Ca - Calcium GANS

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You can basically produce Calcium GANS with the Caustic (NaOH) or CO2 GANS Method or can use the Replication Unit to make Calcium GANS-water.


Calcium pills from the pharmacy, which is Calcium Citrate. The Calcium is removed from the pills, or you use already Calcium powder and than add Caustic to it, wait a few days an than you have it. The second method is making it out of cuttlefish bones, where you have two sides of this bones. One is the hard one and one the softer. Your take only the softer with a spoon out and use a mortar/grinder to shred it to a fine powder, which is basicly already in GANSes state. So you can just add it to CO2 GANS-water. (See "Methods(s) with CO2 GANS") Some use this cuttlefish powder with the Caustic method, like with the Calcium Citrate. Chicken bones have Calcium in it too and can be inserted in a running CO2 production

(Also you can use salts of Ca too, for producing this GANS)