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Searching on the Wiki

To search for topics on the Wiki you can use the search bar on the right top of the page. Just enter your keyword(s) and press enter. The search results will be shown in previews. Click on the link which matches with your wished topic. Now you can use additionally the search an page option of your browser, to navigate directly to the right passage on the page.

Editing on the Wiki

On the Wiki it is possible for everyone to read all texts. If you want to correct articles, create new articles/pages, format, insert pictures or videos, make links, add a category to articles/pages, etc., you need a user account to log in with. With your user account you get the basic user rights "User". So you can start your valuable work of filling the Wiki with new knowledge and improving it.

You don't have to worry if you're not sure about spelling or grammar, or if you can't format everything perfectly. Your new input will be checked by a so-called "editor" before it is finally visible to the public, corrected if necessary, and every effort made to process your input in the best possible way.

It should be noted, however, that each individual should do his or her best to save the "editors" time and effort. Once you have created and edited your first article, the second time is much easier and the handling of the wiki becomes child's play.

Here you find the help page.

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