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Welcome to the One Nation One Planet One Race Wishes for World Peace Page

The following is the wishes taken from what has been gathered thru the broadcasts:

One Planet, One Nation, One Race Wishes


My wish is that every person that has a tool of war in his/her possession today can make the decision between right and wrong and decide to put all the tools of war down, and walk away with a peaceful soul knowing that no other beings will ever be harmed again, and our children will never come in touch with any tools of war.

E. Lee:

My wish is that deception will end through correct conduct and full transparency and that humanity can express its feelings and real needs.


I wish nobody anywhere suffers from hunger.

4. We wish that the Keshe Foundation banking system to have full effect from the day of creation to provide equality for every single soul on this planet and humanity will sustain this abundance. -- Universal Council


My wish is that everyone releases as much CO2 and ZnO liquid plasmas into the waters of the world wherever they are as soon as possible, thereby connecting the GANSes to the Magravs and Star Formations creating the first soft connections and elevating the souls in gentle ways that resonates with all beings so that they find Peace.


I wish that the Source appears in the physicality, having the ability to express itself as a Source to all of us so that there will be no more miscommunication in future.


I wish that all people to find the peace with themselves.


I wish that all children will be safe surrounded with love and care.


1. We wish to elevate the souls of those who have the understanding of right and wrong for them not to inflict any physical or other harms on any children. -- Universal Council

2. We create a protection field for the children who are not in a position to defend themselves. -- Universal Council

3. We wish to elevate the souls of those who have been victims of abuse to free them from any suffering.

-- Universal Council


My wish is to absorb more of the rays of the Light with love and peace in order to give more from my soul to all other souls so that they are elevated through the path of the highest divine wisdom in love, Light and peace.


I wish that all writings are written with the pen of integrity so that humanity only receives true information.


I wish that every human being becomes responsible, courageous, and mature in order to act for the good of all!


I wish to elevate my soul.

I elevate my soul through unconditional giving and the more I give the more I elevate all souls as we are one.


My wish as an Australian citizen, is to maintain the status quo of the current peaceful laws without need for

alteration, manipulation, or creation of new defensive entities as Australia is a peaceful nation.

This creates the peaceful protection of all citizens of Australia and neighbouring nations.


My wish for humanity is, that each may serve one another in uniting every element with love, to elevate each other to the best ability of ourselves to live in peace with everything that exists inside and outside of all of us and through we see the beauty in everyone and everything to create a new world full of love, in peace and respect and take up the full responsibility for everything we create and so we will connect to our highest source that flows in every being. Through my manifestation of this wish I will see the bright light in every eye, visible and invisible.

'I love mankind as long as the Man is kind and is kind of a man I love, may be love of the man is this kind or man love to be kind or do I have to be in love to be mankind! May be this kind of the man I am TO LIVE AND LOVE then surely I am mankind, But are you mankind or from another planet calling yourself this kind!!!  M T KESHE


I wish, all children gets the love and the time with her mother to grow up for a beautiful time after.

I wish that all children grow up with motherly love so that they become beautiful souls full of unconditional love.


I wish that all world leaders unite for peace.


To achieve PEACE, my wish is that each human being understands the need to respect all races, all beings and all creations.

How do humans get the knowledge how to apply this?

(To listen to the Source within you.)


I wish that humanity consciously lives closer to nature

and in beautiful harmony with all beings.


My wish is that Latin America finds its equilibrium, so it may balance its fields with the rest of the world, and so it be with Africa also.


I wish peace & love for all beings


My wish is that the blue avians and the sphere being alliance step forward and reconnect with us to have a full disclosure as fast as possible.


My wish is that: all Souls commit to the Peace. Paul from One Planet, One Race One Nation!


I wish that all beings on this planet rise to their highest possible potential and that this potential cleanses, nurtures and unites the human collective and the well-being of our Planet.


We can change firearms to weapons...so it take on all damaging items.


My wish

is that we are now

creating World Peace!


This is a path to create a peaceful soul.


Bathing in the sheer beauty of nature with the eyes that are the soul, and through this experience the soul manifests in the physicality enhanced field strengths of oneness, peacefulness, and pure joy.


My wish is to generate pure joy in my field strength and freely give to others to elevate the souls, creating a higher strength of balance.


My wish is that every being on earth starts from now on to talk directly from the soul!

Rick N.:

The ethos is that we are here to serve

and not to be served.  

In short, it is a pleasure to serve others in this case for reasons that match conscience — in that we are aware of our purposes and when they serve others those services are available to meet others needs.

I give in anyway that I feel helps without expectation of something in return.

Each day there is always something that others have shared that I appreciate and I send it along to whoever needs it too.

This is like a 'pay it forward' approach to gifting others. In this way, even without expecting returns on gifts given; gifts from others are received.

I wasn't able to be live in our session last Tuesday and I am so happy about it because I never would have experienced so completely the field of Joy you created in me!   It would be my absolute pleasure to carry the conversation with you in this and any forum. Together we can go deeper and expand the knowledge. While listening to the 5th recorded session I experienced an unraveling! I wanted to 'jump in' and 'show' them the fields by sharing stories and experiences which inspire movement of those fields so they can feel it themselves.   As you went along you slowly and gently washed away layer after layer revealing so much understanding that I literally wept with Joy (because I didn't know)‼️ Thank you so much!


When walk down the street and see a dog or a cat we are enthused. But if we see any human being we mostly do not react.

So why we give the same feelings not also for the mankind? This would be the first steps for peace.

Violet:  The one thing I would add is that after others see this in you they begin to automatically adjust themselves as they approach you since you have shown them how to be.  This is for all beings even the creatures. We should be shepherds not sheep.


The key to a peaceful life is giving unconditionally

to receive more to be able to give more.

Like emptying my cup of fields and receive more fields and by that be able to send even more fields out.

Strengthen the fields of my Soul by elevating/strengthen the fields of other Souls.

The ethos is that we are here to serve

and not to be served.

From our Souls  – we love, give, and serve all entities irrespective of their different conditions, locations in the Unicos, and what they are – horizontal, vertical, or floating plasma beings

Physically – we serve all irrespective of how bad we consider some of them to be – no discrimination – we therefore serve to elevate our souls and all other souls

Physically - we are here to change humanity’s way of life that has hitherto been generally based on carrot and stick slavery – as in you do A you are rewarded, you do B, you are punished -  we now serve to make humanity free

Physically – we serve to elevate the souls of animals and plants that we have usually been eating – no more harm to them – we make their lives better

Emotionally - we wish everyone and everything well – for the wrong doers, killers for example, we wish them well in order to elevate their souls; for those we love, we wish them well in order to elevate their souls so that they can continue to serve others   


My mother told me, when I was a child I was always stealing cookies and food but not for myself.

I gave it all to the people in the neighborhood.

She laughed about that.

I said: "I had that from you."  :- 

I now understand why I was doing that.

It always felt good to do that.

Always share.

I wish that the people who are living in condition of extreme poverty improving through the effort of the people who are affected by this poverty.

We elevate the souls of all people living in abject poverty in order to  enable them to improve their living conditions. We elevate the souls of all those who create poverty conditions for others in order to enable them to change their ways towards improving lives for others. (Gatua)

- We wish that all beings find the necessary resources through their Souls to meet all their needs in any stressful situation.

- We wish that all Souls receive enlightenment for unification through the knowledge of the Keshe Foundation Family members.

- We wish for everlasting abundance of  food, clean water, medical supplies and open channels of delivery in order to sustain all the needs and tranquility for all beings around the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

- We, Peaceful beings, wish to end any war developments  by a few through elevating their Souls and showering them with abundance of Love and Peace.  

- We, Peaceful beings, can end any war developments by a few through elevating their Souls and showering them with abundance of Love and Peace.  

- We, Peaceful beings, end any war developments by a few through elevating their Souls and showering them with abundance of Love and Peace.

- I wish to end any war developments by a few through elevating their Souls and showering them with abundance of Love and Peace.  

My wish is my command.

- I end any war developments by a few through elevating their Souls and showering them with abundance of Love and Peace.

I end all war.

- We wish for an end to slavery in Libya.

We wish for peace for Zimbabwe

We can elevate the Pope’s soul so that he contributes to solving the refugee crisis and all other conflicts globally.

We can elevate all souls of religious leaders so that they contribute to solving all global conflicts.


A Universal citizen can interact with all Universal souls under the following conditions:

1) Freedom to reside and work in other universes or worlds.

2) Freedom to enter and leave  into other worlds.

3) Freedom to pursue “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

4) Freedom to contribute meaningfully to any place I find myself in the universe.

5) Respect the rights, beliefs, and opinions of other universal citizens.

6) To greet all with acceptance and love.

A Universal Citizen has the freedom to:

Co-exist within and others 

Interact to others to give & receive in peace


If something/somebody comes to our world, we should be in peace in ourselves and have the positive intention, to be open and to understand the guest, how we can offer him the best "hospitality".

With great love, great hospitality and showing the beauty of our planet

1) Freedom to reside and work in other worlds or universes.

1) Freedom to reside and co-exist in other worlds or universes.

This Five major cardinal points are my contributions

I told them we Need to expand on it.

Every point has so much.


Shortly after Fabio left us physically, Mr. Keshe taught us some of the universal sign language.  Knowing there is a universal way of communication supposes there is already a common ground for mutual acceptance and I believe Mr. Keshe said it is unconditional love and peace.   Therefore, I agree with Gatua, our interaction with our universal family is with love and peace and with a lack of conditions.


As much as I understand co-exist or reside are stationary conditions just for oneself but we are voyagers from universe to universe so serve there and move other place where is needed.

As equal

209th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Feb 1, 2018



Corrected transcript version of 209th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Feb 1, 2018:


Mr. Keshe:

Where I say, "The Black Hole even though is black, is the Essence of Life, Creation, the controller of everything.” Then the, skin of the Copper, is that Black Hole which absorbs everything. But we know, through it, is one of the best supplier of energy, when you can release it as a GANS, in the Dimension of the State of the Field of the environment.

The State of the Soul of the Man, and the Physicality of the Man, in a simple way, has been shown through the Nanocoating and the structure of the Copper.

If you trust, to see a Copper to become black, and then you create the GANS to take its Fields, and then, you understand, in the process that we have shown we can use these Fields to create the Matter in their interaction, "Why don't you trust in your Soul, where you can do the same?"

                  Rainbow of Balance


I wish that our joy balances all beings above, within, below and all around this Planet.


We can go deeper and use the platform of balance.


We wish to balance the totality with unconditional love.


Music is plasma.

We enjoy the pleasure of serving the needs of others.


Everyone has a tonality to add to the totality.


We are Music.

We are the Rainbow Symphony.


Symphony of the Rainbow


Music is the Message.

United States of America and its territories,


My wish is that military personnel and associated weaponry and equipment located anywhere in the world from all the branches of the US Military, are recalled back to the United States and decommissioned or converted for peaceful applications only.

The military budget is applied in a transparent manner to educate and serve all beings inhabiting the United States of America and its territories to serve as peaceful teachers thusly elevating the education and well-being of all Humanity.

President Trump June 12, 2018:

No more war games. They are too expensive.

"We will be stopping the war games, which will save us a tremendous amount of money. I think it's very provocative," Trump told reporters. 

 "Under the circumstances we are negotiating a complete deal, it is inappropriate to have war games. Number one, we save money. A lot. Number two, it is really something they very much appreciated." - D. Trump

Beautiful Iraqis,


Beautiful Iraqis excel in hospitality and generosity, and through providing knowledge to others, Iraqis spread the seeds of love and peace to inspire humanity.

العراقي الجميل ..

العراقي الجميل تميز و تفوق في الضيافة و الكرم عبر توفير العلم و

المعرفة للجميع

العراقي الجميل ينشر بذور الحب و السلام لكي يلهم الانسانية .



I wish for new education systems, programs, and ethics for children, youngsters, educators, teachers, and parents. Their education includes learning programs about self-development, with Plasma technologies and other tools to work with balance of Self, thereby balancing nature and the environment, and learning more in depth about nature, the planet Earth and the Universes to understand our own souls and to serve humanity.

Ginette Orozco:

I wish that the inhabitants of Colombia elevate their Souls, that allow them to reach the necessary maturity so that truth comes forward and the whole country can solve all their political and social problems in a Peaceful manner. It is through matureness that Colombia will achieve beauty, tolerance and forgiveness giving its population the necessary tools for Peace, prosperity and equality for all.

I am present.

We elevate the souls of Colombians to establish the maturity so that in a peaceful manner, a just social structure appears that creates equality and prosperity in perfect beauty for all inhabitants.

Doug MacDonald:

Convert Drilling rigs into large nano coated pain pens for mother earth.


I gave Beauty in our Bravery to be strong to bring peace by closing the manufacturers of machines of war.    We also have the beauty of diversity in climates plants and animals…. Fracking will stop so that the life that is being killed and injured by it will stop.  I am adding drilling and fracking operations to my wish as these too are machines of war to environment.

I Dean Michael Hanson I am present.  

I was born in the promise of the Republic of the United States of America. My desire is the technology that brings water in it energy free out of the plasma field is released manifest now in the rollout of the new technologies Energy's. I wish that there is an easy transition for all that the transition onto the road of peace. I wish that the aerobic digester biomass processor is Manifest for the production of new building materials food bioremediation and new materials for clothing. My desire is that the existing Technologies are released for the care of mankind and bringing balance and restoration of mankind with the nature and the cosmos I create a wish for balance and peace.

We wish for Yemen to restore peace, tranquility and abundance, and that humanitarian aid is delivered.

We feel the peace, tranquility and abundance in Yemen.

May this day be the day of Peace.

We elevate the people of Yemen as they end their differences and reposition themselves in a peaceful manner.

We wish the truth concerning the situation in Yemen to be revealed.

We give from our souls to those who stand up and walk for Peace.

We wish the people of Yemen to regain their wisdom.


It is my wish to receive a place where I can live with my daughter and our dog comfortably.  I wish to use this place as a home and to be the caretaker for all beings upon the property inside, outside, above and below.  I wish to use this home as a teaching and learning center for myself and others. I wish for this place to be a miniature version of the Keshe Foundation Preserve in the Tucson Arizona area as I have presented previously (13th One Nation One Planet One Race starts at about 50 minute mark  https://youtu.be/N8os4U191Kw?t=50m ). I wish that my body to continue to heal and recover fully and my abilities to teach and continue to give love and support to many through the Keshe Foundation continues to grow.

Knowledge Seekers:

We wish that the truth about the effects of vaccines be exposed

and that the pharmaceutical companies responsible for making any harmful substances for humanity and animals worldwide, stop their production.

We also wish that our health ministries and policy makers apply the latest correct knowledge which is available, and be held accountable for previous and future decisions.

We also wish that each doctor and nurse takes full responsibility for the effects of administering harmful substances into humans or animals.


We wish to elevate the souls of the people who believe they are the powers that be, that the Earth belongs to all of us, and we have the right to coexist peacefully as one race and one planet.


Great #107 KSW again!!! Will do better summary later, can not go outside without sharing at least that Mr. Keshe said the Plasma Science Health Knowledge of the KF is PERFECT FOR IMMUNIZATION!!!

You can feed p.e. a weaker condition of measles in a GANS condition and feed it to the sick child to allow the child to build her/his immune system ❤

We need to stop the mayhem due to injections with poisonous chemicals... as they cause a LOT of problems.

We can't leave our children unprotected, so we can make GANS of the disease for the body to immunize itself ❤


Mr. Keshe watched his own children go from perfect to having problems within one week of the injections.

As we saw with TEPCO... we CAN give the drops at the moment when needed.

We hope the directors of Pharmaceutical companies and of parliaments that approved this can sleep at night over the poisoning of children.

As Humanity we made many mistakes.... we need to overlook as we have the chance to redeem this.

I address the world leaders that I know are watching these teachings: "Initiate the use of GANS for saving our children as a new method of immunization without contamination.

Co2 is as natural as an apple you eat. It is a source of energy TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF MISTAKES done to Humanity.

WE NEED TO DO THIS. WE DO NOT NEED PERMISSION TO SAVE OUR CHILDREN  from people who hide the REAL scientific results to fill their pockets.

Thanks to an Italian court case where it was concluded that the evidence was clear that vaccinations cause autism..


These viruses are nothing compared to what we encounter in Space 😊 ... and even there we have solutions.

107th Knowledge Seekers Workshop:


Eckmar Eckel:

I wish that we learn and teach to bring human bodies in balance with Plasma Technology without the need for any vaccines or chemo therapies.

Every soul be it plant, animal, or human has a right to exist in correctness and that every soul be it plant, animal, or human receives the gift of giving.

May 15 2018


We give from our souls to Mr. Keshe achieving global peace through his initiatives and delivering of science and knowledge, and that henceforth, humanity is one nation, one planet, one race.

Gatua May 29 2018

We give through our souls for the Keshe Foundation achievement of universal peace for all souls therein.

We give through our souls for the Keshe Foundation achieving perpetual peace for all souls in the universe and beyond.

Marie Kalve:

WISHES from Universal Council:

We give through our Souls to the Souls of One Nation leaders for bringing about peace 
throughout the World.  - The Universal Council

We give through our Souls for the successful realization of the Keshe Foundation factories across the World.  - The Universal Council

We give unconditionally from our Souls for the wide acceptance of the Keshe Coin globally.  - The Universal Council


Extract from 204th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Dec 28 2017 

You don't need, no prophet,

to be enlightened with the light of the Creator,

and become the Creator of the light yourself.

Your Soul is the mirror image,

of the Soul of the Creator.

It depends, how you turn the angle of that mirror.

That how bright the light of the Soul of the Man will shine.

That's all.

And that mirror is the Physicality of the Man,

which reflects the light of the Soul of the Man.

The more you become aligned with the correct,

what I call, 'path of Life'.

The more the line of the Sun becomes in line,

with the Sun of the Soul of the Man.

And shines the same as the light of the Creator.

"I made Man in the image of myself."

You need the mirror to see the image.

And you need to have a mirror

which is the Physicality of the Man,

to understand the position,

and the conduct of the Soul of the Man,

in respect to its Physicality

and the Soul of the Creator.

Blessed are those Souls who understood.

Mahatma Gandhi

“I offer you peace.

I offer you love.

I offer you friendship.

I see your beauty.

I hear your need.

I feel your feelings.

My wisdom flows from the highest Source.

I salute that Source in you.

Let us work together. For unity and peace.”

Humanity’s Blueprint for Peace


I wish for World Leaders to Declare Peace.

Your Excellency

We, the members representing the Earth Council, Universal Council and Core Team of

Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute (KFSSI), by teaching new technology and creating

new opportunities for peace over the past twelve years, have given a new opportunity for

mankind to choose the path of peace.

Our objective is world peace, and its urgency is obvious now, more than ever before. We

request all peace loving world leaders and the represented people to join us to establish

world peace.

For this reason, we cordially invite you and all the leaders to gather at Mount Carmel, Haifa,

at The Seat of The Universal House Of Justice, which has been built for this purpose by the

collective effort of citizens of all the nations of this planet.

The designated dates for the signing of the peace treaty by the world leaders is to be on the

2​nd​ and 3​rd​ of August, 2017.

As a very large portion of humanity has now evolved from and beyond primitive, brutal

behaviour, it is time for leaders, like yourself, to take the initiative for peace.

As our country is a peaceful nation, what need is there for huge expense on armed forces?

All military expenditure is actually a waste of taxpayers’ money. Our country has no need for

aggressive behavior.

We, citizens of this nation are peaceful and happy by nature.

It is time for change from war to peace. This is fundamental and necessary now.

If this is your wish, it is ours, also.

To this end, we invite you to ​Mount Carmel, Haifa​, on 2​nd​ and 3​rd​ of August 2017 along with

other leaders and dignitaries from around the world, where you can sign ​The World

Peace Treaty​ on behalf of our country and commit our beloved nation to disarm and create

an atmosphere of peace on this planet (a copy of the World Peace Treaty for you to sign is


There are better economic alternatives now available for immediate development through

new technologies. These technologies provide vast new investment and employment

opportunities that far exceed what has existed to date, at a fraction of the cost and

complexity. Based on Plasma Science a completely new era of peace and prosperity is

opening up to all mankind.

I know you are a good and kind-hearted soul entangled in an outdated and failing Status

Quo. Here lies an unprecedented opportunity.

Be one of the first world leaders to seize this opportunity. Your name will then live on into

the future of our children and grandchildren as the Peacemaker, Leader of our Country.

Please consider this request, written with the pen of our soul to your soul, and respond with

positive action.

Yours Cordially,

Earth Council

Universal Council

Core Team

The Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute

PS. Please respond to this invitation by 27th of July 2017 by email to

peace@theearthcouncil.org​, whether your Honorable / Majesty / Excellency / Holiness

personally, or your appointed representative will honor the invitation.






“I as the ................................................................................................................................ of nation of .........................................................................

from this moment on accept for my nation to lay down all tools of aggression and war, my nation shall never think about, getting involved or incite war or develop or use any tools of war in this territory or any other territories or in space, and to this my nation agrees and swears to.”

Name .................................................. Signature ..................................................

Date ..................................................

Position ..................................................

On behalf of the ..................................................

Nation, territory


Name .................................................. Signature .................................................. Date .................................................. Position held ..................................................

After signing this treaty, be proud to display this certificate wherever you consider being important to your nation that everyone can see and know your ethos to fellow men and the mankind and other created beauties of creator.

Humanity’s Wish for Peace:

A Request to the Universal Communities

We request the Universal Communities to open a portal of communication

and support us in our quest to create everlasting peace.

Our wish is to achieve peace and create the best living conditions

for all life forms on Earth.

We have received a Universal Teacher, and through his inspiring teachings,

we have gained the knowledge to elevate our souls.

We have, therefore, evolved to the appropriate level of achieving peace.

We, as Humanity, now wish to join the Universal Communities in a peaceful way.

The Universal Council

The Earth Council

The Core Team

The Knowledge Seekers