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The Intention, Emotion and Soul

The Intention, Emotions and Soul play a very important role in every part of the Plasma Technology. It is important, to be in Peace within us and our environment (family, friends, working colleagues,...) and reaching the point of a most possible balanced life, without fears, anger, or other negative Emotions, which consume our Energy. With this we can fully concetrate our attention on the Intention, reason, purpose, wish, or aim of making a Nano-coating, GANSes, or whatever and that should bring Peace in all respects back to Humanity. So if we want to begin to setup a system, no matter if its GANS, a Star Formation, a MaGrav or whatever, we should be in balance and have a very clear visible picture in us, what we want to achieve with it. What can help us, is to clearly write down our Intention, why we are doing it and what should be achieved with it. So in the process of the creation, we can always remember and focus our Attention on it. Especially in the area of Neutron GANSes or when when we work in groups, it is very important that the whole group has the same Intention. When the Intention in a group isn't clear, Mr Keshe would say, we gonna create a "mayhem" out of it. Our Soul, our Emotion and our Intention is always present and flows into and through everything what we are doing. If we have this "basic settings" done, we can start with our Nano-coating, GANS production or any other project.

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