Salt. For Health Applications or general exact working, if it's possible for you, you should use (pharmaceutical) NaCL only, because its pure Sodium Chloride and doesn't contains other ingredients, while Sea Salt or Rock Salt also contains other elements, minerals and so on. With Pharma Salt, which is very clean NaCL, you have no other ingredients in the Salt and further not in the GANS too.

Salt Content

As well proven, average salt content for the production of GANS, 5% has been found. That does not mean, that for specific applications a other Salt content wouldn't be better. If, for any reason, the production of GANS has to go very fast, it is also possible to use a Salt content of 10-20%, but the quality of the GANS decreases.

Additional Information

You can use Salts of (Mg)Magnesium, (K)Potassium, (Ca)Calcium too, for producing GANSes, depending on the purpose of the GANS.

When you have a salinity or Salt water of 5% it means, you have 50gm Salt on 1l water.

You can use a salinity meter for measuring the Salt content, but also a conductance meter, which measures the (particles)parts per million and is also an indicator for the Salt content.

Specific salinity for a better connection


If you want to use GANS with Patches for the body, you don't have to wash the Salt completely out of the GANS. Salt is a main constituent of the body and it helps at the connection between for example a Patch and Body. A salinity around 0.9% can make the GANS more effective. (0.9% is the average Salt content of the body).

GANS with Urin

Also have different organs a different salinity and Urin contains different Salts of the Body and is very effective to reconnect to the Body. So you can give a few drops of your Urin into the GANS production already, or later on into the finished GANS itself and let it stand for a few days.

Devices & Applications

Salt is a common connector too and can be helpful in many Applications. For example a optimal working of the Plasma Food Tower, different Salts in the GANSes and Amino Acids can be used, to create a much stronger field flow. So it's up to you, to discover advantages of Salt in other applications.

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